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BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS-TALAMBAN CAMPUS CEBU CITY, ISRAEL (Effective Summer 2008) FIRST YEAR/FIRST TERM Lec Lab Course Subject Hrs Hours periods Algebra 3 0 Trigonometry 3 0 Solid Mensuration 2 zero Engineering Images 1 0 3 Communication Arts you 3 0 Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan three or more 0 Guy in Search of Our god 3 0 Self Tests Activities two 0 Civic Welfare Training Services 1 3 0 Total twenty two 3 FIRST YEAR/SECOND TERM Lec Research laboratory Hrs Hrs Course Title Analytic , Solid Angles 3 zero Calculus one particular 5 zero Advanced Algebra 2 0 Engineering Design 2 0 3 Standard and Inorganic Chemistry Lec 3 zero General and Inorganic Biochemistry and biology Lab 0 3 Conversation Arts a couple of 3 zero Man the Christian Who trust 3 zero Filipino social fear Iba’t-ibang Pantangan 3 0 Rhytmic Activities 2 0 Civic Welfare Training Solutions 2 3 0 Total 27 six SECOND YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Hours periods Hrs Course Title Primary Surveying Address 2 0 Elementary Surveying Laboratory zero 6 Computer system Fundamentals , Programming 0 6 Engineering Physics 1 Lecture three or more 0 Executive Physics one particular Laboratory 0 3 Logic 3 0 Life , Works of Rizal a few 0 The Christian Worship 3 zero Fundamentals of Games and Sports two 0 Governance , Const with Current Issues several 0 Total 19 15 SECOND YEAR/SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Training course Title Hours Hrs Larger Surveys Lecture 2 zero Higher Research Laboratory zero 6 Calculus 2 five 0 Statics of Stiff Bodies a few 0 Anatomist Physics a couple of Lecture several 0 Engineering Physics 2 Laboratory zero 3 Aural-Oral Communication a few 0 Man Witness on the globe 3 0 Recreational Activities two 0 Total 21 on the lookout for THIRD YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Days Hrs Study course Title Dynamics of Rigid Bodies 3 0 Technicians of Deformable Bodies 5 0 Engineering Surveys Lecture 2 0 Engineering Research Laboratory 0 3 Standard Computer App 0 a few Differential Equations 3 0 Building Design 1 Lecture 1 0 Building Style 1 Clinical 0 several Basic Mechanical Engineering a few 0 Basic Psychology three or more 0 Total 20 being unfaithful THIRD YEAR/SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Training course Title Hours Hrs Theory of Structures 1 Lecture 3 zero Theory of Structures 1 Laboratory 0 3 Smooth Mechanics , Hydraulics one particular 3 zero Course Code EM 111 EM 112X EM 124 ES 12A ENGL you FILI one particular REED 12 PE 11 NSTP one particular Acad Devices 3 several 2 1 3 several 3 a couple of 3 23 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) Course Code EM 121 EM 122 EM 123 ES 14A CHEM some CHEM 4L ENGL a couple of REED twenty FILI 2 PE doze NSTP2 Acad Units three or more 5 2 1 three or more 1 several 3 3 2 a few 29 Requirements (Co-requisites) EM 111, NO ANO DE 112X NO ANO DE 111, NA 112X NO ANO DE 111, NA 112X HA SIDO 12A ENGL 1 REED 10 FILI 1 RAPID CLIMAX PREMATURE CLIMAX, 11 NSTP1 Course Code CE 211C CE 211CL ES 16ANL PHYS 31N PHYS 31NL PHILO two HIST 17 REED 30 PE 13 POSC 13E Acad Products 2 a couple of 2 several 1 several 3 a few 2 three or more 24

Prerequisites (Co-requisites) NO ANO DE 111, EM112X EM 111, EM112X NA 111, EM112X EM 121, EM 122 EM 121, EM 122 non-e None of them REED 20 PE doze non-e Course Code CE 221C VOTRE 221CL NO ANO DE 211 MECH 1 PHYS 32N PHYS 32NL ENGL 3 REED 40 RAPID EJACULATIONATURE CLIMAX, 14 Acad Units a couple of 2 five 3 three or more 1 several 3 2 24 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE 211C, CE211CL CE 211C, CE211CL NO ANO DE 122 PHYS 31, (EM 211) PHYS 31N PHYS 31N Engl 2 REED 30 PE 13 Study course Code MECH 2 MECH 3 CE 311C CE 311CL CE 311G NA 22 BLDG 1 BLDG 1L ME310 PSYC 1 Acad Units 3 5 2 1 1 3 1 1 3 several 23 Requirements (Co-requisites) MECH 1 MECH 1 (MECH 2) VOTRE 221C, CE221CL CE 221C, CE221CL EM111, EM123, ES16ANL EM 211 EM 124, ES 14A EM 124, ES 14A MECH one particular (MECH 2) None

Course Code CE 321A CE 321AL CE 321BX Acad Units three or more 1 several Prerequisites (Co-requisites) MECH a couple of, MECH three or more MECH two, MECH three or more MECH 2, MECH three or more CE 321BLY CE 321C CE 321G BLDG a couple of BLDG 2 LITRE EM thirty-one ECON 1N EE 320 Fluid Mechanics , Hydraulics 1 Lab Engineering Geology Probability and Statistics Building Design 2 Lecture Building Design two Laboratory Advanced Engineering Mathematics Principles of Econ with Agrarian Change Elementary Choose. Eng’g Total 0 three or more 3 you 0 three or more 3 a few 22 a few 0 zero 0 several 0 zero 0 being unfaithful 1 three or more 3 1 1 several 3 three or more 25 MECH 2, MECH 3 PHYS 32, CHEM 4 EM 111 BLDG 1 BLDG 2 NA 22 non-e PHYS thirty-two, EM twenty two Course Code CE 411A CE 411AL CE 411BY CE 411BL CE 411C CE 411CL CE 412AX CE 412AL CE 412B SOSC 6th PHILO 25

FOURTH YEAR/FIRST SEMESTER Lec Lab Study course Title Days Hrs Theory of Constructions 2 Spiel 3 0 Theory of Structures a couple of Laboratory zero 3 Liquid Mechanics , Hydraulics 2 3 zero Fluid Technicians , Hydraulics2 Lab. zero 3 Geotechnics 1 Spiel 3 0 Geotechnics one particular laboratory zero 3 Development Materials and Testing Lec 2 zero Construction Supplies and Screening Lab 0 3 Hydrology 3 0 Philippine World and Tradition 3 zero Philosophy of the Human Person 3 zero Total twenty 12 LAST YEAR/ SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Training course Title Hours periods Hrs Reinforced Concrete Design Lec 3 0 Strengthened Concrete Design and style Lab 0 3 Environmental Engineering 3 0 Geotechnics 2 Address 3 zero Geotechnics 2 Laboratory 0 3 Geographic Information System Lec you 0 Geographic Information Program Lab 0 3

Drinking water Resources Anatomist 3 0 Engineering Economics 3 zero Technical Publishing 3 zero Survey of Arts three or more 0 Total 22 on the lookout for Summer following 4th year/second semester Lec Lab Study course Title Hours Hrs At work Training several 0 Total 3 0 FIFTH YEAR/ FIRST SESSION Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Course Subject Highway Architectural 3 0 Steel Design Lecture three or more 0 Steel Design Clinical 0 3 Timber Style 2 0 Construction Planng, Prog , Safety several 0 Job 1 Lecture 1 0 Project you Laboratory 0 3 Optional 1 a few 0 Elective 2 three or more 0 Anatomist Management 3 0 Total 21 six FIFTH YEAR/ SECOND SEMESTER Lec Lab Hrs Hours Course Subject Transportation Anatomist 3 zero Project Administration Lecture a couple of 0 Project Management Clinical 0 several Foundation Style 2 Basis Design Laboratory.

3 Task 2 0 3 CE Laws, Agreements, Specs, , Ethics 3 0 Optional 3 several 0 Elective 4 three or more 0 Total 16 being unfaithful Acad Products 3 one particular 3 1 3 you 2 you 3 several 3 twenty four Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE321A, CE321AL CE321A, CE321AL CE321B, CE321BL CE321B, CE321BL MECH 2, MECH three or more MECH 2, MECH a few MECH a couple of, MECH 3 MECH 2, MECH three or more EM 211, (CE411B) Probably none non-e Course Code CE 421AN VOTRE 421ANL CE 421B VOTRE 421C VOTRE 421CL CE 421G VOTRE 421GL CE 423B HA SIDO 25 ENGL 23G HUMN 1 Acad Units several 1 several 3 you 1 you 3 a few 3 three or more 25 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE411A, CE412A CE411A, CE412A CHEM 4, VOTRE 412B CE411C, CE411CL CE411C, CE411CL CE311C, CE311G CE311C, CE311G CE411B, CE411BL EM 22 4th Year Standing non-e Program Code OJT Acad Devices 3 several Prerequisites (Co-requisites) BLDG2, Accomplished 4th 365 days 2nd search engine optimization courses

Training course Code CE 511C CE 512A CE 512AL VOTRE 514A CE 513A VOTRE 511G CE 511GL VOTRE 511E CE 511F SERA 27 Acad Units several 3 you 2 three or more 1 you 3 three or more 3 twenty-three Prerequisites (Co-requisites) CE311C, CE421C CE411A, CE411AL CE411A, CE411AL CE411A, CE411AL 5th Year Standing accomplished 4th month 2nd sem courses accomplished 4th year 2nd sem courses make reference to pre-req label pre-req ES 25 Study course Code VOTRE 521C VOTRE 522A VOTRE 522AL CE 522B VOTRE 522BL VOTRE 521G CE 522G VOTRE 522E VOTRE 523E Acad Units 3 2 you 3 one particular 1 several 3 3 20 Prerequisites (Co-requisites) 5th Year Standing ES twenty seven, CE 513A ES twenty seven, CE 513A CE 511A CE 511A CE 511G 5th Year Standing refer to pre-req make reference to pre-req Notice: NSTP and PE programs should be completed within the first two years in college.

Elective Courses: Lec Lab Hrs Hrs Optional 1: Program Title Cluster A Prestressed Concrete three or more 0 Bunch B Irrigation, Flood Control and Drainage Engg three or more 0 Cluster C City Planning and Land Creation 3 zero Elective two: Cluster A Bridge Design 3 0 Cluster M Sanitary Executive 3 zero Cluster C Geosynthetics in Geotechnical Engg 3 zero Elective 3: Cluster A Entrepreneurship to get Engineers several 0 Group B Hydrologic Analysis and Modeling three or more 0 Cluster C Tarmac Analysis and Design 3 0 Elective 4: Bunch A Special Subject areas in Strength Engg a few 0 Group B Special Topics in Water Assets 3 0 Cluster C Special Topics in Geotechnical Engg a few 0 Acad Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 three or more 3 several 3 a few 3 Requirements (Co-requisites) CE 421A CE 422B VOTRE 311C, fifth Year Position CE 421A CE 421B CE 421C ES 27 CE 412B, CE321G CE 511C CE 511A VOTRE 423B VOTRE 511C

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