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Toyota Swot Analysis 2013

SWOT analysis of Toyota This is a Toyota Motor Corporation SWOT analysis intended for 2013. Organization background NameToyota Motor Organization Industries servedAutomotive Geographic areas servedWorldwide HeadquartersJapan Current CEOAkio Toyoda Revenue? 18. 583 trillion (2012) Profit? 283.

55 billion dollars (2012) Employees300, 747 (2012) Main CompetitorsBayerische Motoren Werke AG, The chrysler Group LLC, Daimler AG, Ford Engine Co., General Motors Company, Honda Electric motor Company, Machine Motor, Acara susunan acara Motors, Limited., Volkswagen AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and many other automobile companies. SWOT analysis of Toyota SWOT analysis of Toyota

StrengthsWeaknesses 1 . Progressive culture 2 . Brand popularity valued in $30 billion 3. Industry leader in manufacturing and production 4. Solid brand collection 5. The best in “green cars development1. Large recalls 2 . Weak presence in the emerging marketplaces OpportunitiesThreats 1 ) Positive attitude towards “green vehicles 2 . Increasing fuel prices several. Changing client needs some. Growth through acquisitions1. Rising and falling fuel rates 2 . Fresh emission requirements 3. Rising raw materials prices four. Intense competition 5. Natural disasters 6. Appreciating yen exchange rate

Strengths 1 . Innovative tradition. Toyota is one of the most innovative automobile companies and has a strong culture that is certainly focused on constant innovation. The corporation was the initially to introduce Kaizen, Kanban and Total quality Management systems widely in their firm. The company was your first to mass-produce promote hybrid automobiles too. installment payments on your Brand status valued in $30 billion. Toyota’s company is the most valued automotive manufacturer in the world. The company is known due to its environmentally friendly, secure and durable vehicles that are sold in more than 168 countries. three or more.

Industry head in manufacturing and production. Toyota was the initial company to introduce trim manufacturing and total quality management methods in manufacturing process. For some time, the company was the just practitioner of those practices and had the lowest developing and creation costs globally. Although many companies were able to replicate Toyota’s low fat manufacturing system, the company is still one of the most successful manufacturers on the globe. 4. Solid brand portfolio. Toyota currently sells regarding 70 different types of vehicles under their namesake brand.

This does not only increase brands awareness nevertheless also satisfies nearly every buyer group needs. Toyota’s range topping models happen to be Corolla and Prius. five. The leader in “green cars development. Toyota understands that environmental friendly automobiles are the need nowadays. Individuals are more selective in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel-efficiency of the cars that they buy and Toyota’s early move towards selling cross and successful cars is the strength few competitors complements. Weaknesses 1 . Large-scale recalls. Toyota got quite a few considerable vehicle recalls over the past couple of years.

The company recalled 9 mil vehicles in 2009-2010 and 7. 43 million vehicles in 2012. This kind of recalls will not only injure the company financially nevertheless significantly injuries firm’s company. 2 . Fragile presence inside the emerging markets. Toyota’s primary markets happen to be Japan, ALL OF US and The european countries, while these kinds of emerging economies as China and tiawan or India make simply a small percentage coming from all Toyota’s sales. Due to poor presence in the largest car market (China), Toyota will discover it hard to compete with GENERAL MOTORS that has large market share generally there. Opportunities 1 . Positive attitude towards “green vehicles.

Today consumers are more aware of the negative effects (air pollution) caused by cars. Large quantities of CO2 emissions intensify greenhouse effect and negatively effects the life on earth. Thus, individuals are more likely to purchase new cross types and electric cars that emit fewer CO2. 2 . Increasing gasoline prices. Elevating fuel prices open up significant markets intended for Toyota’s cross cars since consumers change towards useful cars. a few. Changing buyer needs. Simply by introducing new car versions, Toyota can satisfy different consumers’ likes and needs and access larger customer group. 4. Growth through purchases.

Toyota provides successfully acquired other car companies during the past and should continue doing so to grow, gain new skills, possessions and access to new market segments. Threats 1 . Decreasing gasoline prices. There may be high possibility that future gasoline prices can drop, since more shale gas will be extracted. That is why, fuel-efficient cross and electric cars will become less appealing to cost conscious consumers that are the main client group pertaining to Toyota’s Prius model. 2 . New release standards. New emission requirements introduced by government might require even more investments in to producing solution engines.

More investments mean less revenue for Toyota. 3. Increasing raw materials prices. Rising raw material prices are specifically important to autos manufacturers. Bigger prices indicate higher costs and less profits for Toyota as the raw precious metals are the key components in car manufacturing. 4. Powerful competition. Toyota faces more intense competition from other automobile manufacturers more than ever. Volkswagen group is highly growing and GM comes in the picture after it is reorganization to be more competitive than ever. a few. Natural disasters. Toyota’s features manufacturing facilities in Japan, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

These countries, including other folks, are often subject to natural problems that disrupt manufacturing inside the facilities and decrease Toyota’s development volumes. a few. Appreciating yen exchange charge. Most of Toyota’s revenue originates from foreign countries. The profits received abroad must be sent back to Japan and converted to yen. Appreciating yen exchange rate against different currencies means lower income for Toyota. Sources: 1 ) Toyota (2013). Investors: 2012 Financial Results. Available at: http://www. toyota-global. com/investors/financial_result/2012/ 2 .

Toyota (2013). Business profile: Summary. Available at: http://www. toyota-global. com/company/profile/overview/ 3. Interbrand (2013). Ideal Global Brands 2012. Available at: http://www. interbrand. com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012. aspx 4. Pantong, K. (2013). Toyota trading on big things in Thailand. Offered by: http://www. nationmultimedia. com/business/Toyota-investing-on-big-things-in-Thailand-30198606. html 5. Wikipedia (2013). Toyota. Available at: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Toyota#Hybrid_electric_vehicles

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