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Prescription Substance abuse: A Growing Crisis in the United States Health professional prescribed drug abuse and related overdoses are a key public health issue that continues to grow each year. The National Commence on Substance abuse explains health professional prescribed drug abuse since “the deliberate use of a medication without a prescription. ” (U.

S i9000. Health and Human being Services, 2011) Since prescription medications are legal and readily prescribed to ease pain and suffering, it poses a large challenge to regulate them. Many people, specifically younger adults, feel that they can be safer than illicit medications because they could be found in their very own family remedies cabinet.

Through the years, the number of persons abusing these drugs has increased significantly. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), in 2007 there are “approximately 28, 000 unintended drug overdose deaths” in the us. (Centers to get Disease Control and Prevention, 2012) The utilization of prescription drugs remains the number one reason for these overdoses, more than heroin and crack combined. Within the CDC’s analyze, they reported that over the ten-year period, between 1997 and 2007, the number of mg of pharmaceutical drug opioids recommended per a person increased from seventy four milligrams to 369 milligrams.

In 2000, pharmacies dispensed 174-million opioid prescriptions in addition to 2009, it increased to 257 mil prescriptions. They are both significant contributors to prescription substance abuse and overdoses due to the fact that prescribed drugs are so easily obtainable. As a result of this kind of study, the CDC features classified health professional prescribed drug abuse while an epidemic. (Executive Workplace of the President of the United States, 2011) Pharmaceutical drug drug abuse ranges across a wide range of populations. The prevalence of prescription substance abuse is higher among males, individuals between the ages of 18-64, non-Hispanic whites, assistance members, and poor, countryside populations.

The greatest rate of prescription substance abuse is by youngsters between the age ranges of 18-25. (U. S. Health and Human Services, 2011)) Of the people who reported nonmedical prescription substance abuse, 70 percent reported getting the prescription drugs from a relative or friend, 18 percent reported received it from one doctor, and less than 5 percent reported buying it from a drug supplier or stranger. (Executive Office of the Guru, 2011) Younger adults have reached higher risk to get overdose because they have a larger tendency to combine prescription drugs with alcohol or other illicit drugs. Multiple studies include revealed interactions between pharmaceutical drug abuse and higher rates of smoking, heavy episodic drinking, and marijuana, cocaine, and other dubious drug employ among adolescents, young adults, and college students in the us. ” (U. S. Into the Human Providers, 2011) This results in several emergency room appointments for this particular population. Between 2004 and 2009, the amount of emergency room appointments related to non-medical use of prescription medications nearly bending. Executive Workplace of the President of the United States, 2011) Adults are not the only population of prescription medication abusers which has continued to increase over the years. In 2008, the Department of Defense reported that one in nine active-duty service members reported pharmaceutical drug drug abuse. (Executive Office from the President of the United States, 2011) A study made by the Office of National Medicine Control Policy found that “approximately two million adults age 50 and old used prescription-type drugs non-medically in the past 12 months. (Executive Business office of the Guru, 2011) This is why, the health professional prescribed drug abuse problem is not limited to a specific population. It results people during their life time. Newspaper Article A recent article in the Boston Globe referred to as “Antidote presents addicts’ families sliver of comfort: Nose spray acknowledged with treating more than you, 800 medication overdoses”, mentioned the division of Naloxone in the community as a way to prevent an overdose. Naloxone is an opiate id�al that can be directed at someone who you suspect has overdosed.

It might be administered intranasally or by injection. Massachusetts is one of the couple of states that contain implemented a Naloxone distribution program. From 2006, Massachusetts’s health officials have been distributing Naloxone to individuals who are most likely to see an overdose such as outreach workers, destitute shelter staff, active medication users and family members. (Canaboy, 2013) The article goes on to speak about the effect the Naloxone applications have had in Massachusetts. In 2010, overdoses were responsible for 738 deaths in Massachusetts, that has been twice the quantity of motor-vehicle fatalities. Canaboy, 2013) Studies have showed that the Naloxone applications have had a good effect inside the communities where it is given away. There were also positive results present in a study done in California simply by two firms that applied Overdose Elimination Programs applying Naloxone. The pace of overdose deaths was reduced between 27 percent and 46 percent in the communities exactly where Naloxone was distributed last season. (Canaboy, 2013) As proven by this document, drug overdoses continue to be a serious public health a significant communities throughout Massachusetts.

With the help of programs just like the Naloxone talked about in this article, there exists hope that health officials and communities can work with each other to battle against it using damage reduction courses in conjunction with additional treatment courses. Healthy Persons 2020 Among the topics intended for Healthy Persons 2020 is usually substance abuse. The goal of this matter is to “reduce substance abuse to shield the health, protection, and standard of living for all, specifically children. ” (Healthy Persons 2020, 2012) Healthy Persons 2020 reported that 22 million Us citizens had medication or liquor problems in 2005 and 95 percent of them were not even aware about their problem. Healthy People 2020, 2012) They also reported that 273, 000 people that recognized that were there a problem with drugs or alcohol were unsuccessful in obtaining treatment. It’s reasons like this that Healthy Persons 2020 experienced that drug abuse was an essential topic to pay attention to for the future. Beneath the substance abuse subject in Healthful People 2020 there are two specific aims directly relevant to prescription medicine use. They will state this: “objective SA-12 reduce drug-induced deaths” and “SA-19 decrease the past-year non-medical use of prescription medications. (Healthy Persons 2020, 2012) Both these aims are straight related to the issues discussed in the Boston World article and also other initiatives the fact that Federal Government provides outlined as part of their plan. Nursing Diagnosis One of the NANDA diagnoses that relates to health professional prescribed drug abuse and overdoses is Ineffective Community Self-Health Managing. Carpenito-Moyet explains this medical diagnosis as “a pattern when the community encounters or is in high risk to have difficulty adding a program pertaining to prevention/treatment of illness as well as the sequelae of illness and reduction of risk circumstances. ” (p. 28) This can be related to the Naloxone system discussed in the Boston World article and also other treatment providers in general. This article talks about just how there are only some states which have been willing to apply the Naloxone program. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a report on “Prescription Drug Overdoses – a U. T. Epidemic” which in turn talked about the National agenda to overcome prescription drug abuse. In the statement, it talked about how the public well-being approach needs to include both equally secondary and tertiary reduction programs including the Naloxone program discussed in the Boston Globe article. Executive Office of the President of the United States, 2011) There are current programs to choose from but individuals are not successful in being able to access them for some reason or another. The CDC’s record discussed the requirement to remove boundaries to make treatment programs more accessible in the areas. The survey stated, “Office-based care may be less stigmatizing and more attainable to all individuals, especially those residing in rural areas. ” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012) Another NANDA diagnosis that may be related to prescription drug abuse and overdose can be deficient understanding.

This is identified by Carpenito-Moyet as, “the state in which an individual or group experience a deficiency in intellectual knowledge or perhaps psychomotor skills concerning the condition or plan for treatment. ” (p. 269) This is certainly directly related to the prescription drug abuse and overdose injury in a number of ways. That applies to the individuals who are positively using prescription drugs, the prescribers who are prescribing the drugs to individuals, and the community in general. School of Nationwide Drug Control Policy designed a plan to combat the prescription medication problem.

Within their report, Pandemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Substance abuse Crisis, that they developed several major areas of focus, the first staying education. The report mentioned that “A crucial first step in tackling the problem of prescription drug abuse is to education parents, children, and sufferers about the hazards of harming prescription drugs whilst requiring prescribers to receive trained in the safe and suitable use of these drugs. ” (Executive Business office of the President of the United States, 2011)

Instructing individuals regarding the dangers of prescription drugs is just as important or even more important than illicit medicines. People think that prescription drugs aren’t as awful because a doctor prescribes all of them. Education is usually required for family and community members to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug abuse or an overdose. The Boston Globe content talks about just how part of the Naloxone program is usually to educate anyone it is having the Naloxone how to recognize a great overdose. You should try for them to know very well what signs to look for. Conclusion

As evidence by Boston Earth article and multiple reports put out by federal government and different state companies, prescription drug abuse is a key public health concern that needs to be tackled. It needs to become addressed at all levels, beginning with the government government’s drug policies and working down to the individuals who are abusing medications. The population of people abusing prescription medications varies for different reasons. There needs to be even more treatment and prevention courses available to the various populations that address the specific needs of each and every.

There are current programs established, like the Naloxone, that are proven to work. We have to keep moving the right way to apply and grow these types of courses in order to flourish in reducing the prescription substance abuse problem in the Us. Works Reported Canaboy, C. (2013, Drive 2). M�dicament offers addicts’ families sliver of convenience: Nasal spray credited with reversing more than 1, 800 drug overdoses. Boston Earth, p. A. 1 . Carpenito-Moyet, L. (2008). Handbook of Nursing Prognosis (12th impotence. ).

Phila., PA: Lippincott Williams , Wilkins. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012, January 13). CDC Grand Rounds: Pharmaceutical drug Drug Overdoses — a U. S. Epidemic:. Gathered March 3, 2013, via Centers to get Disease Control and Prevention: http://www. cdc. gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6101a3. htm Executive Business office of the Guru. (2011, April). Prescription Substance abuse | The White House:. Retrieved Mar 3, 2013, from The Light House: http://www. whitehouse. gov/ondcp/prescription-drug-abuse Healthy People 2020. 2012, September 6). Substance Abuse , Healthy People:. (U. S i9000. Health and Human Services) Gathered March several, 2013, from Healthy Persons 2020: http://www. healthypeople. gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/overview. aspx? topicid=40 Lankenau, H. E., Wagner, K. M., Silva, K., Kecojevic, A., Iverson, E., McNeely, M., et ing. (2012). Injections Drug Users Trained simply by Overdose Avoidance Programs: Replies to Witnessed Overdoses. Log of Community Health, 37, 133-141. Stanhope, RN, DSN, FAAN, Meters., , Lancaster, RN, Ph. D, FAAN, J. (2012).

Public Health Nursing jobs: Population-Centered Medical care in the Community (8th ed. ). Maryland Altitudes, MS: Elsevier, Inc. U. S. Health insurance and Human Providers. (2011, December). Prescription Drug Abuse. Retrieved Drive 3, 2013, from Countrywide Institute upon Drug Abuse: http://www. drugabuse. gov/publications/topics-in-brief/prescription-drug-abuse U. S i9000. Health and Human Services. (2011, October). Prescription medications: Abuse and Addiction. Retrieved March three or more, 2013, via National Commence of Overall health: http://www. drugabuse. gov/publications/research-reports/prescription-drugs

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