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Hasnu, the natural stone cutter Storyline A stonecutter named Hashnu sat near the highway cutting stone when the King’s courtiers cross the road. He then wished to be Ruler and that desire was awarded. Then he felt the sun’s warmth thinking that direct sunlight was effective than the ruler so this individual wished to become the sun.

This individual became direct sunlight but then the cloud covered the sun. Thinking that the impair was highly effective than the sunshine, he then wants to be the cloud. When he became the impair, he then wished to be a mountain for it don’t move for all of his pouring and forced.

Then he experienced the hardships penalized a mountain being toned by a stonecutter so this individual wishes to be a stonecutter once again and fulfilled his obligation contentedly. Issue The conflict inside the story can be when Hashnu wants to end up being the most effective. Climax The orgasm in the story is once Hashnu desires to be the king, sunlight, the cloud, the rock and the stone cutter again. Denouement The denouement in the tale is the moment Hashnu realized that the most effective among the creations of Our god is still the person and this individual now fulfill his responsibility as a stonecutter contentedly. Personas

Protagonist: Hashnu- the stonecutter Antagonist: Hashnu-the stonecutter Environment Time- Moments of Monarchs Location- Along the road where the King and his courtiers were crossing. Theme The theme of the story is your life process as the story tells the experiences of Hashnu if he became a king, a sun, a cloud, a rock plus the stonecutter again. Point of view The point of perspective of the story is third person as the narrator is not a player in the history and his understanding is limited just to the character of Hashnu. Issue The discord in the history is Person Vs .

Culture because throughout the story Hashnu struggles with himself great desire to be the most powerful. Mark The image in the history is the mallet which is used by the stonecutter. Meaning Lesson Always be contented with who you are. The Lady or the Gambling Plot , A semibarbaric king finds out his little girl is having an unlawful affair with a man suitor. You suitor is soon imprisoned and forced to attend trial, a trial that consists of an arena with two gates. Behind a single door is actually a tiger, started maul the unlucky felony, behind the other can be described as beautiful star of the wedding, set to euphimistically maul the lucky lawbreaker.

The queen, who really loves the small criminal, is aware behind which will door is justa round the corner the gambling, points to the right, indicating which in turn door the young man will need to choose. Establishing , The story takes place in the past in a kingdom far, far away. Characterization , The king is semibarbaric. The young man is attractive. They are both stereotypes. The little princess, on the other hand, is usually developed deeper. We know she loves the prince. We realize she has passed down some of her father’s semibarbaric qualities. We all know she is envious of the girlfriend, if picked.

We do not, however , know which in turn door this lady has chosen on her behalf lover. Turmoil , A person sixth is v. person discord exists involving the king fantastic daughter and the king plus the young man. Someone v. world conflict is out there between the two young addicts and the rules of the empire. The central conflict inside the story is usually an internal issue within the little princess as the lady struggles among watching her lover in the arms of another or perhaps watching her lover acquire devoured by a tiger. Quality , The storyline has no resolution. It is up to the reader to ascertain whether or not the child lives or dies.

Idea , Stockton’s short account comments on the confusing mother nature of love and the subjective idea of world and barbarity. There is also an element of Determinism or Free Can and whether or not, if left to their personal desires, human beings make the right decision. Uncertainty , Uncertainty is created with the use of foreshadowing, risky action, and pacing. Stockton foreshadows the approaching unhappiness from the princess (although he won’t provide a conclusive answer to the actual choice that causes that unhappiness). The harmful action is provided by the tiger.

The ultimate creation of suspense is done by the story’s pacing. It is well done, in fact , I continue to don’t know the particular young man chose. Irony , The ironic structure in the story, it includes no end, pertaining to example, shows the irony present in the story: (1) the princess and not the criminal may be the story’s accurate loser, (2) the california king, despite the outlook of class is, as the primary goal, a terrible semibarbarian, (3) the queen deliberates for days on if to save her lover Viewpoint , Tend not to confuse the writer with the narrator.

The narrator is third person omniscient and is aware of the destiny of the young man. The author would not. The Gift of Magi PLOT , Linear a) Introduction ” The story depends on a description from the place the place that the major character types live, and then the major female character is definitely introduced. Rising Action One particular dollar and eighty-seven pennies. And the following day would be Christmas. Climax Jim stepped inside the door, while immovable as a setter with the scent of quail. His eyes were fixed after Della, and there was a manifestation in these people that the lady could not go through, and that terrified her.

It was certainly not anger, nor surprise, neither disapproval, nor horror, nor any of the sentiments that the lady had been ready for. This individual simply stared at her fixedly with this peculiar appearance on his face. Falling Actions Instead of obeying, Jim wheeled down on the couch and set his hands under the back of his mind and smiled. Denouement, quot, Dell, quot, said he, quot, discussing put each of our Christmas shows away and keep ’em quite some time. They’re too nice to use just presently. I sold the watch to find the money to get your combs.

Now suppose putting the grinds on. &quot, CHARACTERS: The 2 main character types are both protagonists (There is not a antagonist): Mr. and Mrs. James and Delia Dillingham Young. , DEVELOPING/ Circular Minor figure: Madame Sofronie , STATIC/ Flat ENVIRONMENT a. ) Place The actions takes place in New York City really modest condo and in a hair store down the street from the apartment. Though Porter will not mention Nyc by brand, he does refer to Coney Island, the city’s most well-known amusement playground, located in the borough of Brooklyn. ime ” At Christmas Eve, a long time ago c) weather condition- winter time cultural conditions ” The few was financially- struggling e) mood or perhaps atmosphere , ¦ Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles¦ VIEWPOINT Stream of Consciousness , The story is told so the reader seems as if they are really inside the mind of one character and understands all their thoughts and reactions. LITERARY GADGETS Foreshadowing Right now, there were two possessions in the James Dillingham Youngs in which they equally took a mighty pleasure. One was Jim’s gold watch that had been his father’s great grandfather’s.

The other was Della’s frizzy hair. Symbol The magi, you may already know, were sensible men, wonderfully wise men-who brought gifts to the Babe in the d?ner. They made the art of offering Christmas shows. Being smart, their presents were certainly wise types, possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of copying. THEME Appreciate has no bounds. CONFLICT -The couple’s economic struggle Person vs . Conditions (classical) ” The few struggles against poverty Person vs . Himself/Herself (psychological) “Delia struggles together with the painful decision of letting go her only prized possession

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