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Problems Facing University Students University


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Economical Challenges Facing University Students FA120-Skills to succeed Group Creative find solutions to problems assignment By simply Megan Sweeney (12522637) Anna Heffernan (12743239) And Ross Swords (12344681) Word Depend: two thousand two hundred and eight. Contents Page Section 1: Synopsis | Webpages 3 and 4| Section II: Details of the students challenge| Pages 4 and 5| Section III: Findings| Internet pages 5 and 6| Section IV: Possible solutions and recommendations| Site 6| Section V: Recommendations| Page 6| References | Page 7| Section I: Summary. Introduction

After discussing our project as a group we recognised what problems and challenges can be relevant to university students.

We believed the topic best to yourself as a group and lots of of university students, was the monetary challenges faced by students. For most students as they commence university it really is their very first time living away from home which can generate problems for both the student and their families fiscally with both the high costs linked to sending students to university plus the difficulties trainees faces themselves in cost management their each week allowance.

Various students find it difficult to prioritise their cash correctly and frequently spend additional money on socialising weekly than on the necessities such as food, and often there exists little or no cash left to put towards ebooks and program based activities. For the purpose of this assignment and to help yourself as pupils manage the money in a much more economical method we have searched the problems and solutions which will occur in the everyday life of an Irish university student. Statement in the student problem

The financial difficulties experienced by a university scholar happen to be brought about by the high cost of college tuition fees which can be constantly increasing as a result of poor management by simply our previous governments, the high cost of college student accommodation for the people students with to move away from home to attend university. Students living away from home also have to have a weekly permitting for requirements, heating and electricity bills, and college products such as books, calculators, laptop computers and stationary.

Many college students that avoid move abroad face excessive travelling bills each week with the cost of community transport regularly increasing while the government walk up the rates in order to make an effort to get the nation out of recession. The importance of the challenge We selected this theme as there exists currently a lot hype staying created in regard to the financial crisis and the result it is having on the cost of attending university which is creating huge economical problems for young students and their households attending school.

The government offers majorly lowered the amount of financial aid available for undergraduates, many pupils no longer receive the grant repayment which has ended in many young adults not being able to finish their levels. Due to the current economic climate learners are rarely able to secure a well balanced job in order to support themselves, which causes many college students to be dependent on government allowances. Again this causes economical problems to get the students while the allowances available to third level college students are little.

We wanted to explore the different supports available to university students to help college students overcome all their financial problem’s. Section II: Details of students challenge. For each and every student participating in university the typical cost may differ significantly depending on whether they have to move abroad, travel a good distance to school daily or travel a short distance from their home to school each day. The subsequent table gives an indication of the monthly cost of living in Galway as a college student. These costs are an estimation only because monthly costs will depend on each person’s specific requirements (NUIG Student-Life 2012).

Accommodation| 340 euro| Food| 260 euro| Books/academic requisites| 62 euro| Clothes, laundry| 62 euro| Recreation| 180 euro| Other| 95 euro| Regular monthly Total| you, 000 euro| Nine month academic year| 9, 1000 euro| Because the average Irish yearly cash flow is ¬24, 316 (Irishexaminer. ie), the expense of sending a student to university has ended one third with the average Irish yearly income and this is usually before the educational costs fees need to be paid for which presents an enormous challenge for the family to be able to support both the student as well as the rest of the family members.

With this in mind college students need as much help as it can be to price range, manage their money and utilize the discount and financial strategies available throughout the university. The university gives a range of support systems to assist students defeat financial difficulties they may face. For students living away from home medical expenses could be a huge challenge as not familiar doctors can overcharge students, students can be faced with the problem of cash strategy for medical expenses since students cannot predict when they will become unwell.

The Countrywide University of Ireland Galway has relived thousands of students from the worries and challenges they face in regards to medical service fees as they supply a full medical centre with Doctors, Nurses and physiatrist free of charge for all students inside the university. “Only 10% in the student person is entitled to a medical cards (GMS). A medical credit card entitles the holder to free assessment, free prescriptions and totally free hospitalisation. Pupils are not qualified for a medical card until their father and mother have this sort of a greeting card or except if they are over a grant. Mature students i. e. observar 24 years old could be entitled to a card in their own right based on income.  (NUIG Student-Life 2012). This really is a brilliant support service accessible to all NUI Galway college students no matter what economic background students comes from. The monthly food expense for a university student is two hundred and sixty euro, this can change hugely depending on whether the pupil is cost-effective about in which they store and the actual buy. Pupils can help reduce their searching expenses simply by shopping inside the cheaper grocery stores such as Lidl, Aldi and Tesco instead of smaller grocery stores which tend be a lot more expensive.

You read ‘Problems Facing University Students’ in category ‘Essay examples’ As well as the key to great shopping can be lists ” lists you stick to. By no means shop hungry and don’t depend on the big brand retailers that your folks have shopped in for years, convert your back again on brands and only get own-brand food ” you will save yourself a bundle. A litre of dairy from Avonmore costs ¬1. 14, a litre of Tesco milk costs seventy five cents.  (The Irish Times, September 2012). The University as well provides hot meals daily at only ¬5 in the university or college restaurant which is often very helpful to student whom do not have time for you to return house to eat in the daytime.

As well as the academic side to college students also have to have a social your life, which can turn into very costly besides making it more difficult for students to budget their money. The titanium ents organization put a discount card structure in place to help students reduce costs while socialising. “Galway College student Discount Greeting card is predicted to save the average student ¬400 per session / typically ¬5 every night out ( ¬2 off a cab, ¬2 off club admin & ¬1 off food after). Available for purchase for only ¬4 (Titaniuments. ie). This is a huge help to students in budgeting pertaining to the sociable side with their time in college or university.

A huge monetary problem faced by college students is the cost of textbooks required for the curriculum a number of these books could cost up to ¬100 each and still have to be bought brand new as they all contain individual access codes intended for course work that should be finished online. A large number of students have to buy about five ebooks per term which is a big expense and creates a critical financial trouble for students. Lender of Ireland is currently putting plans in place to let students to get loans to pay for books. Section III: Conclusions Currently at NUI Galway there are several techniques in place to help students eat only a small price range and cut costs.

Loyalty playing cards such as the scholar union card can get pupils various savings at several shops and restaurants work by the pupils union through the entire college. The student union credit card can also earn students funds, by purchasing items at any shop or cafe run by the SU. Pupils can build-up credit over-time on their buys and eventually this credit could be turned into funds. NUI Galway also enhance the ti ents cards which stimulates social discounts for students including free entry into nightclubs, discounts in taxis, and discounts about fast-food have aways.

In University College or university Dublin they feature many scholarships to college students which can be found in www. smurfitschool. ie which is the business institution in UCD. An example of you are ‘GMAT MBA Scholarship’ ‘Open to all people scoring above 700 within the GMAT. Almost all scholarship candidates must already have been confessed to (have applied for, been interviewed and offered a place on) the full-time MBA Programme just before they can be regarded for any from the above scholarships. Open to Irish residents and international job seekers. ( UCD-2012) in a university aboard just like Harvard, the offer financing also just like ‘Harvard College or university has presented assistance to students who need aid in meeting their education expenses for over 350 years, allowing us to seek out the most outstanding scholars in the world and available our gates to registrants of exceptional ability and guarantee, regardless of their financial circumstances. Above 60% of undergraduates will receive an estimated $172 million in need-based Harvard Scholarship aid in 2012-13.

Only in the past five years we certainly have increased the financial aid by simply over 70 percent, enhancing the program to ensure the affordability of your Harvard education even during these challenging economical times. We understand that the thought of financing four years of school can be a overwhelming prospect for any person, and we will be eager to assist you to and your family understand our financing programs and assist you in finding ways to meet your college costs’ (Harvard-2012) Section IV: Conceivable solutions and recommendations.

Following applying the creative problem solving process we all as a group began to look at the different methods a problem like this can be fixed. While looking for solutions to the situation we explored numerous websites that presented advice on how students can budget and save money. (Schweitzer 2010) suggests numerous methods for students to save cash such as steering clear of impulse ordering, hiding the credit card and finding deals. While undertaking more xtensive research into the problem after reading several articles, one more common suggestion on how to spending budget efficiently was going to invest in a scholar travel credit card, which can quit to a third off the value of all train prices (Warnes 2012). One more area that may affect a student budget is clothes shopping. A large number of students may be fooled into buying expensive brand name garments that they cannot afford. (Waldron 2012) suggests students ought to shop by local charitable trust shops such as Oxfam in which they can get a lot of these name brand clothes second hand for a fraction of the price.

Although a lot of students might not exactly have been comfortable with shopping in charity outlets previously Waldron insists the significance for students in this market is a “no brainer. Section 5: Recommendations Following investigating the possible solutions we as a group, be it natural or processed discussed the many methods NUIG could take on to help students tackle all their budgeting issues. We looked at the gives that are previously available to help students spend less such as the TU loyalty credit card, the ti ents cards, the second hands book structure etc . All of us then held numerous brain storming program where all of us thought of suggestions that might support solve the situation.

We deemed various ideas such as beginning a second hand garments shop in the college or possibly a grocery store exactly where students can buy their particular weekly buying at a discount value. We then simply concluded that assignments such as this might incur too much of an expense that may not always be affordable to get the college. An additional idea that all of us came up with was a student lower price guide that might be published by the students union on a every week basis containing information on in which students may find the best savings in Galway on a regular basis.

The leaflet may advise learners on what supermarkets have the best foodstuff discounts with this week, what nightclubs are selling discounts, how students can save money on travel etc . Referring to nui galway. (2012). economical matters. Readily available: http://www. nuigalway. ie/student-life/financial-matters/. Last accessed fourteenth nov 2012. Titanium Ents and subsidiary groups. (2012). Galway Scholar Discount Credit card. Available: http://www. titaniuments. com/galway-student-discount-card/. Last seen 14th nov 2012. C O’Doherty. (2012). Dublin ¬3k ahead of average income. Available: http://www. rishexaminer. com/ireland/dublin-3k-ahead-of-average-income-181644. html. Last utilized 14th nov 2012. nui galway. (2012). medical solutions. Available: http://www. nuigalway. ie/student-life/student-support/medical-services. html. Last accessed 14th nov 2012. C Pope. (2012). Inexpensive and pleasant way through college. Offered: http://www. irishtimes. com/newspaper/finance/2012/0911/1224323839157. html code. Last utilized 14th november 2012. UCD. (2012). Scolarships. Available: http://www. smurfitschool. ie/scholarships/gmatmbascholarships/. Last reached 14th nov 2012. Harvard University. (2012).

WELCOME TOWARDS THE HARVARD SCHOOL FINANCIAL AID OFFICE. Available: http://www. fao. fas. harvard. edu/icb/icb. do. Previous accessed 14th nov 2012. Schweitzer. (2010). 10 Easy Ways for young students to Save Money. Regarding. com Guidebook. 10 (4), 33-34. Warnes, S. (2012). Top 10 amazing student discount tips. Obtainable: http://www. neilstoolbox. com/bibliography-creator/reference-website. htm. Last reached 10/Nov/2012. Waldron, C. (2012). Charity outlets: getting too large for their Pradas?. Available: http://campus. ie/college-life/money-matters/charity-shops-getting-too-big-for-their-pradas. Previous accessed 12/nov/2012.

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