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MGMT 203 Management to get Aeronautical Research Manager’s Point of view Paper – The Countrywide Airspace System (NAS) March 16, 2013 Prepared for Dr . Daniel Nation Lecturer Prepared by Ong Wei Jian Lionel Intro In this statement, we will be looking at the National Airspace System (NAS). We will be taking a detailed look at the overview and the facilities of the NAS, discuss regarding the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION Next Generation Atmosphere Transportation Program (NextGen), and also examine the future needs of the National Airspace System.

Overview of the NAS The National Airspace System is understood to be a complex mixture of systems, techniques, facilities, airplane, and personnel which communicate as one system to ensure safe and effective air travel in america. The EM consists of several components, and these include: • NAS Operational Facilities (unstaffed) • Atmosphere Route Targeted traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) • Air Targeted traffic Control Towers (ATCT) • Ground Radios and Radar Systems • Airports • Aircrafts (commercial, private, and military) Flight Personnel (operating, maintaining, and modernizing the system) • Passengers (commercial and military) Infrastructure from the NAS The NAS helps to maintain a safe and effective flight in the US airspace by allowing all control towers, control centers, radios, radars, and lots of airports to become interconnected to each other to form a NAS operational sales and marketing communications network. This NAS marketing communications network assists pilots to communicate with atmosphere traffic controllers and flight operation centers to ensure a secure flight because they travel above the airspace.

There is a three systems that make up the NAS, and these include the Digital Airport terminal Surveillance Adnger zone (DASR) System, the Words Communication Turning System (VCSS), and the Office of Security (DoD) Advanced Automation System, or DAAS for short. The DASR System is a traffic air flow control radar system that helps to discover aircraft location and conditions in the vicinity of civilian and army airfields. It consists of two main electronic digital subsystems: the main surveillance adnger zone and the extra surveillance adnger zone, which make utilization of electromagnetic surf reflected off aircraft to monitor their positions.

The VCSS is the communications program used to deal with the words communications of any Atmosphere Traffic Control (ATC) service. The VCSS must be able to support almost all analog and digital sales and marketing communications between the DoD, the ATC facilities, as well as the pilots. The DAAS is actually a system that is used to retrieve and procedure radar info, flight programs, and weather / air-port environmental data to support DoD ATC companies. The system transmits part or all of this processed data into a display or workstation (within geographical proximity) for air flow traffic remotes to access to make certain that they control and monitor the actions in the airspace.

FAA NextGen Air Vehicles System The NextGen plan is an initiative produced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help improve the productivity, convenience and dependability in the NAS. The NextGen modernization of the U. S. atmosphere traffic program seeks to increase the efficiency of the EM through scientific advancements, as well as as better approaches and procedures. The NextGen software plans to utilize satellite routing, which will enable pilots to learn the precise locations of other airplanes around them and boost the overall protection of air travel.

Airports are now already benefitting from the NextGen program. These kinds of new functions include the countrywide rollout of your network of Automatic Based mostly Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) ground transceivers. These transceivers will receive GPS DEVICE position reports from airplane equipped with ADS-B Out (an upgrade required by 2020 for aeroplanes flying in most controlled airspace), and by 2013, these transceivers will be set up to provide country wide coverage. Atmosphere traffic info such as Traffic Information Service-Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) will be sent by the ADS-B transceivers.

The FAA as well tested a newly computerized Collaborative Leaving Queue Managing (CDQM) system that should help airports improve leaving management. The FAA is likewise putting in place tools that will permit airport employees, airlines, and other NAS users better entry to shared surface area surveillance info, which is essential for safe and efficient airport procedures. The Future Demands of the EM The current top features of the EM unfortunately, are not sufficient to ensure efficient or perhaps uninterrupted operation in the future.

The higher interconnectivity of systems caused by the NextGen program ensures that the cyber risks for the NAS are increased. The future cyber reliability needs with the NAS demand a change in both the NAS system and safety culture to be effective against increased the actual cyber dangers that will follow. Improved internet security needs changes to the present NAS protection provisions. Even more safety reviews for continuous monitoring is required. Actions and responsibilities of each and every NAS staff now have being carefully looked at and considered.

Responsibilities of program administrators and network employees have to be widened, from retaining the functionality of the program to detecting intrusive actions. Improved web security also requires changes to the current NAS infrastructure. Info provided by external partners and actions requested by exterior partners need to be made sure that they will be not malevolent in objective. The existing cyber security structures also has to become modified and upgraded consequently to deal with the changing cyber threats, all in a quick timeframe, without compromising around the operations from the NAS during these infrastructure improvements and changes.

References • NextGen to get Airports. Retrieved March 15, 2013 from your Federal Aviation Administration web page: http://www. faa. gov/nextgen/qanda/airports/ • What is NextGen? Retrieved March 15, 2013 from the Faa website: http://www. faa. gov/nextgen/slides/? slide=1 • Houston, Sarina (n. g. ). The National Airspace System Explained. Retrieved Mar 15, 2013 from internet site: http://aviation. about. com/od/Air-Traffic-Control/a/The-National-Airspace-System-Explained. htm Wadas, Burt (n. deb. ). Countrywide Airspace System (NAS) Summary. Retrieved Drive 16, 2013 from Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Relationship (AFCEA) website: http://www. afceaboston. com/documents/events/cnsatm2011/Briefs/01-Monday/07-Wadas-HBAG%20NationalAirspaceSystemOverview. pdf format • Williams, James H. (February 2011). National Airspace System Reliability Cyber Buildings. Retrieved March 16, 2013 from The Mitre Corporation internet site: http://www. mitre. org/work/tech_papers/2011/10_4169/10_4169. pdf format

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