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“Scientist dread that 20 percent of the forest will be lost over the next two decades” (From “Last of the Amazon” by Jeff Wallace). Deforestation can be brought on by many things, natural or unnatural. The number one cause can be said being illegal signing or erosion, but we all know that is not this.

Deforestation on the globe is brought on by man and the effects happen to be devastating for the environment and may also result global warming. Guy can cause deforestation because of his greediness to want everything.

For example , loggers in the Amazon are illegally scaling down trees to either produce space pertaining to crops and cattle, or to get the solid wood and sell this. Man may also show his greediness when it comes to money, very well, to be exact precious metal. Back in the 1850’s when the precious metal rush were only available in California, people began to slice down redwood trees in order to build all their homes and towns. Eventually, by the 1900’s most of the unique old redwood forest was gone.

As a result of man, the end results, such as deforestation, are disastrous to the environment. In addition to any or all the illegal logging made, erosion can impact the surrounding areas. Erosion flushes away the soil that other woods or crops in the place need adding on to future deforestation. Furthermore, the mass logging made can also disrupt the water routine. By cutting down a large amount of trees and shrubs, the rainfall in that place can decrease because the wetness released by the trees as well decreased.

To tell the truth, this can in that case cause a drought and generate things worse. Global warming can be elicited by simply deforestation. The cutting down of a giant amount of trees can increase the quantity of green house gasses that can be released to the atmosphere. To illustrate, if perhaps trees happen to be cut down, the quantity of carbon dioxide that may be taken by all of them decreases. Therefore, the carbon that was not taken by the trees rises to the atmosphere, trapping high temperature and creating global warming.

Furthermore, trees happen to be 50 percent co2, meaning that whenever they have dropped or burned up, the LASER they store escapes back in the air. To conclude, global warming and the devastation made to the environment are all due to deforestation taking place because man. In the end, the consequences of man’s greediness have practically caused the extinction with the redwood woods and it is at this point affecting the whole world with around the world. In my opinion, there ought to be a rules that makes loggers plant a brand new smaller forest after they reduce the big older one.

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