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EDP416 Assessment Item 1 (External) Type: Publishing Task Description: This item asks one to engage important socio-cultural ideas encountered inside the first module of the product. Part A asks one to define a chosen number of principles from Component 1 and consider all their implications to get education. Component B requires you to illustrate a school-based, socio-cultural pedagogical situation or perhaps problem linked to one of the selected topics.

Target audience: Tutor Size: 1000-1200 words and phrases in total (Parts A and B) Results: 1, a couple of , several Weighting: forty percent (All 4 task elements are similarly valued)

Submitting Date:[See ‘Key Data at a Glance’ about Blackboard ‘Unit Details’ menu item] Part A: Definition and Discussion of Unit Concepts The next list provides the five topics covered in Module One of many unit. Below each theme is a quantity of related concepts. You are asked to pick ONE (1) concept by three (3) different issues and, in an extended piece of writing of 250″300 words for each and every concept: i) Define the concept as it has become introduced to you in the unit (via the device textbook, CMD readings, and lectures) i) Discuss whatever you understand to be the main ramifications for education A Guide with this assessment item has been willing to assist you and it is available on Blackboard. Remember, to get Part A you are merely choosing A SINGLE (1) principle from every of three different subject areas. This means you will be responding to a maximum of THREE (3) different ideas in total. THEME: SOCIAL CLASS AND EDUCATION Concept: Cultural class Idea: Individual potential Concept: Social capital theory References to get consultation

Device textbook and CMD references such as Germov (1998) and Henry (2000). TOPIC: RACE/ETHNICITY AND EDUCATION Concept: The (faulty and racist) scientific research of contest Concept: Person and institutional discrimination Principle: Indigeneity and education Referrals for consultation Unit book and CMD references such as Aveling (2007), Lampert (2005), Milojevic (2001), Noddings (2005), Rose, G. et ‘s. (1999), Tsolidis (2001). SUBJECT: CHILDHOOD, JUNIOR AND SCHOOLING Concept: Sociable construction of childhood and youth

Principle: Childhood OR youth and social governance Concept: The disappearance of childhood References for consultation Unit textbook and CMD references just like Christensen and James (1999), McDonnell (2006), Brooks (2006), Postman (1994), Symes and Preston (1997), Tait (2001), Tyler, M. (1993)). MATTER: GENDER AND EDUCATION Strategy: The (faulty) notion of boys and girls since biologically established Concept: Schooling as a male or female regime Concept: The ‘What about the boys? ‘ debate (Debate over young boys as deprived. ) Recommendations for discussion

Unit book and CMD references including Kehily (2001), MacNaughton (2000), Martino and Berill (2003), McLeod (2001), Mills ainsi que al. (2004), Rasmussen (2004), White and Wyn (2008). Part M: A Related Socio-Cultural Pedagogical Problem Choose ONE (1) of the principles from your response, above, and, in an extended paragraph of 250″300 phrases, briefly illustrate a specific class room or school-based socio-cultural pedagogical situation/problem that may be: i) linked to the concept (or broader device topic that it derives) and ii) likely to be found by a graduate teacher.

Relevant contextual information about the students, instructor, school and locale must also be offered. Refer to relevant literature in which appropriate. This part of Evaluation Item one particular builds conceptual skills that happen to be developed further in Assessment Item 2 . For this reason, you certainly need to check with the Guideline for Analysis Item 2″specifically the section on the ‘socio-cultural pedagogical situation/ problem’. (Note that in this part of the first job you do not develop an ‘initiative’ or ‘solution’ in response to the problem). ***

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