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The nature of the surroundings in which a business operates establishes how that engages additional players in the sector. This kind of, therefore , can determine the types of deals that businesses get into. The oil and gas sector relies on contracts to carry out its activities much like other organization entities carry out.

The coal and oil industry mainly engages creation sharing deals, driven by numerous stakeholder interests the sector has.

Research Theme

The Frequency of Development Sharing Legal agreements in Oil and Gas (Case Examine of Sonangol, an Angolan Oil Company)


The goal of the study is usually to establish the prevalence of production sharing contracts in the oil and gas market, with particular interest in Sonangol, an essential oil company in Angola.


The aims of the research are:

To determine the nature in the oil and gas organization in The african continent

To determine the types of legal agreements administered in the oil and gas sector

To determine the discuss of creation sharing contracts relative to various contracts

To establish the reasons for adoption of production writing contracts at Sonangol

Research inquiries

What types of deals does Sonangol engage

Are production showing contracts common at Sonangol

Why does Sonangol adopt production sharing contracts

What rewards and challenges do Sonangol get by employing production sharing contracts

Literary works Review

Keywords and phrases

Contracts, Creation Sharing Agreements, Effects, Frequency, Economics, Foreign Oil Corporations, National Essential oil Companies, Angola

Key Materials

Bindemann, E., 1999. Development Sharing Agreements: An Economic Examination

This source details on the economics of production sharing agreements with reference to coal and oil in Angola and the Middle East.

Bindemann, K. 2k. The Response of Oil Contracts to Extreme Price Movements. Debate Paper. Department of Economics (University of Oxford).

Fattouh, B. and Darbouche, L., 2010. North African olive oil and international investment in changing marketplace conditions. Energy Policy, 38(2), pp. 119-1129.

Gaps in materials

Most literary works refers to situations in North Africa as well as the Middle East and not Angola or Sonangol.

Most available literature much more than five years old. Probably the conditions have got changed, manifestation them irrelevant to current circumstances

This section presents an evaluation of existing literature about Oil and Gas in Africa and Angola in particular, while studying the types of deals that oil and gas companies make use of. This is broken down into subtopics as follows:

Coal and oil in The african continent

This section provides a general introduction to the coal and oil industry, featuring the major players: companies, countries, communities, and other stakeholders.

Good the gas and oil industry in Africa

Problems in the Africa oil and gas sector

Gas and oil in Angola

This section provides an overview of the Angolan coal and oil industry, showcasing the major players: companies, areas, and other stakeholders.

History of the oil and gas sector in Angola

Challenges inside the Angolan oil and gas industry

Value of coal and oil to the Angolan Economy

Contracting in the oil and gas industry

Types of contracts implemented in the global oil and gas sector

Comparison among contracting in Africa as well as the Middle East

Production Sharing Legal agreements

Identify the parties engaged

Terms and conditions


Contracting at Sonangol (Types of contracts)

Encompasses all types of contractual agreements Sonangol engages

Requirements Sonangol uses to select the kind of contractual contracts it uses

Ratio of legal agreements based on type

Production writing contracts in Sonangol

The nature of production posting contracts by Sonangol

Functions involved


Terms and conditions

Exploration Methodology

The study will follow the constructivist strategy and depend on the examination of second data that will be obtained the two from the personal and public domain. Of particular interest will probably be records coming from Sonangol and researches printed in magazines. The research will use catalogues to discover relevant books and indexes to locate ideal periodicals. In addition , the study will use the Internet to look for relevant electronic digital resources and databases. A great analysis from the books, periodicals, and sources would stick to to ascertain the authority and quality of information. Data analysis will be quantitative.


i. Factors behind the re-homing of production sharing contracts at Sonangol

ii. Advantages of production posting contracts in Sonangol

iii. Cons of production sharing deals at Sonangol

4. Comparison between production posting contracts and other types of contracts by Sonangol


Discuss the reason why for the prevalence of production sharing contracts at Sonangol, their merits, demerits, and challenges.


Overview of the appropriateness of development sharing contracts at Sonangol. Are they the very best for the oil and gas industryShould they be upheld?


List of every works cited in the analyze


Relevant documents, desks, and graphs

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