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Secant Methods Application Method

Method, Program

SUBMITTED TO: sir sajid presentation on application of secant method Apr 16, 2013 MCS first sem , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – ROLL # 31 to 40 SECANT METHOD 5. The Secant command numerically approximates the roots associated with an algebraic function,  f, utilizing a technique comparable to Newton’s method but without the need to evaluate the offshoot of function. 5. Given an expression f and a basic approximate a, the Secant command computes a sequence,  =, of approximations into a root of f, where  is the amount of iterations delivered to reach a stopping requirements. The Secant command can be described as shortcut pertaining to calling the Roots command with the method=secant option Advantages of secant method 5. It converges at more quickly than a geradlinig rate, in order that it is more speedily convergent compared to the bisection technique.

* Will not require use of the type of the function, something that is definitely not available in many applications. 5. It requires only 1 function analysis per iteration, as compared with Newton’s method which needs two Cons of secant method * It may not converge. * There is no guaranteed mistake bound for the computed iterates. 5. It is likely to obtain difficulty if f? (? ) sama dengan 0.

This implies the x-axis is tangent to the chart of con = n (x) for x sama dengan?. * Newton’s method generalizes more easily to new techniques for solving coexisting systems of nonlinear equations. APPLICATION OF SECANT METHOD 1 . You will work for a start up computer set up company and have been asked to determine the minimum volume of computers that the shop will need to sell to produce a profit. The equation that offers the minimal number of pcs to be sold after with the total costs and the total sales is definitely 2 . Utilize secant method of finding root base of equations to find the minimal number of computers that need to be purcahased by make a profit.

Carry out three iterations to approximate the root with the above equation. Find the relative estimated error at the conclusion of each version and the range of significant digits at least correct by the end of each iteration. 3. Today the most important application of secant method is to forecasting the earthquake performance of structures. sozen has been credited with having developed procreator procedures. some. Based on the sinusoidal heart beat width modulation technology and regular sampling method, the switching time point’s calculation formulas of tangent method and secant method are established.

This kind of paper studies the precision of switching turn-on and turn-off period point, and compare these switching period points. Calculations results display that SPWM pulses produced by tangent method and secant method are closest for the pulse made by organic sampling, the THD is also smaller than by simply regular sampling. 5. Secant method is utilized to determine the optimal stage. ( maximize or minimize ) the problem or solution. Case in point You work for a start up computer assemblage company and have been asked to determine the minimum quantity of computers the fact that shop will need to sell to make a profit.

The equation which gives the minimal number of Pcs ‘x’ being sold after considering the total costs Plus the total product sales is: Option Use the Secant method of obtaining roots of equations to look for * The minimum number of computers that need to be sold to make a profit. Conduct 3 iterations to estimate the fundamental of the over equation. 5. Find the absolute relative estimated error by the end of each iteration, and 5. The number of significant digits by least appropriate at the end of each and every iteration.

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