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ELECTRIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY. (EE 306) Arduino Exploration Date: 2013/2/16 INTRODUCTION Through this brief statement we will discuss children of electronic digital boards named Arduino. In the beginning we shall offer an overview of the Arduino planks and what exactly they are.

After that all of us will tackle the board’s component and how the board works. Finally an example of one of the applications will probably be shown. WHAT IS AN ARDUINO? An Arduino board is simply a microcontroller board. The table is designed together with the purpose of facilitating the use of electronic devices in projects. The use of the panel was deliberately made easy so that anyone can use it.

The board comes with a software called the Arduino Integrated Development Environment. The application is used to program the Arduino table to do the necessary operations. A great Arduino plank receives inputs from distinct sensors and responds by controlling different types of actuators. It is also worth-mentioning which the board as well as software are open-source. It implies that anyone can whatever it takes with the board and its application. This nature has made the Arduino planks very popular between users because everyone can improve with the board and share all their innovations.

Nevertheless , this nature has also allowed clones with inferior features to be offered under the Arduino name. PARTS There are many types of Arduino boards. Several components range from type to type, but a simple Arduino board that may be built in the home have the following components: 1- An Atmel Microcontroller. 2- LEDs. 3- Resistors. 4- Capacitors. 5- Clock Amazingly. 6- Swap 7- Volt quality regulator. 8- Connection hooks. 9- Diode. 10- Diffusion. An Arduino board’s functions can be extended by the use of protects. Arduino shields are planks that can be mounted on the Arduino board to do different duties.

For example the Xbee shield permits multiple Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly, the engine shield permits the Arduino board to regulate a POWER motor. 2|P a ge HOW IT WORKS In general, a code is usually put in the storage of the panel and then highly processed in the microcontroller. This code interacts with inputs and results. Inputs may be signals caused by sensors (light, voice, temperature, etc . ) or comes from another prepared task. Following processing the inputs in the microcontroller and applying the codes from the memory, the end result comes in a great output contact form (alarm, lumination, etc . ).

Codes will be written in the memory simply by connecting the Arduino table to a pc. Connecting the Arduino board requires the application of an ICSP header or possibly a USB cable such as the one particular found in the newer types e. g. Arduino DISTINTO (see determine 1). A great Arduino board can be powered from a USB cable television, an ACDC adapter or maybe a battery simply by connecting it in the Gnd and Vin pins. Determine 1: Hook up Arduino by USB EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION Blinking LED Through this example, we will use the Arduino panel like a termes conseillés to turn a LED about for 1 second and off another second. 3|P a general electric To do this function see the code below, as well as Example Flashing LED const int LED = 13, void installation () pinMode(LED, OUTPUT), void loop() digitalWrite(LED, HIGH), delay(1000), digitalWrite(LED, LOW), delay(1000), The First collection written following // is a comment it does not affect the software. In the second line, we define the attached to flag 13 because LED. After attaching the LED to the pin, we all decide perhaps the LED needs to be an type or a great output, in this instance, we select output. Up coming, we write the processing code, (digitalWrite(LED, HIGH), ) what this means is to provide voltage to the LED, (delay(1000), ) means ready 1000ms? t, (digitalWrite(LED, LOW), ) means cutting off the voltage, (delay(1000), ) similar process, which is waiting 1s. This code will be repeated in a loop. CONCLUSION An Arduino panel can be a superb starting point for any person interested in microcontrollers. The table is easy to use and has a wide variety of applications. There are many courses available in the earth web intended for the table due to its recognition. Although the plank has many advantages, it keeps having its own limits. REFERENCE [1] Arduino web page, (http://arduino. cc/en/) [2] Merely Arduino, Eng. Abdullah Ali Abdullah, (http://simplyarduino. com/? page_id=5) 4|P a ge

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