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Adult Advancement Brian Carter West Georgia Technical College Adult Development ABSTRACT This kind of paper is exploring and particulars the biological, cognitive, and social advancement the author through the stages of infancy, early on childhood, middle section childhood, age of puberty, and early adulthood. It will compare the author’s encounters and developing milestones while using theories shown in the book.

The mix of all of these factors, combined with the reactions and actions taken by the author in response to his environment and experience, are what make him the person he can today.

Mature Observation During an individual’s life expectancy development, he passes through several developing stages, each with its personal physical, cognitive, and cultural milestones. Perhaps the individual is usually an infant, child, adolescent, or adult, he can continually expanding in almost every take into account response to existence, environmental, and physical needs.

It is the way the individual handles these improvements that decide the course and top quality of the person’s life later on. The way someone participates in social activities, engages himself in educational opportunities, and takes time to self-reflect on his experiences all interact to create the way the person’s life consider. The interpersonal, cognitive, and physical areas of the author’s lifespan expansion thus far will probably be described and discussed in greater detail.

The author can be described as thirty-five year old Caucasian guy who comes from a suburb of Atlanta. He was born into and raised within a mostly suv middle-class home in Louisiana, where he lived until grow older 23, when he moved to metropolitan Atlanta. He can currently committed for the second time, and it is expecting his first kid to be delivered in the next week. He offers one youthful sister who will be also cultivated and wedded with a single stepson. The author’s parents were born and raised in rural West Virginia.

His dad is school educated. His mother attended college, yet did not graduate. He is a college graduate, and his wife includes a graduate degree in Education. Both are employed full-time. CHILDHOOD The author was born an eight-pound, four-ounce baby in August of 1975. During the first weeks of his life, he followed the typical outline defined in the book for nursing and his introduction to solid foods (Dacey 2009). This individual also produced normally, in physical, cognitive, and interpersonal aspects.

Aside from a short period of high fever as a baby, the author skilled no significant physical illnesses as a child. EARLY THE CHILD YEARS As the writer progressed in early the child years, he began to indicate traits of increased intellect. Thanks to very involved parents and support group, he was usually encouraged to participate in educational activities, rather than playing idly. REFERENCES Dacey, John S., John F. Travers, and Lisa W. Fiore. Human being Development across the Lifespan. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2009. Print.

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