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INTERNSHIPS REPROT Upon FI-CO_ERP in [pic] ERP-Accounts , Finance Submitted Simply by Faisal Rasheed Internship Record on PTCL Purpose Of Internship The purpose of this kind of internship is to understand how the practical job is performed in a computer primarily based ERP solution. In addition , to practically study concepts that have been learned theoretically in education and to develop the comprehension of the function performed by ERP Accounts and Financing. Scope of Internship In six weeks teaching span, it is difficult to understand just about every work circulation of each Sub sections of Accounts , Financial department for its huge amount of work.

The main focus was in the CREDIT module which includes General Ledger, creation of vendors, Customers, issuance/Receiving of advance, parking of invoices, posting and payment/receipt of invoices and cheque printing, Addition in Defaulters, Debt Provisions, Modification of Supply, and Recovery from Defaulter. Constitution and ownership, Mission, Vision , Core Principles Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (“the holding Company) was integrated in Pakistan on 12 , 31, 95 and started business on January 01, 1996. The Company is listed upon Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges.

The Company began to undertake the telecommunication organization formerly carried on by Pakistan Telecommunication Firm (PTC). The business was transferred to the Company upon January 01, 1996 within the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 when date the organization took over all the properties, legal rights, assets, obligations and debts of PAID TO CLICK except all those transferred to Countrywide Telecommunication Organization (NTC), Regularity Allocation Board (FAB), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET).

The registered office of the Organization is situated in PTCL Hq, G-8/4, Islamabad. As a consequence of PTCL’s privatization during 2006, 26 % of its stocks were obtained by Etisalat International Pakistan LLC, situated in the UAE. Pak Telecommunications Mobile Limited (PTML) PTML was integrated in Pakistan on This summer 18, 1998, as a public limited company, to provide cell mobile telephony services in Pakistan. PTML commenced it is commercial procedures on January 29, 2001, under the manufacturer of Ufone. It is a wholly owned additional of PTCL. The authorized office of PTML can be found at F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Maskatiya Marketing communications (Private) Limited (MAXCOM) About March 01, 2010 the holding Business acquired 100 % shares of MAXCOM. MAXCOM continues to be voluntarily wound up, effective June 01, 2011 based on an exclusive resolution exceeded by the associates of MAXCOM. The net assets of MAXCOM have been utilized in PTCL at a book worth amounting to Rs 68, 382 thousand and the goodwill related to acquisition of MAXCOM have been written off during the year. PTCL Corporate Eye-sight To be the leading ICT service agency in the region by achieving customers’ satisfaction and maximizing shareholders’ value. PTCL Mission To attain our eye-sight by having: ¢ An company environment that fosters ¢ professionalism, motivation and top quality. ¢ An environment that is affordable and top quality ¢ conscious. ¢ Providers that are based upon the most the best possible ¢ technology. ¢ “Quality and “Time conscious buyer services. ¢ Sustained development in profits and profitability. PTCL Main Values ¢ Professional Ethics ¢ Client satisfaction ¢ Teamwork ¢ Company Loyalty Organizational Structure Accounts , Finance Department Relevant to ERP Simply Under the Director , C. E. O, total 9 department brain Including eight S. Electronic. V. P’s, C. Capital t.

O and C. We. O are working each one is in charge of formulating organizing , tactics at business level together with the support of their Teams. Every S. Elizabeth. V. L has more than one E. V. P’s and their clubs. Under T. E. Sixth is v. P Finance” C. N. O, three E. Sixth is v. P’s work related to Earnings Accounts , Revenue Assurance, Financial Preparing , Treasury Management, , Accounts Providers. Under the At the. V. P- Accounts Services, total two General Managers including G. M Accounts Taxation , Financial Confirming, G. M ERP Financing , Assets Management will work. Each G. M has at least one Senior Manager or Manager or both. Every single S.

M or Supervisor has for least one particular Financial Expert or Assistant Manager. Internees are reportable to Assistant Manager or perhaps Financial Analyst. ERP as well as Functionality ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (enterprise resource planning) can be an industry term for the broad group of activities in order to a business take care of the important areas of its business. The information offered through an ERP system delivers visibility to get key performance indicators (KPIs) required for getting together with corporate objectives. ERP applications can be used to deal with product planning, parts purchasing, inventories, reaching suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders.

ERP can also include software modules for the financing and human resources aspects of a small business. Typically, a great ERP program uses or perhaps is built-in with a relational database program. [pic] SAP , ERP Solution and its particular Functional Support [pic] SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS (System Application Product) R/3 is a a few tier Real time data processing system manufactured by SAP AG, a German software organization. The R/3 system, and this is known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Program, is a securely integrated number of applications made to handle the whole data digesting for many different types and sizes of companies.

Within R/3 is a manage time environment and a set of application programs written in ABAP/4 programming language, that happen to be highly personalized and worldwide. SAP R/3 system provides a three-tier client/server architecture. Vintage configuration of your R/3 system contains 3 software layers, as succumbed the beneath picture. [pic] ¢ Presentation layer The PC-based GUI interface which is used by the end-user community. ¢ Application level The SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS application machines that support requests intended for data and manage the interface for the presentation part. ¢ Databases layer

The actual DBMS that communicates while using application computers to fulfill their particular requests pertaining to data. SAP allows the IT recognized processing of a multitude of duties, accruing in a typical business or traditional bank. SAP ERP is differing from R/3 mainly because it is based on SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS NetWeaver: main components could be implemented in ABAP in addition to Java and new efficient areas are mostly no longer made as part of the previous ERP system, with tightly interconnected matters, but as self-contained components or even systems. SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS in PTCL Every company has its own exceptional business processes to meet necessity and problems.

You browse ‘Internship Survey on Ptcl’ in category ‘Essay examples’ That is why PTCL uses the SAP.

SAP is normal project program it is divided into three servers. 1 . Creation Server 95 , 300 2 . Quality Assurance Server six hundred , 790 3. Development. Server 800 In the development Server 90 new advancements are made by SEMINES/ PTCL Development Staff with support on organization functional Staff leads, technological coding is done in this hardware through SPRO , ABAP Language. The ERP personnel consolidates the issues of users and solves them as per requirements. ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Team Check the development produced in development Storage space 300. Development server info, after screening the codlings and directions, is intended for transferring to quality server.

In the SAP the quality guarantee is made for learning and screening. The QAS(Quality Assurance Server) 600 or 790 is used for the trainings purposes and to acquaint the user with the system. Following testing your data, based on true scenarios, in quality Storage space the data is definitely ready for copying in production from in which the users put it to use live. Production Server 800 is the main and live a part of System App Product on what all the monetary and not financial data are kept on real time basis. FICO( Economical , Controlling) Module Includes the Following FI (Financial): – ¢ Basic Ledger accounting ¢ Accounts payable Accounts receivable ¢ Asset accounting ¢ Travelling Management COMPANY (Controlling): – ¢ Price element accounting ¢ Expense center accounting ¢ Internal orders ¢ Profit centre accounting ¢ Profitability analysis Following Pictures will help you in understanding the SP ERP CREDIT Module and the related departments head capabilities of any organization. Method Flow: Obligations , FR: Signatory Authority and Responsibility for Payment Drawing and Disbursement Office (DDO) my spouse and i. e S. M of every region who will be responsible for almost all nature of payment , recoveries relevant to employees, provider and contractor as per guidelines and deals made by this section.

Financial Revealing DDOs in regions recognize the economical transactions in whole month as well as the 3 day of the week of the the following month are given to each department in order to make sure the closing of a month ago is completed. Accounts section in the head 1 / 4 downloads most data linked to each month from the main server , works on an unregistered trail balance for the same, then forward it to the SM nominal ledger for finalizes the data hence the financial data with virtually any error can be rectified instantly so that Financial Statements can easily made in timely basis.

Monthly accounts, Quarterly, Fifty percent yearly , Yearly accounts are taken care of and in contrast to the last year. Several estimates and provisions for year end are taken to the annual report. PTCL follow economic year coming from July to June Although ETISALAT comply with calendar year since Financial Season. ERP SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS Assignment I was given internships with GENERAL MOTORS ERP-Finance although I had countless Manager ERP-Finance and Economic Analyst Deb. B , I. T. They taught me various concept of PROGRAM APPLICTION ITEM (SAP) ” FICO, , I am very thankful to they are all.

Following will be the major actions performed by Financial Expert in Accounts Payable, an integral part of FICO Module in SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS. Vendor Grasp Record: ¢ Create/Change/ Display/ Block or Unblock Vendor Master Data (T CODE FK01, FK02, FK03, FK05): Type FK01 in order Line and press enter into, here you will be asked for the fields of vendors to become filled like Company Code, Vendor Group, Title Mister. Mrs. M/S etc, Identity, street address, Postal Code, Telephone, VALUE-ADDED TAX Reg Simply no, Vendor Bank Details, Type Key, Repayment Terms, and Payment Approach. For the display work with FK02 of course, if any changes in any field of merchant required use FK03.

If you need to block or perhaps unblock any Vendor work with FK05. Discover below how to do the above task manually means without using TCODES, by using SAP Menu. ¢ Car parking of negociar invoice (TCODE FV60, F-63) Credit Memo(TCODE FV65): Parking saves your data in the form of amounts, here the entry can be saved but without changing the related ledge. Submitting is required pertaining to updating GL Balances. You can park bills or credit rating memos which will mean that you enter the bill data or perhaps credit memo data inside the system and save this in a document, but the system does not post this invoice initially.

You are able to change a parked file as often whenever you need to, for example , with the help of or fixing data. The changes are logged. When you have done changing the document, you may post the parked file. Only when you post a great invoice or perhaps credit idiota, does the system carry out the normal account moves and associated with necessary revisions. Why we require of Parking? Document Car parking by 1 Accounts Payable Clerk An employee is cut off when entering an account. He or she can recreation area the file and continue processing this later on. This kind of saves her / him having to enter the data twice.

OR A staff wants to simplify certain problems before placing an bill. He or she can playground the file and continue processing that later on. This kind of saves her or him having to your data two times. The process movement is structured in such a way that a single employee theme parks invoices devoid of checking them. Another employee then performs invoice verification and blogposts the parked documents, probably after changing them. Or perhaps the process flow is organized in such a way that 1 employee will save you invoices as complete pertaining to posting, because of this the balance is definitely zero with out more improvements are necessary.

One other employee after that approves these invoice paperwork, if they are susceptible to release. ¢ Posting of vender invoice/ Credit Tonto or Changing in Left Invoice (for TCODE Discover Picture): For anyone who is directly placing an invoice/ credit memo then select Document Access 1st outlined menu, or else to post the parked files choose Left document. Any kind of changes in the content or parked document will be dealt through the 2nd featured menu. ¢ Outgoing Repayment or Deposit or Printing Cheques (for TCODE Find Picture): Out bound Payment means payment resistant to the booked account which is dealt with the 1st featured menu.

However, Down Payment means the Repayment before the Account creation which is dealt through 2nd featured menu as well as the clearing of the same will also be treated from this menu. In the the two transaction you Debit the seller Account and Credit the lender. Only difference is the Exceptional GL sign “a which is often used for down payment. As per PTCL / PTML policy not any advance has been produced to any Vendor without PO (approved) and this field is usually mandatory. One other interesting thing, payments are made by the Cheques (see highlighted subsequent , 3 rd menu). To print Cheques following steps are required.

When a vendor invoice is parked document containing 25000xxx is usually generated. Next thing is to post the invoice by a elderly manager (as signatory authority) which generates document number 26000xxx. At this point Cheque exists for creating. Time barred Cheque can be described as type presents those Cheques which are not presented inside six months, these will be reversed by the S i9000. M. ¢ REPORTING: Display Balances, Display/Change Line Things, Clearing besides Down Payment (for TCODE Find Picture): By highlighted menu you can view the balances or perhaps you can change any line item or you may clear accounts, reversals, credit memos, amazing Payment.

Yet , Down payment part clearing should be done from the down payment menu as mentioned in the previous web page TCODE F-54. Clearing a vendor document means there is nothing outstanding intended for the doc, the doc is completed in most respect. [pic] SAP Incorporate many quests which are bundled with each other so that output of 1 module can be utilised as input for another or maybe the same component. The following Scenery Picture symbolizes the all SAP themes functionality , its program. Almost all of the quests are purchased by PTCL and working. Additional Task aside from ERP SAP

SM Info Base Bank account coordinates with different integrated modules of system SAP my spouse and i. e. FI, CO, HCM , MILLIMETER. SM Data Base Bank account is immediately reportable to the GM Makes up any problem with regards to working in SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS and also reportable to gmc ERP Fund regarding CREDIT Role project. Following will be the some responsibilities of Financial Analyst Data Foundation Account on what I have worked. Account Payable (Create, Prevent, And Unblock Vender) Low PO Based Vendors are created in SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS by a monetary analyst Accounts , database. From time to time these types of vendors happen to be blocked as a result of some reasons e. g.

Vendor frequently not in use, stop for repayment or obstruct for business. Nevertheless , whenever any blocked supplier is needed it is usually activated/ unblocked. Account Receiveable (Create, block, and disengage customer) Customers are also produced in the consideration data foundation department. These kinds of customers could be blocked, unblock at any time as per the requirement of the consumer. Fico Function Assignment Fresh employee is assigned to work on SAP FICO Component, user part assignment to get quality machine 90 is done by monetary analyst Accounts , data source. This form involves the TCODES he or she is going to use on SAP.

GMC ERP Financing, SM Accounts Database, GENERAL MOTORS ERP Clubs, and fresh user need to sign Role Assignment Record. After this step, ERP staff creates new user upon QAS (Quality Assurance Server). Once the end user is familiar with the TCODES and its particular working on Quality he or she can submit an application for the Production Machine 800 and this is dealt from this office. Liaison with Financing, Accounts and ERP An interesting task which is also performed the following is to convey the condition of the CREDIT end users towards the ERP Staff on on time basis to ensure that solution can be immediately designed for the user who are able to then work well.

Other Duties To make monthly a report in the users who also are using TCODES which are not assigned anymore to them and with the accompanied by a ERP Staff withdraw these roles using their users according to authority matrix. To make sure all the GL, Merchant, Customers, Dedication items are also available in QAS 790 in the event that compared with Production Server 800. MS View is also employed all over the departments and is turning into very effective tool to share massages on timely basis. This workplace receives emails for Distributors and Clients creation, blocking and unblocking. Special Terms used in SAP:

I had been through many TCODES in SAP which were fault FICO, not necessarily difficult to grasp on SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS in this six weeks schooling if you are familiar with these terms given below you can actually understand how SAP works. Determination Item: These types of account quantities are fundamentally used for the allocation of budgets. Romance of CI to GL is someone to many this means One CI can cover more than one GL. e. g. there are so many Maintenance GL, however only one commitment item for the GL’s could be choose for spending budget allocation. Type Key: It indicates the layout guideline for the Allocation discipline in the document line item.

Assignment Discipline: Assignment Field is a element of Line Item Display. The machine notes the queue items that have already been posted with each customer bank account. You can screen the line items on the line item display screen. You can specify the type sequence from the line products by coming into a key inside the Sort key field in the account expert record. This key specifies how the Assignment field shall be filled in the queue items that will be posted to the customer account. At the time you call up the line item display, the system sorts the line items according to the material of this field.

You can replace the sort pattern in the range item display. e. g. 002 may be the sort key when you generate Customer or perhaps Vendor to get NON PO BASED in PTCL company code 1100. 002 sort truth is configured to display the doc number with fiscal year as job field. Exceptional GL Sign: For all line items in customer or perhaps vendor accounts which are current to an alternative getting back together account inside the general ledger, the unique G/L indicator determines which account is usually to be selected elizabeth. g. “A is used intended for down payment of Vendors, “M is used for defaulters of Accounts Receivable.

Account Type: Key that specifies the accounting region to which a merchant account belongs like asset accounts, customer accounts, vendor accounts, G/L accounts etc . The account type is required beyond the account quantity in order to discover an account, because the same accounts number can be utilized for each bank account type. electronic. g. “K for Vendors, “D intended for Customer Doc Type: This classifies the accounting documents. It is stored in the doc header. Characteristics that control the access of the document, or which are themselves known in the document, are described for each record type.

Like “KA is actually a vendor file. Posting crucial specifies the nature of account (e. g. GL account, Consumer account, Seller account and so forth ) and controls the debit as well as credit indicator of the sum e. g. “40 is utilized for GL Debit “50 is used to get GL credit Stimulation: means overview of accounting document following: o Delivery of all Substitutions o Execution of all similaire o Creation of automatically created series Items Earnings Center: A profit center is known as a management-oriented company unit used for internal controlling purposes.

Separating your company up into earnings centers enables you to analyze regions of responsibility also to delegate responsibility to decentralized units, as a result treating them as “companies within the company”. Cost Middle: An company unit in a controlling region that presents a defined position of cost incurrence. The a part of a firm seen as a separate area of responsibility, location or cost-accounting organization. Place at which costs happen. Company Code: The company code is an organizational unit within economic accounting, elizabeth. g. 1100 for PTCL , 1300 for UFONE (PTML).

Consideration Group: The Account Group to which your vendor/ Customer/ Employee will certainly belongs to. Control key in the lender Details: Signify nature of account (i. e. Current a/c, Saving a/c, etc . ) Withholding Tax Type: This indication is used to categorise the different types of withholding tax for example. “Z2 is employed payment intended for supply of Products, “Z3 is used for companies, “Z4 can be used for payment of services W/tax Code: Codes determine is the various percentage prices for the withholding tax type. Accountable: If you established this indicator, you tell the system the fact that vendor is usually subject to withholding tax with this withholding tax type.

In case the involved get together vendor or perhaps employee is usually exempted via withholding tax so give details of permission. e. g. 3. five per cent, 6% and so on Reference Record Number: The reference document number may contain the record number of the organization partner, nevertheless a different access can also be made. The guide document amount can be used because search standards for record display/change. Period: Account deal figures happen to be updated per period within the fiscal season. A maximum of 16 periods could be updated. You define what sort of fiscal year is split up into periods per company code e. g. period means March and 1 period means Come july 1st. Document Header Text: This kind of text consists of explanations or perhaps notes which will apply to the document in general, that is, not only for certain range items. Results and Recommendations in Techniques ¢ In PTCL we have a room for improvement. Besides, this is among the finest organization watts. r. big t. its environment, culture and SOP’s. ¢ In my opinion, meetings with the lower staff also need to be done at least one time in a month in a friendly manner. Managers, Senior Managers, , Standard Manager ought to ask their very own working problems in their respective epartment and really should also request the solutions. ¢ E mail in PTCL taken the location of meetings. In my point of view, email of an police officer should be considered while authentic resistant for getting needed authorization for just about any task. ¢ Coordination and Communication between departments outstanding. ¢ One department must support one other department inspite of their own curiosity. Organization Fascination must be the first concern while functioning. ¢ I believe that Job rotations should be done to improve expertise of staff in all related departments. I discovered employees are extremely loyal and dedicated toward their assigned work. ¢ Extracurricular actions arrange by simply PTCL like Painting Event is another great and comforting activity for workers and their families. In my opinion, this sort of occasion must be held at least one time a year. UNIQUE THANKS My spouse and i am indebted and pleased to the PTCL which offered me a chance to learn about the business procedures of accounts and financing wing and in addition thankful towards the staff specifically to the Director ERP Financing and Financial Analyst D.

B , I. H under who I was attached with. All are professional and cooperative and guided me personally that tips on how to work in a specialist environment. [pic][pic][pic] , , , , , , , , S. Elizabeth. V. P Finance/ CFO President as well as Vice President Elizabeth. V. L Account Companies G. Meters Accounts G. M ERP Finance S i9000. M Accounts D. B , We. S Monetary Analyst ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Accounts Economical Analyst D. B , I. S Manager ERP Finance Accounts , , , , , , , , 21

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