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Hunger Online games Comparison

Hunger Games versus Our culture A. intro 1 .

Adjust bodies pertaining to fashion/looks installment payments on your 13 groupe theory a few. Average American/ Average Capitolean B. Physique Altering 1 ) Body toque a. tatooes b. suntanning beds c. piercings/colored curly hair 2 . Bottom line C. 13 Colonies Theory 1 . 13 states/districts a. try to prevent a “war” b. King George III /President Snow taking over cruely c. Reduce class/ Prestige 2 . Prestige = significant and moder city sama dengan Capitol 3. “While you cannot find any such thing as a great ordinaryy American, it is not the truth that most People in america are balkanized in élément where that they know tiny of what life is just like for most additional Americans. The American Mainstream’ may be hard to designate in detail, nonetheless it exists” -Charles Murray M. Average American/ Those inside the Capitol 1 ) We all provide an idea of the particular average american looks like, However the most common solution was: obese, piercing, tatooes, dyed hair. How does this compare to the Hunger Game titles? Well in the “Hunger Games”, the Capitol people acquired colored curly hair and pores and skin, glitter, unusual hair, and did various other unusual circumstances to themselves to portray themselves as beautiful and the fresh “it” issue.

If you looked over our society, you would observe how just about everyone is trying to be the typical American and follow all the new tendencies. Susanna Collins took this kind of theory and made it her own setting up a society that portays just how ours is usually. E. Summary 1 . Body Alteration 2 . 13 groupe theory 3. Average Hunger Games or Our Society “Hunger Games” by Susanna Collins, has its own similarities to the modern day culture. The people residing in the “Hunger Games” Polish capitol do many things to their human body that our culture does to theirs.

The thirteen areas in “Hunger Games” got many parallelisms to our thirteen original colonies. The average person residing in the polish capitol has many commonalities to our communities average person. “Hunger Games” culture has many of the cultural impact on that we have inside our modern day society. In “Hunger Games”, Susanna Collins has many unusual ethnic expectancies just as our current day society does. Many citizens of the modern day culture use tatooes, unusual colorings of the curly hair, piercings, and skin color (tanning beds) as a way to go to town and their splendor.

The citizens of the Capitol has the things. They are doing very uncommon things to their skin, face, and frizzy hair. Susanna Collins uses each of our societys strange behaviors and adapted them to fit the role with the Capitol. The thirteen areas in “Hunger Games” possess a lot to out-do our nations original tough luck colonies. Inside our original tough luck colonies, these people were trying to avoid war in their new nation while all those in the thirteen districts were trying to avoid a “war”. The Polish capitol is leaped by a terrible and electrical power abusing Leader Snow.

Once our thirteen colonies had been still fresh and trying to turn into a new land, King George III of big Britain was still being trying to mistreatment his electric power over these people. Both of these market leaders were serious when looking to “rule” above their people. The thirteen districts and colonies also provide the similarity of a upper class and a lower class. Ahead of our 13 colonies started to be a region, they were considered lower school while Ruler George 3 and his themes were upper class. The most common meaning of upper class is a large and modern city/ place.

This kind of definition meets exactly towards the Capitol defined in “Hunger Games”. Our original 13 colonies and “Hunger Games” Capitol have many similarities and similar suggestions. We all offer an idea of the actual average american looks like, But our most common answer is definitely: obese, spear like, tatooes, coloured hair. How exactly does this out-do the Food cravings Games? Well in the “Hunger Games”, the Capitol people had coloured hair and skin, glitter, unusual hair, and do many other unconventional things to themselves to show themselves as beautiful plus the new “it” thing.

In case you took a look at our contemporary society, you would observe how just about everyone is intending to be the normal American and follow all the new trends. Susanna Collins took this kind of theory and made it her own building a society that portays just how ours is definitely. “While there is no such thing as an ordinary American, not necessarily the case that most Americans are balkanized in enclaves where they know little of what a lot more like for most other Us citizens. , The American Mainstream’ may be hard to stipulate in detail, however it exists” -Charles Murray. Susanne Collins took many concepts of history and our contemporary society to write her book “Hunger Games”.

The girl took the idea of how our modern society modify their body to fit the image that our mass media creates for all of us. She also required the history of the original tough luck colonies or states and adapted that to fit the role in the districts in “Hunger Games”. In addition to prospects, she got how the concept of the “average American” and changed this and made that the characteristics with the people residing in the polish capitol. Susanne Collins, author of the novel “Hunger Games” got many of our current day ideas and our country’s history and suit it to make “Hunger Games” the ultimate comparability to our modern day society.

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