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MUSI200 twenty-seven January 2013 Baroque Versus Modern Put The American music regarded today features its root base in the audio practices present in Europe as well as the Middle East over 20 or so centuries back. These audio practices, subsequently, have their beginnings in ancient greek language and Roman practices which can be detailed in musical and philosophical treatises of the time.

Ancient greek language civilization, having its political structures, its architectural and musical attainments, and its great achievements in philosophy and poetry, features influenced European culture also American lifestyle (Hansen, 2012).

I have considered two excerpts of music, Marin Marais (1656-1728) , Pieces a Une Viole du Top Livre (1686) and a Pop group name R. E. M and there last live concert at the LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION. I have picked R. E. M since their music is based off of the Baroque age with a modern-day flare. Following listen to both pieces, I had been touched by Baroque age music. My spouse and i enjoyed the two concerts, nevertheless I think My spouse and i enjoyed the Pop concert more than the Baroque concert. The Pop live performance of course experienced more rhythm and the difference in tools made a difference to me.

The drums the place that the biggest big difference, had my foot tapping and my head bobbing, plus the Baroque live performance had me in a state of relaxation and comfort. The music differs from one one other through the sort of instruments employed. The Baroque music used piano and chello in contrast to the modern day music using acoustic musical instruments and combat. They also used electric power guitars. I think the biggest difference was the vocal singing, I mentioned previously the drums were the biggest big difference but the vocal was certainly the biggest difference.

The Extraordinaire had no singing inside the entire live show. The music was similar inside the instruments advised a story however the Baroque music did not have got words it still advised a story, you may almost picture or maybe even visualize the story being taught and at your own words to the music. The Put music naturally had words and phrases but actually then if you remove the words and phrases from the music it had the same effect while the Extraordinaire music. The roles of concerts in the Baroque era I think enjoyed a role in society that people lack today.

Back then in those instances people traveled to concerts to escape the everyday activities and learn something totally new, it was such as a story being taught or reports being approved. Musicians were highly revered not position models such as the musicians more recently. Pop live shows today all of us attend as a form of entertainment, we visit our favorite music group or singer. We may attend for the gratitude of music like they did in the Extraordinaire days. Today we have a unique kind of gratitude of music, it’s whoever is popular at the time, whatever song is definitely the big hit at this time.

There are certain types of people that attend these kinds of concerts. The Baroque guests, I would state a more mental type a person that loves the art of music, a person that really enjoy music. The Pop participants, I would declare are more proper care free and simply want to have fun and not have to worry about anything but, having a great time, a person that only wants to feel good and carefree for a second. Our experiences with music are motivated by many elements. The biggest component is the internet. We have access to things that individuals didn’t have got back in the days and nights before the net.

We can easily push music around and get the sound out to the public. In the Baroque era it could have taken a year for one the composer to acquire his music heard by masses. In summary, the Extraordinaire era plus the Pop time are so different but yet therefore similar, Perhaps it would come down to kinds own view of each kind of music. We would think that any kind of music fan would enjoy both eras of music. Works Mentioned Bethanie Hansen, Cathy Silverman, and David Whitehouse, Music Appreciation, 2012. Website (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=poCRFiaoCLA) Web page (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=uaYVa1r0nlA)

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