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The book was set in California in the 1930’s when America had a 1930s which influenced everyone because everyone was out of work and had to go to look for function so it is exhibiting George and Lennie touring together to achive their particular dream, like everyone else in the united states, which is very unrealistic which explains why they travel together. In the book there is a theme of loneliness. George and Lennie plan to purchase a farmville farm for just all of them two to live on therefore they will not have to worry about being lonely.

“Well, we’ll have a huge vegetable plot and a rabbit hutch and chickens.

And when that rains during winter, we’ll merely say the terrible with goin’ to operate, and most of us build up a fireplace in the stove and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the top.. ” Presently there dream can be giving them anything to help so they can forget about being depressed and have a great life. The writer shows George and Lennies romance as close but George gets genuinely protective of Lennie. , Hide in the brush until I arrive for you. dont let nobody see you. , This shows that George would not want Lennie to get discovered if this individual does some thing bad.

When he does get caught this individual wants him to be safe and so they can stay together. Also this is giving the reader a little clue that he might get in trouble later on inside the story. Undoubtedly the copy writer succsessfully shows George and Lennies romance as of low quality at times. , When I think of the swell time I could include without you I get nuts. , This is recommending that George is getting extremely sick of Lennie always to take them both in problems because anytime he will do something awful they both have to move and get a new job.

He can also having sick of Lennies childish behaviour and how he constantly has to remind Lennie what to do and tell him of the plans all the time. When George says this kind of Lennie tells him taht if this individual wants he will go off upon is very own and live by himself because he knows George cares about him but believes he is an excessive amount of for him to handle. This means that George doesen’t want Lennie around constantly because he is actually much take the time and he’s ruining Georges life. As well George wishes them to keep together bacause it is during the fantastic depression. The writer as well shows George as a father figure for Lennie by how he tells Lennie what direction to go. Lennie, pertaining to god sakes, don’t beverage so much’. This is because George cares for Lennie and does not want him to get sick. It is just like how a parent or guardian would inform their child never to drink an excessive amount of and to certainly not be money grubbing. When George syas pertaining to god sakes it shows how George is getting a lttle bit annoyed at Lennie because he says it sort of snapping at him. ‘George raised the firearm and steadied it and brought the muzzle of computer close to the back of Lennies head’. George shoots Lennie as they is always to take them both in trouble and George is getting sick of it.

The writer drags it out to build up the tension so the target audience can imagine just how horrible it could be for George to do it following he guaranteed Lennies great aunt that he would look after him. George cares about Lennie therefore he doesn’t want him to acquire hurt, ‘Get him Lennie, don’t let him do it’. This is specifically effective because it shows just how George would like Lennnie in order to fight back and stick on with himself therefore he doesn’t have to fight for him all the time, but will not want Lennie to be forced around constantly so it shows that their romantic relationship is close. Where we all going George? ‘ ‘So you forgot already do you? We gotta tell you again? ‘ Lennie does not remember everything, and so George always has to remind him with their plans and what they are carrying out which is why George gets extremely annoyed with him at times. When George says again this is exhibiting that this individual has already explaind their plans to Lennie and that he is usually slowly having sick of sharing with him. As well when he says already this really is showing that George is expecting Lennie to forget what this individual told him but this individual didn’t proceed with the expectation that it will be that soon.

Lennie looks up to George and copies everything he will. Lennie who was simply watching imitated George specifically. This is because this individual follows George around constantly so he is like a father figure. Also because George really does everything correct, Lennie desires to be the same as him. George tells Lennie to stay faraway from Curly fantastic wife as they knows that they are really trouble and he will not want Lennie getting them at bother with Ugly. This is exhibiting George as being very protective of Lennie because he is aware what Ugly is like and he sees that he will end up getting hurt.

In the beginning, Geeorge and Lennie are on their way to where they will start work since Lennie received them both in big problems at their last job because he is clumsy and doesn’t think, which is why George has to notify hime how to proceed and keep him out of trouble just like a parent and their child. George has to inform Lennie where to go if he gets struggling because he is aware of he will get into trouble as they always enters trouble although he wants to make sure that he’s okay and they can stay together and thus George will consider after Lennie like he promised his aunt.

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