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The Impact of Online Shopping upon Consumer Tendencies

string(86) ‘ the price and trust is considered while important factors that influence the consumers. ‘

University or college of Bedfordshire-Ajman Campus PURSE (Hons) Task Submitted to Dr . Tariq As a Requirement Unit code: Marketing Analysis (Morning Class) ________________________________ Pupil Name: | Registration Number: | Amanullah Ashraf| 1033872| Acknowledgement 1st I would like to Thank Thor for giving me knowledge. I are very Pleased to our subject matter teacher Doctor

Tariq intended for guiding and helping me personally in this Exploration. I gratefully thank my parents, Friends and everything classmates whom cooperated beside me in the time when I needed them. As well I would like to thank every one of the Respondents who have gave all their time in stuffing the Customer survey.

Abstract The goal of this dissertation is to discover what are the factors that influence the customer behavior although they are shopping online. Because now a day’s online shopping is usually increasing day by day. We accumulated both main and second Data. The survey was conducted in Alain Shopping center through customer survey and all the factors that may influence customer behavior or change buyer behavior because of online shopping where given in the questionnaire. Thus we identified that the the web shopping provides a big impact on consumer behavior in many different methods. Table of contentsPage Number 1 .

Advantages 1 . 1 Company Profile1 1 . a couple of Statement of the problem1 1 . 3 Goals of the study1 1 . 5 Scope & limitations from the study2 1 . 5 Relevance of the study2 1 . 6th Define the terms3 2 . Review of Related Literature installment payments on your 1 Theoretical & Conceptual literature3 installment payments on your 2 Related Studies5 2 . 3 Schematic Diagram6 2 . 4 Synthesis7 3. Study Methodology several. 1 Study design7 several. 2 Participants of the study8 3. a few Research Instrument8 3. 4 Validity of Research Instrument9 3. five Data gathering procedures9 several. 6 Record Analysis9 4.

Presentation, Research and Meaning of Data your five. Summary of findings, findings and Advice 6. you Summary of findings22 6th. 2 Conclusions23 6. a few Recommendations24 six. References25 List of Tables & Graphs Fig 1 . Gender10 Fig installment payments on your Nationality11 Fig 3. since when you are purchasing online12 Figs 4. Exactly what the goods that you purchase online13 Fig 5. Shopping online saves my personal time14 Fig 6. producing payments is easy through online shopping15 Fig 7. The delivery of the product is as well long16 Fig 8. I am unable to bargain online17 Fig 9. In buying online we get even more discounts and offers18 Fig 10.

I really believe that buying online is better than physical stores19 Fig 11. We has entry to famous brands through on the net shopping20 Fig 12. security is key concern in shopping online21 List of Sortie Appendices 126 Appendices 229 Appendices 333 1 . Launch 1 . one particular Company Profile Souq. com is one of the most significant online shopping Business in UAE which is safe and sound and it absolutely was established in 2005 and through souq. com lots of people buy or sell goods Daily and from the day when this online shopping Organization came in to being it can be improving and providing quality service to clients and souq. om is famous for its dependable platform. Today souq. com is one of the most significant ecommerce site among the Middle easterns it includes the countries just like Egypt, Test and Arab saudi. 1 . 2 Statement from the Problem The Impact of online shopping on consumer behavior in souq. com. In this analysis we need to know what are the genuine factors in respect to which the consumers do online shopping and just how their searching behavior is affected. 1 . a few Objectives with the study To study the buyers online shopping habit. To know the factors that influence on the net consumers and shoppers. To study do onsumers prefer shopping online over Physical stores. 1 . 4 Scope and restrictions of the analyze The range of the research is to realize that the Internet is definitely the latest moderate through which consumers demand for the requirements and wants that’s why the online sellers ought to know what are the factors that influence the internet consumers and also there are some elements according where consumers purchase their products on the web and it is very important to get the online sellers to take that factors into action in order to satisfy the consumers needs and wants and enter in for the online market competition Easily.

There are many factors that will affect the online customers but we all in this exploration will choose only the main factors that will influence the consumers therefore we can limit these factors to few to ensure that we can figure out its effect on online customers and also we all will limit the buyers characteristics’ and buying process by seeing that they are dealing with the products they bought but not by seeing the consumer theories or perhaps models. 1 ) 5 Value of the examine

This exploration will not only raise the impact of online shopping on consumers but it really will also ensure that the people who are too busy to do shopping online in a few minutes it can save their very own time and will even help the disabled people even more over because if they are unable to walk or had additional problem they will most probably like the online shopping and this research is going to clearly present how the persons has changed by physical stores to the buying online. 1 . Meanings of the terms Trusted Platform: This means that the customers have Turn to the souq. com business. Physical Retailers: The place where we go for searching (to purchase or sell something). Effects: The influence or transform that one issue bring in one more thing 2 . Literature review 2 . 1 Theoretical conceptual structure The assumptive and conceptual framework contains all the theories and principles related to buying online and its impact on consumer tendencies.

Warner specifies consumer behavior as “the study in the mental and physical activities performed by persons or groups that bring about decisions or perhaps actions linked to the purchase, employ or fingertips of goods and services. The world wide web is now known for its division channel and e-commerce transaction and the value and trust is considered because important factors that influence the consumers.

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According to analyze “Analysis of consumer behavior online This study is going to tell the main characteristics of online buyers behavior and will test the way they are found plus the information in the product will probably be evaluated and compared and the new review conducted will probably be compared with the old consumer hypotheses in order to take positive actions in the field of technology and approaches and in this kind of study the group focus will be upon people old from 19 to 35 interested in having related items.

Dejan Petrovic, (2006) Based on the study of shun&Yunjiee, (2006) said that there are some products which may be sold even more in shopping online such as literature, software’s, music etc . As this are the goods which persons will buy without any personal research and everything the features as well as the quality can be seen from its photographs and descriptions etc .

According to the research study Motivators and decisional influencers of on-line shopping Shopping online is an innovation to get the online marketers and now a days it is vital for suppliers the online buying because that were there found even more values and benefits in it, this study is made in order to find precisely what are the elements that encourage the consumers in online shopping. Bekramjit Rishi, (2010). According to the Kamali and Loker, (2002) the internet shopping has increased their earnings more than their previous revenue so this means that online shopping has increased the level of client behavior because it is safer nd secure then the past. According to Pehr Luedtke, (2010)”The findings from the 2010 Sociable Shopping Survey validate what we should are listening to retailers and brands ” that buyer reviews are getting to be a critical bit of the advertising puzzle, structured not only upon consumer require but likewise on the revenue they deliver,  In respect to Lauren freedman, (2010) “Whereas once online item research was left to the technology savvy looking to generate a major obtain, it is now area of the mainstream searching experience for a lot of product categories as consumers have taken control powering their own product research,  2 . 2 Related studies

Examine 1 Based on the “2010 sociable shopping analyze Reveals changes in consumer’s buying online Habits and Usage of Consumer Reviews This kind of study tells that just how online shopping has increased from the past. This study focused on two important factors just like why consumers are shopping online so when consumers are performing online exploration for searching and exactly what the requirement of the consumers and the End result was that the web research is necessary to the consumer patterns while they can be shopping online and it also revealed that the consumers who would like to buy products like to do research individually.

This examine also mentioned that consumers prefer on-line research due to time keeping, confidence and satisfied data and also the study stated which the famous web page where consumers do research on the web are search engine, brand sites, retailers sites, Amazon. com, facebook, Myspace etc . Analyze 2 In line with the study Effect of demographics on on the web buying behavior towards several products Through this study they will researched that how people are investing their cash on buying online by keeping the factors such as igh category, Medium class and Low class in this study the marketers came to know about the demographics of individuals and this bring about an increase in the financial position in the online shopping organization. A. Meters. Sakkthivel, (2009) 2 . 3 Schematic Picture Independent varying Dependent adjustable Online Shopping Consumer Behavior With this research the Dependent varying is client behavior and Independent changing is to shop online which means that the web shopping could have impact on the customer behavior in numerous important methods.. 4 Synthesis From the related literature all of us came to understand that due to the most advanced technology applied by simply retailers of online shopping plus the service they offer in an useful way very safe way and maintain a good romance with consumers and showcase the goods in the best way which will attract buyers and also to shop online save time of consumers and in addition conducting survey about the cost of consumers. This all above factors will have an impact for the consumers Habit towards to shop online. So in case the souk. omkring recommends all of the above factors in their online shopping organization then they will surely attract customers towards all their online shopping organization and this will certainly increase their status in the online market and also their particular financial position will increase. 3. Research Methodology several. 1 Exploration Design Analysis design is to search, find, collect and investigate the knowledge that we ought to obtain for a related topic john Wiley & sons, (2004). Your research design in this research is detailed research style. A escriptive research is the sort of data evaluation, information and questions that is certainly done for the selected theme it primarily talks about “what is. Robert G. petzold, (1998). three or more. 2 Respondents of the analyze Here we will apply our factors of the subject to the sort of consumers who have use internet online intended for shopping. You will see specific kind of people picked. Sekaran & Bougie, (2010). The following is definitely the methods of the sample. The sample web page: we is going to conduct the survey in Alain, UAE. Our testing unit: Alain Mall sekaran & Cierge, (2010).

Our sample size: 30 respondents. 3. 3 Research Device We have chosen one of the most versatile types of research and that is questionnaire which will be used in so that it will collect the primary data and also we will use interview recommendations if needed. The study will be only done in Retail center in order to know the impact of online shopping on consumer tendencies. Using 5-point linkert level we gauge the independent and dependent variables and we will assess consumer behavior by 12 different types of concerns which will be more effective.

This type of scale was used by Andrew martin &Stephen legg, (2002) 3. 4 Quality of Exploration Instrument The questionnaire is usually validated by simply three instructors from the division of markrting research. 3. 5 Data collection procedures For the purpose of study we can collect data in two ways plus they are primary info and extra data Major Data: we collected the data through observations and forms and questionnaires is the most sufficient way to get data pertaining to our subject. We assess our participants and compare them with the factors. Lesley Barker, (2003).

Secondary Info: This is mainly the general information about the research theme and here the info is in the form of journals including written or perhaps non created, multiple resource and surveys etc Anders haslinger ain al(2007). a few. 6 Statistical Tool Examination We is going to analyze your data by Chart, Mean and standard change by using the frequency and percentage method. some. Presentation, Analysis and Meaning of Data 1 ) Gender Question| Frequency| Percentage| Male| 21| 70| Female| 9| 30| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| 15| eight. 485281374| 2 . Nationality Question| Frequency| Percentage| Asians| 24| 80| Arabs| 6| 20| Total| 30| 100|

Mean| Standard Deviation| 15| 12. 72792206| 3. Since When you are Shopping Online Question| Frequency| Percentage| 1 month| 9| 30| 1-6 month| 0| 0| 6-12 month| 0| 0| 1 year| 8| 26. 6| three or more years| 13| 43. 3| 6 years or perhaps more| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Normal Deviation| 5| 2 . 645751311| 4. Precisely what are the goods which you buy online Question| Frequency| Percentage| Software’s| 3| 10| Tickets| 6| 20| Gifts| 0| 0| Books| 8| dua puluh enam. 66667| Music| 3| 10| Electronics| 10| 33. 3333| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| 5| 3. 082207001| five. Online Shopping Will save my Period Question | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 23| 76. 66667|

Agree| 3| 10| Neutral| 4| 13. 3333| Disagree| 0| 0| Strongly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| 6| 11. 26942767| 6. Producing payment is not hard through online shopping Question | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 18| 60| Agree| 7| 23. 3333| Neutral| 5| 16. 66667| Disagree| 0| 0| Firmly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Normal Deviation| 6| 7| six. The Delivery of the Method too long. Query | Frequency| Percentage| Highly Agree| 7| 23. 3333| Agree| 4| 13. 3333| Neutral| 10| 33. 3333| Disagree| 0| 0| Firmly Disagree| 9| 30| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Common Deviation| 6| 2 . 64571311| 8.

I am unable to Bargain on the web question| Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 4| 13. 3333| Agree| 0| 0| Neutral| 12| 40| Disagree| 0| 0| Highly Disagree| 14| 46. 66667| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| 6| five. 291502622| on the lookout for. In shopping online we get even more discounts while offering Question | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 18| 60| Agree| 7| 23. 3333| Neutral| 5| 16. 66667| Disagree| 0| 0| Firmly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Normal Deviation| 6| 7| 12. I believe that online shopping is preferable to shopping by physical retail store Question | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 20| sixty six. 66667| Agree| 7| twenty-three. 333| Neutral| 3| 10| Disagree| 0| 0| Strongly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Normal Deviation| 6| 8. 888194417| 11. I possess Access to well-known Brands through online shopping Problem | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 22| 73. 3333| Agree| 8| 26. 66667| Neutral| 0| 0| Disagree| 0| 0| Strongly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| 6| being unfaithful. 899494937| doze. Security is major matter in internet shopping Question | Frequency| Percentage| Strongly Agree| 13| 43. 3333| Agree| 7| 3. 3333| Neutral| 10| 33. 3333| Disagree| 0| 0| Strongly Disagree| 0| 0| Total| 30| 100| Mean| Standard Deviation| | 3| 5. Synopsis of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations. 5. 1 Synopsis of Results In the desk of “gendrewe came to realize that 70% of respondents where male and 30% participants where woman. In the stand of “Nationality we arrived at know that many of these of the respondents where Asians and twenty percent Arabs. Inside the table of “since when you are shopping online we arrived at know that 43. 3% participants where shopping online since 3 years and 30% since 1 month and dua puluh enam. 6 since 1 year. In the table of “what are definitely the goods you purchase online “we came to realize that 33. three or more % participants buy electronics in shopping online and dua puluh enam. % Ebooks and 20% Tickets and 10% software’s. In the stand of “online shopping saves my period “we reached know that 76. 6% participants strongly agree and 13. 3% Neutral and 10% agree. In the table of “Making payments is easy through online shopping “we came to be aware that 60% respondents strongly Concur and twenty three. 3% Consent and sixteen. 6 Simple. In the stand of “The Delivery of the product is too much time “we arrived at know that 33. 3% respondents are Simple and thirty percent strongly disagree and 23. 3% highly Agree and 13. 3% agree. Inside the table of “I simply cannot bargain online we arrived at know that 46. 6% respondents strongly disagree and 40% Neutral and 13. % strongly acknowledge. In the desk of “In online shopping we have more Discounts and offers we arrived at know that 60% respondents Strongly Agree and 23. 3% Agree and 16. 6% Neutral. Inside the table of “I believe online shopping surpasses physical stores we reached know that sixty six. 6% respondents Strongly Consent and twenty-three. 3% Acknowledge and 10% are Simple. In the table of “I have access to renowned brands through online shopping we arrived at know that 73. 3% respondents Strongly Acknowledge and 21. 6 Agree. In the desk of “Security is significant concern in online shopping “we came to realize that 43. 3% respondents Firmly Agree and 33. % Neutral and 23. 3% Agree. five. 2 Results After concluding the Research we all came to be aware that more of the people are satisfied with shopping online in many different ways and also people will choose to online shopping a lot more in the near future but there was a lot of limitations including some of the participants said that that they don’t truly feel secure while shopping online and also some respondents where not satisfied with the delivery time. Right now we should put emphasis more around the Security and delivery to keep up and meet our buyers so that the shopping online will give 100% positive results.. three or more Recommendations As mentioned in the over paragraph there are some participants which are not really feeling protect while internet shopping and also the late Delivery of products. So I recommend that the souk. com is going to take certain steps such as each time a consumer choose and want to acquire a product and make obligations the souk. com will need to give the insurance of that merchandise so that in case the products is usually lost or does not reach the consumer he will be provided other same product and also the souk. com should correct best reliability programs to ensure that no information of the customers will be licked or Hacked.

For the late Delivery of the items I recommend that the souk. com should focus more about Transportation and increase their transport such as they should buy fresh cars, scooters and ships so that they can make the products designed for consumers on time. References Warner. Malcolm, 2002, “International Encyclopaedia of Organization & Management, Volume two, page 1034. Petrovic Dejan, 2007 http://analogik. com/articles/227/analysis-of-consumer-behaviour-online Rishi Bekramjit, 2010, “Motivators and decisional influencers of on the web shopping, Foreign Journal of Business Development and Exploration 2010 , Vol., No . 3 pp. 195 , 209 Loker and kamali, (2002) “E-Commerce & Security & Consumer Behavior http://www. lotsofessays. com/viewpaper/1693412. html Sakkthivel. A. M, (2009), “Impact of demographics on on the web buying behavior towards several products, Intercontinental Journal of Electronic Fund 2009 , Vol. 3, No . several pp. 284 , 296 Freedman Lauren, 2010, “2010 Social Shopping Study Uncovers Changes in Consumers’ Online Shopping Practices and Usage of Customer Reviews http://www. e-tailing. com/content/? p=1193. Sons & Wiley john(2004), Asking Questions http://books. google. ae/books? d=YXKbTx2j9i4C&q=Quantitative+researchers+have+openly+discussed+how+people+think+for+some+time#v=onepage& Petzold G. Robert “Writing a Critical Report on Descriptive or Experimental Researchhttp://www. jstor. org/stable/40318228 Bougie roger & sekaran uma (2010), “Research options for business http://www. oppapers. com/essays/What-Is-Scientific-Research-Process/660594. Stephen legg &Andrew matn (2002), “Investigating the back to the inside sounds of Outward Boundhttp://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_6931/is_2_6/ai_n28132634/? tag=content, col1 Barker Lesley (2003), http://www. ehow. om/about_4685513_primary-data_. html Haslinger Anders et al(2007), PdF data file Company profile (www. souq. com) Appendices 1 Questionnaire In this review we are going to acquire data around the impact of online shopping on consumer tendencies and the information collected to be used for the Marketing Research study and strictly the information collected will be stored confidential. Respondents no 1 . Gender Men Female installment payments on your Nationality three or more. since if you are Shopping Online? 30 days 1-6 Month 6-12 Month 1 Year three years 6 Years or even more. What are the goods that you purchase online? Software’s Seats Gifts Books Music Electronics If Other Identify The following queries will be scored according to a 5 point scale such as 5 ” Strongly Concur 4 ” Agree three or more ” Fairly neutral 2 ” Disagree you ” Strongly Disagree | | Strongly Disagree| Disagree| Neutral| Agree| Strongly Agree| 5| Buying online saves my own time. | | | | | | 6| Making payment is easy Through online shopping. | | | | | | 7| The Delivery of the method too long. | | | | | | 8| I cannot

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