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“Culture is a process intended for identity of living animals and cultural evolution boosts the personality of world, benefit visits its people. Culture is the domain of human activity linked to self-expression of a person, a manifestation of his subjectivity. That’s why every single culture provides additional features, because related to both the `creative person, and day-to-day practice, interaction, reflection, generalization, and his daily life” (Religious Studies: Textbook / Male impotence.

MM Shakhanovich. , St Petersburg. Peter, 2006). About our planet, there are so many different countries with their own traditions, customs and tradition, The relationship among these cultures and people somewhat strained, thus there are national characteristics, particular to each region. Actually, really not a secret that, customs that are typical for Europeans, is totally unsatisfactory for Asian people. Following your failure of etiquette, tradition and ethnical heritage in the country, can result in various clashes. The uniquences of specific nation, is precisely in the cultural attributes that are one of a kind to him. ( Every culture 2011) “Kazakh cultural group, placed a long period of formation, by which participated various tribes and nations, has an important put in place the history of Eurasia, and one of the most ancient ethnic groupings. It is the replacement, beneficiary to the social heritage coming from all nations whom took portion in its development, so that the Kazakh people , one of the wealthiest nations in cultural conditions. Kazakh lifestyle until the 20th century was obviously a nomadic”. (Every culture 2011) According to the Kazakh traditions, guests are remedied to the Kazakh national dishes for dastarkhan (dinner table) in yurt.

Yurt, designed to nomadic life and a very effective device in the process of nomadic meets all the requirements of the nomadic lifestyle may be easily disassembled and quickly installed a fresh location. Kazakhs have various traditional events, like Nauryz, or Spring Festival, Shildehana and so on. Nauryz falls for the vernal equinox. On this day time, every woman cook a special dish, “Nauryz kozhe”, which contains seven types of products: Siberian millet, whole wheat, rice, barley, millet, meats, and kurt.

People move from town to community, eat this food, sing the track “Nauryz”, hug, congratulate each other a Happy New Year and want a good offspring in the new year and success at home. “Shildehana , recognized on the birthday of son, prosperous people appealing people and organized contests of singers, technique riding in horseback. As well Kazakhstan just like all countries where the distributed of Islam, it was traditional to religious holiday , “Eid. With this celebration, the sheep and lambs will be sacrificed with the intention of God..

The meat is given to the poor, and partly used for the family. A great obligatory routine of the holiday is a common prayer in the mosque prior to sacrifice. In this time of special event in every house preparing meals, all compliment each other. During that time, “the more you learn regarding French practices and lifestyle, the more you will be interested in. Portugal has a very long and different history to draw upon, and countless stories and customs have been exceeded from technology to technology. In addition , each region of France is fairly unique”. Easy-french 2011) They expect guests and and also the to react in the same manner that they do. The French are all about preserving all their culture and being personalized. “France is definitely culturally stunning and different phenomenon. Various times, reveal in the structures of Italy, calling one another, also appear the picturesque outline from the locks, bridges, towers” (Everyculture 2011). When the French come off the artwork, they are thrilled to deal with this sort of sports since football, rugby, basketball, bicycling. Bycicle contest tour in France popular all over the world.

Traditional games including bowls, are also very popular. “France is a seglar state. The key religion can be Roman Catholicism, but it will not play a top role in public areas life and experiencing a family member decline. Islam is the second most common religion, followed by Protestantism and Judaism” (Yakovlev, FOR EXAMPLE Aesthetics: A. Tutorial. , M.: Gardariki, 2003). Therefore , people may notice, there are a lot of differences and similarities between European and Asian countries. Generally, the handmade in both countries absolutely different.

As an example, in France, “when people greet each other, they shake hands or perhaps embrace with a kiss in both cheeks. Kissing is only done when ever two people are close friends or relatives. Typically, the embrace is done only the first time per day in which one sees an individual and is not really repeated again until a single says good-bye” ( Every culture 2011). Likwise in Kazakhstan, if you know the person very well, you must greet using a kiss on a single cheek when and shake hands. Notably, in both countries, practically the same greetings.

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