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According to Yahoo Israel Country Revenue Director, Arlene Amarante that:

“The online advertising sector here in the Philippines is at a state of rapid growth. While there is still much evangelization to do, industry players – both marketers and promoting agencies – are now requesting the more relevant questions contrary to 3 years back.

They now start to ask: Exactly how start? Just how do i integrate online with my own existing marketing campaign? Can it be employed by a brand or industry just like mine? How can you measure my success? These types of questions inform us that it is no more about why advertisers should be online, it can be about making the most of their advertising dollars and using online the right way.

And, while online is still by a 26% penetration level, we see the fact that landscape is further introducing the way for increased and rapid rapid growth – new internet connection products, increased broadband penetration, rise of sites mobile, climb of androids and the expansion of low-priced PCs. Consumer behavior support the happening. They are no longer dictated simply by traditional mass media alone, that they immediately hunt for brands prior to a purchase. They are really no longer trying to find yesterdays’ information, they want to find out what’s happening now. They are no longer awaiting brands to come and communicate to them, they may be starting the conversations. Online advertising is now a strong force that no one can no more deny. “

According to Mark Chaves, director of media intelligence solutions at SAS,


“Consumers are on-line right now referring to your product or service, their experience, and their needs and wants. Smart internet marketers aren’t just listening to on the web chatter, they are analyzing that to better emphasis resources and build engagement and loyalty, ” “SAS Social Media Analytics will help marketers combine data via online interactions with other info, such as a business customer romance management software, to make a more total picture of each customer then use these kinds of analytically-driven insights to anticipate and take action, “Chaves added.

According to LiveJournal


“The Philippines positions seventh among the top 15 countries where weblog hosting is usually popularly used. There are at this time 39, 274 Filipino blog writers under this hosting web page. “


In accordance to Josefina Estolas in the book Fundamentals of Research (1995) that:

“In query, we find fresh techniques, new knowledge, possibly develop fresh substances, devices, equipment, processes or procedures, imagination and skill is required by the investigator. The goods, new equipment, services, in technology happen to be needs of man for any better richer life which is the concern from the research. These types of useful artistry are the products of the technological environment plus the end-user is definitely society in general”.

In accordance to Jeffrey A. Hofer on Modern System Evaluation and Style (1996), that:

“Science and technology are essential pertaining to national development and progress. The State shall give concern to research and development, advent, and their use, and to science and technology education in line with the 1987 Filipino Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10).

Seeing that computer power was the important resource, effectiveness of finalizing became the key goal. Emphasis was put on automating existing process such as purchasing or paying, typically within sole department. ” According to Abraham Silberschatz, Database Program Concepts (1999) that:

“A key purpose of a database method is to provide users with an abstract view of data. Which is system skins certain information on how the info are placed and taken care of. “

Foreign Studies

In accordance to Ajzen and Fishbein (1980) that:

Attitude is defined as “a learned proneness to respond in a consistently great or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object”. It is the mental and physical respond that involve philosophy, feelings, principles and predisposition to act in most ways.

According to Davis (1989) that:

In the earlier studies, identified usefulness is identified as “the level to which a person is convinced that using a particular system would boost his or her job performance”.

According to Koufaris 2002 that:

Replaced the term “personal involvement” into “product involvement”. From this research this individual used item involvement instead of personal involvement to point out precisely the same concept and defined as “individual motivation relating to an object in which that mindset state is activated by the relevance or importance of the object in question”.

Foreign Literary works

According to Levy and Malaviya (1999) that:

Indicated that effectiveness of advertising is usually “persuasion will not rest inside advertising text messages per se and it depends upon certain mental processes that as advertising recipient invokes”. Generally, marketing effectiveness is usually described as getting “a structure of effects” (Vakratas and Amber, 1999). In the various other word, adjustments of buyer perceptions by information in the advertisement is going to lead to an alteration in their behaviours.

According to Palanisamy and Wong (2003)


“When the customer has a perception in what consider is a quality price, service quality, quality of interaction of the service and image of the company is explained as their expectation. When client expectations boost or lower that success of promoting would transform accordingly as this is a proportionate relationship. “

According to Tomsen and Faith (2003) that:

“Growing capacities of active devices and fuel creativity set the buyer expectations. Buyer will develop fresh expectations about the new technology itself, providers and network that support the technology. Acceleration of the development of the brand new technology and service providers is to fulfill the want of customer shifting targets. Likewise, development of technology is derived from the interactive customer expectations. With this context, evolution of technology is looked as progression of internet promoting. Quality, trustworthiness, convenience, desirable appearance and superior technology are the expectations of the buyers. “

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