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1) Anita Roddick created the body shop in 1976 with the objective of opening an environmentally conscious aesthetic store. Today, the Body Shop (BS) is growing from as being a single “hippie” store in britain to a international company with over 2265 stores in 50 countries enjoying sales of? 820, 000 in 2006/2007 period. (mintel 2006) People declare “one person cannot help to make a difference” but Anita Roddick demonstrated it wrong by sticking to here beliefs and suggestions of doing business.

This extract from the Body Shop’s mission affirmation ‘to commit our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change’ (www. thebodyshop. co. uk), shows us how the girl created a new way of working with customer requirements and would like. She saw it as being a better choice to put customer and contemporary society in the first place through doing so, gain sales permanently conduct. In this way of doing organization was not only proved to be incredibly successful but many marketers implemented the BS concepts, seeking to maximise potential profit by imitating Dame Anita Roddick’s pair of ideals or perhaps values.

During this essay, we will certainly investigate just how Anita A-rod successfully used marketing tools to promote her chain of shops and her good principles and discover how present businesses can follow Roddick’s footsteps in successfully targeting the beginning of new buyer groups inside the organic market. Anita Roddick’s BS is not an huge success without a reason. An explanation from the BS standard success on planet markets is that she was one of the innovators in having a more ethically based business.

We may have a look at how she maximised the 5 P’s (product, place, advertising and price) to promote her chain of shops and strong guidelines. Product The BS markets and generates cosmetics and toiletries made out of natural ingredients all over the world targeting primarily women with a medium to high income and with deep interpersonal conscience and commitment. Their product range may be divided into ten categories every including a selection of quality goods. Each body lotion, hair shampoo, bath , shower gel, etc . is available in different sizes in recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. The

Product Life Routine of the BS is still in the growing periods as competition is still raising due to an increase in interest in the industry’s potential. Furthermore, the market is continually evolving as more and more people are more ethically conscious. Branding is important as it distinguishes the company from the other skincare companies. Anita Roddick managed to create a brand which positioned on its own as promoting good environmental ethics at a time where The european countries was turning out to be “greener”, firmly differentiating by itself from companies looking to increase profits any kind of time legal price to the environment and to world.

But considering that the French cosmetic giant L’Oreal bought the BS, BrandIndex measured a drastic drop in the ratings of BS reputation. Even though, the organization promised to keep its ethical cosmetic brand intact, the public’s view on the BS did not have long to modify. (http://www. brandrepublic. com) Cost The Body Store has been able to set superior prices because of the assumption that individuals would be willing to pay more for a product which they think is definitely contributing to interpersonal and moral issues.

The very fact that the BULL CRAP is involved in issues just like fair trade, animal tests and features strong environmental views offered them the competitive good thing about product difference. But since competitors just like Boots or Bath , Bodyworks in the us have started out their own natural product range for prices under the BS, income have reduced in comparison to past years. Via 2002 to 2003 product sales grew by only 5% compared with competitors whose revenue rose by simply 27% in the same period.

It could become said that the BS prices are in the mid industry pricing selection as there are items more expensive such as for example Boots natural-based products yet much cheaper than Chanel or Estee Lauder beauty products. Furthermore, the cost of development of the BALONEY products might be higher as a result of fair operate issues with neighborhood communities. Nevertheless critiques declare the “Trade not Aid” projects are simply a marketing tool and that not really 1% with the sales go to the projects. (www. mcspotlight. org) Promotion The BS way of advertising provides mostly been done through indirect promoting.

Indeed, simply by associating themselves to Greenpeace or the conserve the whales project or by doing service trade with indigenous neighborhoods for example , periodicals, newspapers and magazines have written about you�re able to send products, advertisments and values without the organization actually carrying out or spending any money into promotion advertisments. The BALONEY believes that beauty is reality and strongly disagrees on the advertising campaigns trying to glamorise their products – ‘We’re saying our products will moisturize, cleanse and polish, they’re not going to perform magic. (Mrs Galanti, 1997). It was stated in 97 after the launch of a rare mainstream marketing campaign called “Love your body” due to increased competition in the industry. The Body Shop also makes extensive use of its internet site, delivery lorries and store windows to communicate the campaigns and beliefs. Presentation is also just one way of promoting a product or service. By showing consumers that the BS is involved in recycling where possible plastic bottles utilized in the packaging of your product for example , it positions itself furthermore in the consumers mind as being an ecologically caring company.

It also attempted to push customers to use refills but the impact of this campaign was little. Furthermore the BS also called as for more people to recycle their old cellular phone. (Mintel, 2004) Place The BS looks strongly at the retail outlet location, because customer accessibility to the store is essential. They are usually located on high pavements, in section concessions according to important factors of accessibility just like parking, awareness or even public transport. Shops are usually established as a specialist layout with products organized according to their function.

The atmosphere in the BS stores is comfortable and sympathetic, inherent to the entire design of the BS shops.

You examine ‘The Physique Shop Promoting Essay’ in category ‘Best marketing essays’ There is a lot of information on materials and the origins of the merchandise available to the client. Furthermore the BS fast growth and international development was helped through franchising. Finally, the rise in demand for ethical goods has provided many opportunities for marketers. Dame Anita Roddick, was one of the first to point that out and through product innovation and brand status, she were able to build a international company via virtually practically nothing.

However , this cosmetic marketplace has remarkably evolved which is far more competitive than it was once. The challenge pertaining to the company should be to revitalise its retail outlets, improve their product give and brand communications to be able to grow retail outlet sales and invest in worker development and customer service. 2) Markets within an economy quickly change supplying opportunities pertaining to companies to increase profit and to expand. The marketer’s work is to interact with these improvements and put the business in the right direction.

The organic market for example has grown rapidly with consumers increasing spending on “ethical” food by 800 , 000, 000 to roughly? 5. six billion in 2006 (“Ethical consumerism report 2006”- Co-operative bank). Furthermore, the majority of developed countries are seeing a rise in organic food, ‘The organic market offers boomed in recent times, growing simply by 25% annually on average’ , (www. timesonline. co. uk). These figures show us that the organic and natural movement is definitely moving on a worldwide scale with an increase in consumer interest in where and how food is definitely produced.

It could be said that the rise in the necessity for organic products is due to the rising common age and due to press spotlight. Indeed, media are constantly concentrating on the consequences of climate modify and on how a earth’s solutions are becoming depleted pushing fellow individuals to act more responsibly and ethically about what food products they buy. It has lead people to believe that by consuming organic foodstuff, a person will stay healthful – ‘studies in 2006 and 2007 have found larger levels of Supplement C in organic fruits and 68 per cent bigger levels of omega-3 in organic and natural whole milk than nonorganic whole milk. (www. labellis� basse consommation. co. uk). On the other hand, with more elderly people in the UK after the baby boom of the early fifties, the market will probably see persons buying organic/healthy food rather than GM meals offering new opportunities to entrepreneurs in terms of how to advertise and promote their products. This may be done through promotional promotions aimed at elderly people, informing these people of the accessibility to organic meals in their individual supermarkets or by associating the organisation to green associations including Greenpeace and beneficiate of indirect marketing.

To be the 1st to enter into a customers mind to be an enterprise which likes you the environment would certainly give the firm a strong competitive advantage. Two of the major leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury include both recognised these changing consumer needs and have launched organic meals and organic policies in their stores , ‘To meet up with this growing demand Sainsbury’s has re-launched its organic range since Sainsbury’s SO organic and is also committed to broadening the benefit of and extending it is comprehensive array of organic food. ‘ (www. jsainsburys. company. uk).

Additionally , Sainsbury has recently ‘banned the utilization of palm oil from unsustainable options in its own-brand products’ that can be argued by Greenpeace being a “positive initial step” towards end with the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest (www. marketingweek. co. uk). Another way of promoting the organisation would be to introduce reasonable trade products in our supermarkets aisles. This may not necessarily be done in a profit objective system but instead to show consumers the organisation’s involvement in assisting local residential areas even though earnings could be manufactured if an ideal marketing strategy was applied.

Another factor to consider is usually packaging as you possibly can used for marketing purposes. This may give them an advantage over competitor companies that may not offer organic meals. Additionally , business could also pay attention to creating “greener friendly” packaging – ‘A UK organization has designed a new range of convenience foodstuff packs constructed from biodegradable plastic. ‘ – showing their very own awareness of the influence they may have on the environment and their devotion to play a role in conserving the planet. (http://www. foodanddrinkeurope. com).

The difficulty for the online marketer will be to collection attractive and adequate organic and natural packaging in the lowest possible rates. This brings us to cost considerations. Organic food is without a doubt more expensive to create and sell than non-organic meals giving the marketer the difficult obstacle of placing a competitive price with rivals and at a level that still sees the company being profitable. It is also important that marketers are aware of how much people are offering for organic food in order to maximise revenue. Moreover, rates are started increase since ‘exceptionally excessive market development rates happen to be causing require to outpace supply. (http://www. organicmonitor. com) On the other hand, The meals Standard Company and experts still think that organic foodstuff as a whole, is not necessarily more healthy for a person than GMC food – ‘there is no scientific evidence to suggest organic food is healthier’ (www. guardian. co. uk). Furthermore, Culinary chefs such as Gordon Ramsay argue that organic food is expensive and queries its credibility ‘The problem with organic meals is that it is now hip and classy, overhyped, overpriced and sporadic. Unfortunately there is now a snob factor mounted on it. ‘ (www. timesonline. co. k) On this point, marketers will need to make sure that they will undertake powerful advertising campaigns and also detailed personalisation and product packaging to promote goods as being much healthier than other food in order to maintain high sales. The reason the organic market has grown so much in the last decade is definitely because of a rise in ethical consumerism. Indeed, after some companies were subjected by the multimedia to that they really controlled – i actually. e. against the law sweatshops pertaining to example- and the constant mass media coverage around the damage caused by humans towards the earth, saw consumers require a more ethical approach to getting.

This how come it is so essential to show individuals who the business is lively in preserving the earth and its resources. Today, the image of the company must be of initially importance to marketers. Sainsbury and other supermarkets have already modified their approach and offer for example to use plastic-type bags a lot more than once- “Tesco claimed that shoppers acquired used one million bags lower than they would normally expect. ” (www. recycling-guide. org. uk). J Sainsbury’s reacted by cutting back on carbon emissions created by their outlets- “We are looking at the big picture regarding carbon exhausts and the component Sainsbury’s enjoy in that.

We have been extremely proactive over the last 10 years on all aspects of strength efficiency. ” (Alison Austin tx, 2007). All of these supermarket behaviour changes are executed in the goal to remain competitive. Marketers recognize that if their organization is seen to become “green” it is likely to be effective in the market. Finally, whichever strategy marketers need to adopt, it will eventually determine all their level of achievement in an ever changing society which will now targets being honest and more aware of the environment. Bibliography Anon., Nov 2007, “Food matters”, LABELLIS� BASSE CONSOMMATION. Anon., March, 2006, Body Shop at a glance, FT. om, London, pg 1 . Anon., June the year 2003, Anita Roddick, Director, London, Vol. 56(11), pg. 70. Anon., September 2007, Progress opportunity for organic and natural market, Full world, Vol. 60(16), pg. 22. Brassington F. and Pettitt S., 2003, Concepts of Marketing. 3rd ed., Pearson Education Limited. Callan At the., May 2006, L’Oreal says it is content with Bady Shop’s ethics GENERAL REATILERS, first Ed., Economical Times, Greater london (UK), pg. 17. Coles A., Harris L., 06\, Ethical Consumers and web commerce: The Introduction and Regarding Fair Trade in the UK, Record of Study for Consumers, Crawley: (10), pg., 6 pgs. Guthrie J., Sept. 2010 2007, Bustler who motivated a business era, [LONDON 2ND EDITION], Financial Occasions, London (UK), pg 21. Marketing Week, September 2007, Ehtical consumerism: Lacking in green conviction, London, uk: pg twenty-eight. Marketing Week, January 3 years ago, Market research: Uncover the power of brands, London: pg 23 Jack L., The fall of 2007, Greenpeace backs Sainsbury’s palm oil prohibit as a ‘first step’, Greater london, Marketing Week. Hofman Meters., April 2001, Anita A-rod: The Body Shop International, proven in 1976, Inc. Boston: Vol. 3, Iss. your five, pg. 61, 1pgs.

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