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Module Study Guide Taylor’s University Undergraduate Business Applications BUS2304 Guidelines of Marketing Aug Semester 2012 BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Web page 1 TRAINING 1: SUMMARY OF MARKETING SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:?? Component Information Booklet will be mentioned and described in detail Form Groups Tutorial exercises – Introducing the fundamentals concepts of promoting LEARNING FINAL RESULTS?? Understand important marketing ideas and marketing management philosophies used in marketing planning Understand the importance of marketing in business techniques Understand the concept of the advertising experience

Dialogue questions 1 . What is the most beautiful marketing encounter you have ever had? Was this an individual employee or a business processes? Illustrate a situation in which you became a “lost customer”. Was it because of poor product top quality, poor support quality or both? Making use of the concept of “consumer need” to distinguish markets: What is National Express’s ‘product’? What market (need) does it provide? Who are their direct competitors? Precisely what are the potential alternatives? BUS2304 GUIDELINES OF MARKETING Web page 2 Precisely what is their ‘product’?

What marketplaces do they will serve? Who are all their competitors? What new marketplaces might that they exploit? Journal Article: Theodore Levitt’s Advertising Myopia (1960) Students to know the concept of ‘marketing myopia’ and the dangers that defining their products and marketplaces too directly might present for an organization.

What is Cell phone One offering? What advertising management philosophy do you find in proof? BUS2304 GUIDELINES OF MARKETING Webpage 3 Perhaps there is anything that can’t , or shouldn’t , be marketed? BUS2304 CONCEPTS OF MARKETING

Site 4 TUTORIAL 2: MARKETING ENVIRONMENT CLASS ACTIVITIES:? Group activity Discussion questions LEARNING OUTCOME:?? Explain how changes in the marketing environment can impact marketing activities Identify different micro environmental factors Determine the different macro environmental elements TUTORIAL ACTIVITIES Discussion concerns 1 . Exactly what some of the cultural differences that you have got observed when you lived or travelled in foreign countries? What had been some of the similarities/ differences that you just observed? As to the extent should certainly cultural distinctions be considered in international advertising? 2 . Picture a company that may be considering changing its product line to become more green, which might boost costs. Utilize six key forces from the macroenvironment and list pros and cons that the company should take into mind before making its final decision. Group Activity Within a group – Bring broadsheet newspapers. Mark/highlight articles associated with Macro and Micro environment. Explain. Refer to examples shown by your guitar tutor.

BUS2304 CONCEPTS OF MARKETING Site 5 TRAINING 3: BUYER BEHAVIOR one particular CLASS ACTIVITIES:? Discussion Queries Group activity LEARNING RESULT:?? Identify different characteristics that influence buyer behavior Distinguish the different types of buying tendencies Identify the different stages within a buyer decisions process and apply distinct marketing strategies to stimulate curiosity / order in these periods Identify the various macro environmental factors ARTICLE ACTIVITIES Discussion questions Can KFC use this ad outside the house Asia?

BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTING Page 6 Group Activity Activity you Examine Maslow’s 5 level Hierarchy of needs style. Go through the advertisements in your countrywide and local papers, magazines and so forth to see if you are able to identify and collect by least 1 advertisement which usually focuses on every of those stages, from physical (biogenic) through to self actualization (psychogenic). Also consider TV stations and websites. Print out cases if you can. Activity 2 Consider two acquisitions you have made lately e. g. soft drink (limited problem solving) and an auto, holiday, laptop or a level course. (extended or involved problem solving). Examine in each case how the decision making process version outlined previously mentioned may have differed. Right here you may consider giving particular attention to the evoked set and content cognitive cacophonie. Does your knowledge differ from the accepted theory? If so why do you think this can be? BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Site 7 TRAINING 4: BUYER BEHAVIOUR two CLASS ACTIVITIES:? Discussion Inquiries Group activity LEARNING OUTCOME:?? Identify different characteristics that influence client behavior Identify the different types of buying behavior Identify the several stages in a buyer decisions process and apply distinct marketing strategies to stimulate interest / obtain in these phases Identify the various macro environmental factors TUTORIAL ACTIVITIES Debate questions 1 ) Would the marketers by Mercedes become pleased in the event the coach of your sporting team or the brain teacher by a primary institution purchased a great A-Class? BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTING Page 8

Group Activity Social level classification Great britain Office of National Figures (ONS) created a new socio-economic classification in 2001. The reason was to provide a more comprehensive and detailed classification to adopt newer career patterns into consideration. Group you 2 3 4 your five 6 several 8 Explanation Higher Specialist and Managerial workers Decrease Managerial and Professional workers Intermediate jobs Lower Supervisory and specialized Semi Program Occupations Program Occupations Long term unemployed A B Level C1 and C2 C1 and C2 D M E Tiny Employers and non professional self-employed C1 and C2

Many industrial market research programmes have identified significant variations in buying conduct between the several social marks. The Market Research Society argues that this program can be validated as it is easy to research and the social quality appears to be a fairly good discriminator in many product markets profiled in MINTEL reports. Sociable grade shows lifestyle patterns and is applied widely by advertisers although profiling consumers. Questions a. To what level do you think that social class is a helpful concept in improving the marketer’s knowledge of consumer behaviour.. What do you the major criticisms to the interpersonal grade system are? c. Consider the next occupations and allocate a social quality to these people: i. Scholar ii. Chartered Accountant iii. Bricklayer with City Authorities iv. A backpacker sixth is v. A retired pensioner in state benefits vi. A top Court Evaluate BUS2304 RULES OF MARKETING Page 9 vii. viii. ix. x. xi. xii. A self employed plumber. Teacher outdated 23 (qualified) Teacher aged 32 (qualified) Retired employee, company monthly pension Shop Assistant Unemployed farm worker

BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Page twelve TUTORIAL your five: SEGMENTATION, AIMED TOWARDS AND PLACEMENT CLASS ACTIVITIES:?? Watch it “LoReal Percier” Discuss inquiries Mini circumstance discussion LEARNING OUTCOME:? Recognize the different bases for segmenting consumers and business marketplaces. Evaluate market segments, choose market sections and choose market insurance coverage strategies ARTICLE ACTIVITIES Conversation questions 1 ) What is the essential rationale pertaining to segmentation? 2 . What are a number of the common variables used to portion a market? several.

What are the needs for successful segmentation? some. What is the difference between segmentation and focusing on? Group Dialogue Market segmentation is built about identifying variations in needs between different sets of customers. How could a financial institution segment the consumer industry? BUS2304 GUIDELINES OF MARKETING Web page 11 Online video: L’Oreal Enjoy the L’Oreal Percier online video a) That is the target marketplace for the product? b) What bases pertaining to segmentation offers L’Oreal applied? (Consider the value of geographic, demographic, behavioral and psychographic)

Read Tasty Bite: Coming to America (Textbook page 133) Discuss the segmentation, concentrating on and placement steps that Tasty Mouthful has consumed entering america market. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTING Page doze TUTORIAL 6th: PRODUCT AND SERVICES STRATEGY 1 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:?? Determining slogans for brands Group activity Mini case LEARNING OUTCOME:?? Discover different item / providers and their classifications Recognize the importance of personalisation, packaging and labeling a product or service Suggest production and product mix approaches for product / service ARTICLE ACTIVITIES. Company Association , Slogans. Discover the brand name for each of the following slogan/phrase. How many slogans/phrases would you discover? 2 . Company 1 two 3 some 5 six 7 almost 8 9 12 11 12 13 14 15 18 17 Slogan Impossible is Nothing The world’s local bank It is the real factor The world head in oral care. The most powerful alkaline battery on the globe. Take capacity to the next level. Reveal moments. Talk about life. Because I’m worthwhile. Awaken your senses. Hooking up people. Picking out a new generation. There are some issues money aren’t buy. Pertaining to everything else, there’s [product name].

Avoid leave home with no it The ultimate driving equipment The most happy place on the planet Put a tiger within your tank The power of dreams Site 13 BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTING 18 19 20 Melting, melted ; melted, molten melt in your mouth, not in your hands Just do it Give me a break! Read Pepsi Sakes bubble with limited edition carbonated drinks (Textbook webpage 334) Examine case eleven. 2 (Textbook page 334) and response the discussion inquiries. BUS2304 GUIDELINES OF MARKETING Web page 14 ARTICLE 7: SERVICES STRATEGY 2 CLASS ACTIONS:? Group activity Case Study – New Athens Brews up strong brand equity LEARNING OUTCOME:??

Recognize different merchandise / services and their classifications Recognize the value of branding, packaging and labeling a product Suggest production and product mix approaches for product as well as service TUTORIAL ACTIVITIES 1 . Group Activity – Who am I? a. Select a item category –mobile phones, computer systems, cars etc . b. Come up with ideas and list all rivalling brands inside that category. c. Every single group can be allocated a brandname and brands must be remarkably differentiated. d. Each group must humanise their manufacturer: Am I girl or men? How old am I? What level am i not educated to? What coloring is my personal hair?

Should i have hair? What is my nationality? Precisely what is my occupation? Do I operate? What type of clothes do I have on? Where will i go on holiday seasons? What are my own hobbies? Am i not married or single? Will i have children? What type of car do I travel? Do I possess a car? Should i own a house/flat? Where should i live? at the. Each group to present their brand character back to the class. 2 . Go through case 13. 1 (Textbook page 390) and response the discussion queries. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Web page 15 TRAINING 8: PRICES STRATEGIES CATEGORY ACTIVITIES:?? Case study Discuss questions Presenting and defending costs decisions

LEARNING OUTCOME:?? Acknowledge the importance worth addressing of taking into consideration internal and external elements when placing final price pertaining to products/services Recognize the different costs strategies Understand the format of the examination and also have a guide to studying and finding your way through the evaluation. TUTORIAL ACTIVITIES 1 . Browse the Case study “Plug , Sons”. 2 . In your group talk about your approach. 3. Every single group is to present and defend their very own strategy and challenge others to draw attention to:?? The value of understanding the target market and placing – having going to get this and why?

This is certainly a decision which the students must make, while no target audience has been determined. The tendency of marketers to compete upon value rather than price. Marketers usually try and charge as much as possible for items The way theory such as buyer price aspect can be used to framework and examine and build a coherent argument BUS2304 RULES OF MARKETING Site 16 ARTICLE 9: CIRCULATION STRATEGIES CATEGORY ACTIVITIES:?? See the case “Dell Direct and not so Direct” Discussion Inquiries Discussing FedEx based on www. fedex. com

LEARNING RESULT:?? Recognize the value of marketing programs in advertising activities Make clear the different levels in a marketing channel Explain the main concerns in a promoting channel Talk about the different methods in managing channel associates TUTORIAL ACTIONS Activity one particular Visit www. fedex. com Many companies shortage their own circulation systems. companies in this scenario may trust the services provided by companies such as FedEx to handle their distribution. 1 ) What equipment does FedEx provide to generate shipping method easier? 2 .

Other than delivery products, how many other services really does FedEx present? 3. Will there be information on FedEx website that would help a potential FedEx client to evaluate FedEx regarding a few of the selection requirements shown in Table 13. 3 inside the textbook? Activity 2 Dell Direct and not so Immediate Read circumstance 14. a couple of on page 342 and response discussion queries 1, 2 and three or more. BUS2304 RULES OF MARKETING Site 17 TUTORIAL 10: PROMOTION STRATEGIES you CLASS ACTIVITIES:?? Video “Mercedes Benz” Case study – At Southwesr air carriers, “We Love Your Bags” Discussion Queries LEARNING END RESULT:? Recognize the between conventional promotional techniques and the IMC concept Understand the growth and importance of the IMC principle TUTORIAL ACTIVITIES Video Mercedes Benz. Observe the two movies on Mercedes Benz. 1 ) What is the aim that Mercedes is trying to achieve? 2 . What appeals have they used in their very own advertising approach? 3. Go over the advantages and drawbacks of using such a technique. At South west Airlines, “We Love The Bags” Circumstance 16. two, Text publication page five-hundred. Answer conversation question 1 to 3. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Page 18 TUTORIAL 10: PROMOTION STRATEGIES 2 COURSE ACTIVITIES:? Enjoy video “Earth Hour” Dialogue LEARNING FINAL RESULT:? Recognize the difference between conventional promotional techniques and the IMC concept Acknowledge the growth and importance of the IMC principle TUTORIAL ACTIONS 1 . Enjoy the different video clips of Globe Hour. installment payments on your Based on the various videos you could have watched, exactly what the different types of promotion being used for the campaign? several. Who is one target audience to get Earth Hour? Based on the target group you may have defined, select one item that suits this portion that participated in Earth Hour? 5. Do profit and non-profit organizations use the same promotional tools?

Provide examples. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Page 19 TUTORIAL 12: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND PROMOTING ETHICS SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:? Case “At Timberland, Doing Well and Doing Good happen to be Laced together” Discuss queries LEARNING OUTCOME:?? To understand the idea and proportions of sociable responsibility To define and describe the value of marketing ethics To understand the role of social responsibility and integrity in improving marketing functionality TUTORIAL ACTIONS 1 . Precisely what is social responsibility? Why is it crucial? 2 . Exactly what some sociable responsibility issues? Give one of each. several.

What is the between values and sociable responsibility? 4. Read Ideal Case almost eight – In Timberland, Succeeding and Doing quite well are Lace-up Together. Answer questions 1 to 4. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Page 20 TUTORIAL 13: ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM AND DEBATE – EVALUATION FORMAT CATEGORY ACTIVITIES:? Online forum and discussion E-Learning week LEARNING OUTCOME:? Understand the format in the examination and also have a guide to revising and getting yourself ready for the examination. Discuss several techniques for answering examination queries TUTORIAL ACTIONS Students’ take part online in a forum and discussion. BUS2304 PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTING Page 21 years old

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