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AFFECTS OF TRAVEL IN HOST COMMUNITIES Tourism is one of the most critical worldwide activities, it is also of big importance to the socio-economic and cultural development of a country. Travel and leisure is a vital tool intended for conservation of natural devices, contributes to eco friendly development of community communities and creating residential areas about posting experiences. But if this activity is disorganized, uncontrolled and poorly planned can cause damage to both, environmental and ethnic.

People started sense the necessity traveling when they appreciate the world was full of fresh and different activities to do, and at the same time those techniques offer them new lifestyle. Nonetheless they were not only with the intention to go to and discovered, they planned to establish and teach their own traditions to these new places and communities. Nevertheless, only a few people change the community, almost all time community changes thinking about what would be an appropriate way of living of those newbies. For this reason we are able to say that travel has been creating positive and negative effects on sponsor communities.

Alternatively, when people decide to travel the cultural element plays an essential role at this time decision is approximately to make. Tourists usually pick a destination completely different to their current environment. This is why this dissertation will go over the good and bad consequences tourism trigger on number communities. Additionally , it will dispute about the value of the ethnic factor within the tourism. Negative impacts on host residential areas It is hard to believe that tourism an activity that may make experience happy can carry negative influences.

According to Bruce (2001), one of the biggest challenges of travel is that tourists and guests invade areas that belong just to the city, such sacred temples or lands, wrecking or making bad usage of their houses. This is due to travel agents vending outings to the authenticity of sponsor communities, assaulting their exclusive places, ceremonies and rituals. And, for that reason tourist may misunderstand the reason of so why those rituals or ceremonies are intended for, along with bad comments about the destination triggering decreasing from the tourism.

Tourism also gives a number of implications such: prostitution, gambling, pleading and crime. The existence of these kinds of activities except of crime is due the tourist. People create these new providers to satisfy absolutely free themes in this case the tourists. Prostitution in under developed countries is incredibly common. In accordance to Duncan, E, and Navarro, L (2001) in Colombia, Cartagena children prostitution is common because of the economic circumstances of the human population. The majority of the kids don’t have enough money to fulfill their basic necessities this sort of food, and clean normal water.

For that reason that they sell their systems for less than 55 dollars to tourists. One the other hand, another adverse impact of tourism in undeveloped countries is the make use of money gain by travel and leisure activities. Indigenous from third world countries usually do not receive any kind of profit manufactured by them, contrary they live in poor circumstances. This kind of sponsor communities, despite what is purcahased by tourists can be their lifestyle they endure health problems, poor access to education, expropriation of their land, severe poverty, infringement of their correct and splendour. On the other hand crimes increase in countries which the life-style is too substantial, due to the large number of tourist inside the area. Furthermore, French, C, and Craig-Smith, S (2000), even though tourisms bring job, it also provides rivalry among citizens in the community. The type of work that tourism creates is casual or part-time jobs, that means that natives will not likely have the opportunity to work all the season. Besides foreign people go those areas in top season and take the work of the people.

Positive influences on web host communities Alternatively tourism brings positive impacts to number communities. Gursay and Rutherford (2011) suggest that: Its simple tent is the fact locals are likely to participate in an exchange if they believe that they can be likely to gain benefits devoid of incurring unwanted cost in the event that locals perceive that the benefits are higher that the expense, they are likely to be entail in the exchange and, therefore endorse upcoming development inside their community.  (Gursay & Rutherford 2011, p. 95) To travel tourists must have a reason, most of the time people go overseas to know fresh cultures, different sceneries. On that basis is important that the destination place have good infrastructure, flora and fauna sanctuaries and great amenities for the tourists. Besides, the local people could make use for personal purpose. Additionally , tourism assists the preservation of traditional customs these kinds of: dances, meals, rites, and festivals. It is crucial to protect outdated customs to draw tourist to travel.

Christopher (1998) state: “The impacts could be positive, including the case exactly where tourism preserves or even resurrects the build skills with the population (Christopher 1998, g. 169). Realization In conclusion travel and leisure can bring confident and adverse impacts, the negative impacts can be more than the positive. However , it is an industry that won’t complete despite each of the consequences it is make. Travel helps the economy and grows of a country. Reference 1 . Bruce, Deb 2001, Environmental, Ecotourism.

Socio-cultural impact, David Wiley & Sons Quotes, Milton, pp. 120-124. 2 . Christopher, L 1998, Tourism: principle and practice. The socio-cultural effect of tourism, 2nd edn, vol. almost eight, Longman, Great britain, pp. 168-184. 3. France, C, Craig-Smith, S, and Collier, A 2000, Guidelines of travel. The impact of tourism, subsequent edn, Person Education, Quotes, pp. 305-330. 4. Gursay, D & Rutherford, D 2011, “Developing a community support model pertaining to tourism, annals of travel research, vol. 38, number 3, pp. 64-988, SciVerse ScienceDirect Publications, EBSCohost, Viewed 27 04 2012. 5. Navarro, L, Duncan, E 2001, “Prostitucion de menores en Cartagena: Estimacion de costos sociales y economicos, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Saludable seccional delete Caribe Sección de estudios, pp. 8-11, google schoolar, viewed 16 March 2012. 6. Using, S & Neil, L 2009, Ecotourism Impacts, Potentials and Choices. Ecotourism and guarded areas: Visitor Management to get Sustaninability, subsequent edn, Burlington: Elsevier

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