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Throughout the book A Separate Peace by Ruben Knowles, there are two major characters. Gene who is the narrator and Finny who is Gene’s closest friend have a fantastic relationship shown in A Independent Peace. Finny whose real name is Phineas offers three attributes, manipulation, athleticism, and is a powerful leader.

Treatment is demonstrated all through the new by Finny and is certainly one of his greatest assets that he offers. We see his manipulation skills from getting away from trouble after they skipped evening meal to the time he made Gene first leap out of the woods. The reason sir is that we all just had to jump out of that shrub.

You know that tree¦because we’re all get ready to go for the war¦Mr. Prud’homme released his breath using a sort of surprised laugh, looked at Finny for some time, and that was all there were to it’ (15, 16). Finny, through this quote, gets Gene and himself out of trouble after they missed dinner the night before and every time they get involved trouble. Inside the Super Suicide Society from the Summer Period he persuades Gene to go on the hop every night though Gene would not want to and would prefer to study.

Finny is a wonderful athlete, humble, and is very brave, this is certainly shown through his breaking of the long-standing school going swimming record and never wanting to display his skill. Another athletic move Finny makes can be inventing a brand new game referred to as blitzball during the summer classes, which they perform all the time. Once Finny destroys his leg and is by no means able to perform sports again it devastates him. “‘Listen, pal, basically cant play sports, you are going to play all of them for me’ (77).

When ever Finny says this his anger is very high as he are not able to play sporting activities that he ant another person to play for him to acquire that security of sports activities still around him. Throughout the new Finny reveals great command. Everything made by Finny wonderful friends he’s leading. When they made up Blitzball he was the main one who constructed the rules and tells Gene and their close friends how to play the game. “‘Now Leper just brought out a very important great point of the game. The receiver may refuse a pass if perhaps he happens to choose to. Sine we’re all enemies, we can and may turn on one another all the time.

We call the fact that Lepellier Refusal’ 30). Finny has a knack for leading people and does this if they first start the Super Committing suicide Society of the Summer Program. Without Phineas using his charismatic frame of mind, athleticism great leadership skills the novel would be very boring. Finny `s charismatic attitude proven all over the novel assists him find the things he wants and has exhilaration in the story. His athleticism makes him competitive and makes up the video game of the summertime blitzball. Finny has superb leadership skills so he can manipulate people and acquire what this individual wants via his close friends.

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