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The New world It is an much needed odor

It is an much needed odor, raw and primitive, it is rich, almost fusty frouzy, sensual and strong. “| Meat taking industry the actual reader disgusted from the details of the odor| Parallelism| “It is a sound, a sound made up of 10 thousand little sounds. You scarcely noticed it in first-it sunk into your awareness, a vague disturbance, a trouble.

1`7| This quotation has to do with migrants and giving the character an even more humanistic watch to the reader| pathos| “Relentless, remorseless, it was, all his protests, his screams, had been nothing to it, it do its cruel will with him, like his desires, his emotions, had simply no existence at all, it lower his can range f and viewed him gasp out his life. “| This gives you an idea of how he believed about as an immigrant| Parallelism| “The orchestral uproar could be seen as fairy music pg. | Adds a photo and audio in the readers mind| Simile| “Some hold each other firmly some by a mindful distance pg. 8| Immigrant- Makes the reader feel sympathetic toward the characters| Anaphora| “his satanic force are driving a car him.  pg 5| The reader gets an insight into the characters mind| Metaphor| “Little one, inch he said, in a low voice, “do not be anxious ” investment decision you won’t matter to us. We all will pay them somehow. I will work harder. ” 21| Immigration- This gives a lot of sympathy towards the characters| Polysyndeton| “Soil depleting into it pg 27| Talks about the meat packing industry| Dingdong | The scars would never heal if he did not quit pg 69| This quote gets sympathy from your reader and expresses the effort ethics| Ethos| Hour following hour, day after day, year after year bare little hands in the unheated cellar pg 63| It describes poor people conditions with the meat packaging industry towards the reader| Parallelism| “The 1st family had been germans 57| This removes from the complexity of what the audience is usually reading| Basic sentence| “¦brought around the corner was water and doctored with formaldehyde besides? 67| This provides you with the reader a awful aggresive angry thought/ image| Rhetor.?? | So from the bottom to top the place is simply a seething cauldron of jealousies and hatreds, there is no dedication or decency anywhere regarding it, there is no place in it where a person counted for anything against a buck. ” 55| It the actual characters seem very hurt and miserable which allows the group to be even more inticed| Polysyndeton| “He at any time missed a gathering however| Reveals how committed the workers were| Simple sent| “He was in imprisonment for three times and had disappeared 58| Displays what new pleasures the migrants have looked to based on the significant conditions| Polysyndeton| “One bitter Febuary morning the little boy lay down and rolled in agony.  71| The characters appear miserable and adds a picture to the audience of how frosty and poor they were| Imagery/pathos| inches And so she raised her hands 69| Shows just how desperate for ensure that the immigrants were. Simple sentence| “And, with this, at the end of the week, he can carry house three dollars to his family, becoming his spend at the level of five cents per hour-just about his proper talk about of the million and three quarters of children who have are now involved in earning all their livings in america. ” 6| This display how anxious the immigrants were and just how little these were payed that aggregates sympathy. | Logos| “This is no fairy story without joke, the meat will probably be shoveled into carts as well as the man whom did the shoveling will never trouble to lift away a verweis even when this individual saw one particular.

Pg 103| Shows the unsanitary conditions of the sector by supriseing the reader stating they would consider rats| Imagery| “To Jurgis this male’s whole occurrence reeked of the crime he previously committed, the touch of his physique was madness to him-it set just about every nerve of him a-tremble, it turned on all the demon in his soul. “15| That reapeats the truth that jurgis has a “demon in his soul which reinforces the readers believed | Repitition| “They had been beaten, that they had lost the game, they were hidden aside.

It was not less tragic because it was therefore sordid, mainly because that it revolved around wages and grocery bills and rents. They’d dreamed of liberty, of a possibility to seem about them and find out something, to be decent and clean, to | Poor people wages that workers receive allow them to not afford a large number of things which in turn give t the reader a message of the character. | Asyndeton| “My God- i want to die, allow me to die! 164| This shows the reader how miserable the smoothness is to the point of needing death| Repitition| “He was of no consequence having been flung apart, like a bit of trash, the carcus of some deceased animal 147| Explains the characters were treated like dead pets or animals and has got the characters sympathy| Simile| they brought him food and drink-why, with the intention of heaven, if they must discipline him, do they not really put his family in jail and leave him outside-why may they can not find better approach to penalize him than to leave three poor women and 6 helpless kids to deprive and deep freeze? 6| Shows the main character a very bleak situation which allows the reader to see the punishments and just how poorly they and households were treated| Rhetorical question| “He does not have any wit to trace back the social crime to their far sources-he could not admit it is the thing men have called “the system” that is bashing him for the earth, that it is the packers, his professionals, who has dealt their challenging will to him from the seat of justice. “| This estimate explains just how unfairly immigrants were cared for by the gov. Polysyndeton| “We having been borrowing and pleading to keep surviving and there is nothing more we could do 165| They have only given up which allows the audience to root to get them| Alliteration| “Jurgis found drink 128| Foreshadows jurgis battle with alcohol| Simple sentence| “You may have done well to think about these people before you commited the assault, ‘ said the judge, dryly, as he looked to look at the next prisoner.  154| This shows the tiny bit of importance immigrants got in contemporary society. | asyndeton| The word grad through him like the sound of a bells, echoing in the far absolute depths of him, making forgotten chords to vibrate, outdated shadowy fears to stir-fears of the dark, fears of the void, concerns over annihilation. The girl was deceased! She was dead! “| It uses images to explain just how awful this individual felt likewise repeated the very last part to create It check out the reader. | Asyndeton repetition| “Only think that he had been a countryman all his life, and then for three lengthy years he previously never noticed a country view nor read a country audio! | Reveals how deprived the character have been during this time| Exclimation| “Ah what pain is that, what despair, when the tomb of memory can be rent available and the spirits of his old life come forth to scourge him! “| It uses this to show you of how this individual feels. | Metaphor| “They are trying to preserve their souls-and who yet a fool could fail to determine that all which is matter with the souls is that they has not been able to get a decent existence for bodies? “| By asking a question this makes the visitor think and ponder| Question| “This last was a wonderful blessing. | The come back of the coating causes you to oreshadow whats next| Simple sent| “The dreary dawn came up and crept into the attic 181| It uses meaning to show how jurgis can be feeling| Personification| “There was obviously a rainbow above and an additional in his breasts.. the time this individual came residence from imprisonment.. 191| That contrast completely different feelings this individual has with no actually stating it for the reader| juxtaposition| “It was to good to last though.. like most issues in this hard world.  172| This allows reader to assume a thing bad may happen again| Foreshadow| “I have not got it, I haven’t got it,  168| This causes that the condition is tense. Repitition| “To the man whom consisted of undertaking one thing most day¦ experience!  191| Brings the reader back to the meat market working composition. | Exclimation| “All of the agencies of corruption had been banded with each other, and leagued in blood vessels brotherhood with the politician as well as the police, generally they were one and the same person, , the police chief would have your own brothel this individual pretended to raid, plus the politician might open his headquarters in his saloon. | This reveals the reader how against the govt was to immigrants| Pathos| “There is a single kind of jail where the man is in jail, and exactly what he wants is outdoors, and there is one other kind wherever things are behind bars, and the man is outside. “| It describes living of the personality and how he feels trapped| Parallelism| “When people are famished and they have anything having a price, I assume you ought to offer it, I say. I assume you realize this now when it’s too late. | This is not speaking about selling just one thing but more about what they may have learned| symbolism| “The phrases of this person were to Jurgis like the crashing of thunder in his spirit, a ton of feelings surged in him-all his old desires and longings, his outdated griefs and rages and despairs. “| Shows you how 1 character relates to another| simile| “In a society centered by the fact of commercial competition, money is definitely necessarily quality of prowess, and wastefulness the sole requirements of electrical power. | Tells the reader what the main goal of meat providing industry was| Polysyndeton| Chicago, il will be mine! Chicago will probably be ours! CHICAGO WILL BE OUR BAIT! “| The eagerness the characters have heightens the reader| Repition| “It struck dread to his heart. 278| This sentence really strikes the reader like a strong sentence about the characters| Basic sentence| “What sort of guy was this individual?  280| Asking what time of person other people are makes the reader question themselves| Rhetorical? | “.. advertising somehow expected his family, that this individual loved, and now this sudden horrible discover, Marija a whore and Elibieta and the children living off her shame!  259| When the character concerns a recognition so does the reader| Exclamation| Jurgis got come in turmoil with one of the creatures from the jungle in whose powers were much greater then his own and this individual has been worsted in the overcome to drag himself away 260| This puts a good idea in at the vantage point of jurgis which allows the reader to think what he’s feeling| Alliteration| I cannot snooze. I can not be silent 281| The character is definitely tired of living this existence and gets sympathy from the audience| repitition| To you workingmen! 282| Stocks the passion of the speaker with the audience. | Exclamation. | “The human race lives and dies for them!  285| | | “A awesome giant¦ 286| Talking about the labor force, easier to comprehend. | Metaphor| “Why should they only a few sit Alone? 288| Makes reader to answer questions| Rhetorical question| “With what was called the “iron law of wages 291| Gives a different name to socialism| ethos| “and break the conspiracy theory of quiet of the capital press293| Talks about socialism related to that point in time for audience to get a setting| Personification| “Labor was presently there hog, and the public was their hog and they themselves¦296| Target audience sees the work forces manipulation| Personification| “¦Into his tummy was simply playing a game with his life 297| When ever eating meat packed food your putting your life by risk| metaphor| “simply the difference between world and savagery298| Contrasts equally things. | Parallelism| “was a lift man, with broad shoulder blades and a florid face, decorated with gray part whiskers 297| Gives the audience a view of billy hinds. | Imagery| “Do you think a man will make up anything like that in his head?  302| Comparison opposite things| antithesis| “made him somewhat as intolerant as a tutor. 305| The group sees how he feels/relatable | simile| “that was “paternalism¦Paternalism306| Makes the idea to stay in the brain of the market throughout the page | Repatition. | “he he knight in shining armor of Whim and Love 314| Reveals characteristics| Imagery| After the revolution, all the intellectual, artistic and spiritual activities of men 316| describes| anysyndeton| “I don’t know, but if he will I shall know he is a knave 322| Depicts the landscapes of characters upon different characters available. | parallelism| “Socialism! Socialism!  330| Show the passion and push for socialism the people acquired toward socialism| Repitition/ Exclamation| “His chin fell loose and a deadly pallor fell over his deal with. | Reveals the fear jurgis had whilst seeing his boss. | imagery| “he was in the sight of the open door¦ 332| Juris’desperation to be totally free nut likewise for the reader to see not simply being clear of the cops| polysyndeton|

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