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Customer support Questionnaire (step 5 of 6) Screening Questions| Instructions This kind of questionnaire has been designed to support us to know whether the function of client assistant meets your requirements, as well as help you to understand even more about what it would be like to improve Tesco. Based on actual activities of Sainsbury customer co-workers, each issue describes a predicament that you might find yourself in while at job. You should envision yourself as being a customer assistant in every situation and select one of the 3 options.

The main one you select is the option you would probably do in each of the presented situations. | *Question 1 You will be refilling a piece of racks in the store that you need to have finished before the break. Your manager approaches you and asks you to consider your break an hour previous as one of the colleagues needs to leave early on today. Solution A:  Agree to change time of your break and ask when a colleague can finish refilling the section. Answer M:  Tell your manager which you can not change the time of your break as you need to finish refilling the shelving. Answer C:  Agree to change the time of the break and check with the manager you can finish stocking the section after your break. � � � � | | *Question 2 You have been providing at the checkout during your change. It has been a quiet early morning and the shop has not experienced many buyers. There are simply no customers waiting around to be dished up at your peruse. A customer within the checkout up coming to you is struggling to pack their shopping. Solution A:  Leave your peruse and help the consumer to packs their purchasing. Answer N:  Find a colleague to aid the customer to pack their shopping. Solution C:  Take the opportunity to possess your break while there are not any customers to serve. | � � � � | | *Question several

You are refilling shelving when you notice a customer placing products in a bag that they will be carrying rather than a basket or maybe a trolley. The consumer could be intending to pay for the products at the peruse but you happen to be unsure. Answer A:  Do not way the customer and assume that they will pay for the things when they reach the peruse. Answer N:  Go and tell a colleague the particular customer is doing and that you believe they are shoplifting. Answer C:  Make the consumer aware of employees presence looking by getting close them and asking in the event they would similar to help. � � � � | | *Question 4 You are just about to go on your lunch break. A customer demands you to make them with their shopping. Helping the consumer will mean having a shorter lunch break break. Response A:  Quickly tell the customer where the key products happen to be and go on to take the lunch break. Answer M:  Help the consumer with their searching and ask the manager in case the time of the lunch hour may be changed to later because you were assisting a customer. Answer C:  Tell the customer that they can should discover another member of staff to help because you are about to have your lunch break break. | | | Question five You usually work in it and vegetables section however the clothing section will have a shortage of personnel for three days next week. The manager asks you to operate the Clothing section while they require the extra support. Answer A:  Spend several hours making sure you realize the new duties that you will be doing in the clothes section. Answer B:  Find a colleague to replace you in the garments section whenever you would be uneasy working anywhere you have certainly not worked ahead of. Answer C:  Hope that you’ll understand the fresh tasks inside the clothing section when you start. � � � � | | *Question 6 Your manager requires you to cover your colleague’s work as they can be off sick. You already have an entire day’s job planned. Answer A:  Agree on the most crucial tasks of waking time with your manager. Answer W:  Finish your job first after which fit your colleague’s responsibilities in when you have time. Solution C:  Concentrate on the duties that are the normal daily responsibilities. | � � � � | | *Question 7 You will be cleaning up spilt yoghurt which will, if remaining, could be hazardous for customers. A client asks one to help them for taking their purchasing to the peruse.

Answer A:  Tell the client that you cannot help them because if the spilt yoghurt is certainly not cleaned up it could cause an accident. Answer B:  Ask the customer to hold back while you find someone else in order to complete cleaning up the spilt yogurt so that you can help the customer. Answer C:  Tell the customer that you just would be very happy to help them using their shopping after getting finished cleaning the spilt yoghurt. | � � � � | | *Question almost eight You have just returned from the break and are about to begin refilling the sweets section when a buyer approaches one to complain that the apples they bought sampled very bitter.

Answer A:  Listen towards the customer’s grievance so that you can make a decision on the best way to ensure that the customer. Solution B:  Suggest that the consumer goes to Consumer Services because you have been asked to refill the Desserts aisle. Answer C:  Ask the customer to hold back while you go to find a director to help them. | � � � � | | *Question on the lookout for You have a long queue of customers waiting to become served in the checkout. When you are scanning a customer’s purchasing one of the items does not scan properly. You will need help to identify the product’s price but your colleagues are serving other customers.

Answer A:  Apologise to the queue of customers while you alert your crew leader and gives to help the customer to load up their searching. Answer N:  Suggest which the customers inside the queue may choose to use an additional checkout as you wait for a colleague to help you. Answer C:  Suggest that the client leaves the merchandise if they want to be dished up quickly. | � � � � | | *Question 12 The store is definitely expecting an extremely busy week before any occasion season starts. Additional staff will be required in the store to ensure that everything still runs effortlessly.

Your administrator says that if anyone can do any extra shifts it might be greatly appreciated. Answer A:  Wait to see if your acquaintances take the extra shifts just before offering to aid. Answer M:  Check your diary and commit to any kind of extra adjustments where you have time. Answer C:  Assume the fact that spare alterations will be taken by your co-workers who have time. | � � � � | | *Question 11 You will find road functions being done on your own normal route to work for 2 days next week. This might delay your journey by as much as half an hour every way.

Response A:  Assume that your manager is going to understand since it is not your fault that you will be late. Answer B:  Tell your supervisor in advance that as your voyage will be delayed you will be emerging late intended for work on individuals two days. Solution C:  Leave for function earlier than normal to try to the fatigue traffic and ensure that you appear on time. | � � � � | | *Question doze You happen to be collecting share from the back of the store to use to fill up some of the shelves in your section. You notice that there is some stock missing pertaining to the third time in the past two weeks.

Answer A:  Ask the last person to refill precisely the same shelves if perhaps they know where the missing stock is. Answer B:  Talk to your team innovator about the missing inventory when you have an opportunity to do it calmly. Answer C:  Assume the fact that stock has been moved and continue with your task to refill the shelves. | � � � � | | *Question 13 Your retail store is a busy one and always something which can be done. You may have noticed that one of your colleagues can often be in the back of the store doing nothing at all especially when further help is necessary on the checkout points.

Solution A:  Quietly mention on your manager that you feel that your colleague is actually not contributing to they. Answer W:  Complain fully to any various other colleagues that will be nearby if you cannot see your colleague. Response C:  Tell your colleague that you are frustrated that they tend not to help out as much as everyone else. | � � � � | | *Question 13 You notice a buyer is looking for a thing in the section you work in and you offer to help. The customer is seeking barbeque utensils but these certainly are a seasonal merchandise and are not available at this time of year.

Response A:  Explain to the customer that seasonal items are only available for sale during selected months in the year. Answer B:  Tell the customer that if they can not locate a product in the store it usually means that it is out of stock. Answer C:  Tell the customer that barbeque products are not stocked at this time of year but offer to check the stockroom. | � � � � | | *Question 15 A buyer approaches you in the store and asks so why they cannot locate the product that they are looking for. The item has been ceased and so the store cannot stock it ever again.

Answer A:  Carefully describe the situation to the customer and advise a similar item that the buyer could use instead. Answer B:  Explain to the customer that the shop does not stock the product anymore and that they can speak to Client Services for more information. Answer C:  Tell the customer about one other store where you think some may still be able to get the product. | � � � � | | *Question sixteen You work at the peruse and have an expanding queue of shoppers to serve. As you search within a product for a customer, you notice that it has become charged for full price although you know that it is on sale.

The line manager it is advisable to correct the cost is currently supporting another consumer with a issue. Answer A:  Continue checking the rest of the customer’s shopping as you have some other clients waiting. Answer B:  Finish the sale nevertheless tell the customer that if perhaps they speak to Customer Providers they can be returned the amount that they can were owed. Answer C:  Apologise towards the queue of waiting consumers and inform your range manager to improve the price of the product. | � � � � | | *Question 17 You are buying on behalf of a client that has purchased online.

One particular member of your team can be away which means you are more busy than typical. You only include a short time before the order is because of be filled in to the truck. As you are gonna take the order to the vehicle a customer methods you having a question regarding returning an item. Answer A:  Put the order properly to one side and walk with the consumer to where the return could be made. Response B:  Tell the customer wherever returns could be made and that a friend will be able to make them. Answer C:  Tell the consumer that you are unable to assist with came back items and they should discover a manager. | |

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