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Ece 585 Project 2 Spring 13 Ver1 Ruse of Processor

Project, Storage

ECE 585 Project two Spring 13 ver1 Simulation of PROCESSOR, Cache, Tour bus, and Storage Datapath 1 . INTRODUCTION Task 2 is due Thurs April 11 EOD. You may are groups of up to two.

Submit your are accountable to the Project 2 file in the Electric Black Panel for the course. NO OTHE KIND OF SUBMISSION OR PERHAPS LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED. In this project, you will simulate a CPU, cache, tour bus, and memory complex for a set of guidance with emphasis on the cache procedure. The overall stop diagram can be shown in Figure 1 . Bus Éclipse Memory CPU

Figure you: Overall Prevent Diagram The objective of this task is to provide you with a more sensible hands-on method of computer architecture design concerns. The cpu complex you’ll be designing is a 32-bit type of the MIPS processor, however , the instruction set would have been a small subsection, subdivision, subgroup, subcategory, subclass of the genuine MIPS ISA. You should apply the end to end operation with the complex making use of the VHDL hardware detailed language. You may use virtually any constructs in the VHDL dialect, however , the design must be of your. Copying of any form from any other student or any type of internal or external sources is illegitimate and will not really be approved.

The processor chip supports three instruction platforms: R-format, I-format, and J-format as described in the text book and lectures. Table I Summarizes the key set of instructions for your ISA. The memory space is thought to be octet addressable and word is usually 32 parts. Table My spouse and i: Core MIPS Instruction Started be Designed (with example) OpCode [31: 26] 100011 101011 000000 000100 Function Field [5: 0] , 100000 -Instruction lw sw add beq (Custom set) Operation langwelle $s1, 200($t3) sw $s3, 100($t4) add $s3, $t3, $t2 beq $s5, $t6, 400

The total set you should design is a core established as previously mentioned + a custom set designated to suit your needs as follows. Scholar ID finishing in: 1 . BNE, LUI 2 . NEITHER, SLL a few. ADDI, LUI 4. BNE, LUI 5. NOR, LUI 6. ANDI, JR 7. BNE, LUI 8. NEITHER, LUI 9. ANDI, JUNIOR 0. ADDI, LUI installment payments on your Implementation Information 2 . one particular CPU: It is advisable to treat the CPU as being a block plan and show only the inputs, results and the modifications in our Register document. Note that each of the source values for the instructions are derived from the CPU subscribes and immediate value in the instruction itself.

The effects will also be kept in the signup except for a store instruction. For both load and retail store instructions, ALUMINE operation is necessary for treat calculation. You need not simulate the in depth internal procedure of the CPU complex 2 . 2 Tour bus Used only for transfer of words and blocks. The bus (between cache and memory) provides the following specs: Bandwidth of 32 words/cycle. 2 . a few Cache/Bus/Memory Specifications The focus with the report is on the éclipse operation. Cache memory has the next specifications 1 )

Size 256 Byte I-cache, 128 Byte D-cache, prevent size of 8 words, term size of 5 Bytes 2 . The cache gain access to time is usually 1 cycle 3. Direct Memory access approach is utilized for disparition block positioning 4. The parameters to get cache procedure include IHc (Icache hit), DHc (Dcache hit) and dirty little set banner for a prevent to be changed (dbset) The memory gets the following requirements 1 . Size 1, 024 Bytes, Byte addressable installment payments on your Memory port access time is five cycles/word intended for reads, several cycles/word intended for writes. several. Additional memory space read period: 3 cycles/word, write period 4 cycles/word Additional prevalent specifications 1 .

The instruction address is available in the Program Table (PC), the accessed instruction is placed inside the Instruction Signup (IR), your data read (for loads) is definitely loaded in the Memory Info Register (MDR) ” each one is 32 tad registers. Added student certain specifications Previous digit of student IDENTIFICATION 0 one particular 2 three or more 4 your five 6 several 8 on the lookout for Write Approach Write Thru Write again Write Thru Write back Write Through Write Thru Write back Write back again Write back again Write Via Write miss Strategy Publish Allocate No-write allocate No-write allocate Write Allocate Write Allocate Create Allocate No-write allocate Create Allocate No-write allocate No-write allocate

Basic Guidelines 1 . All parameters must be understood to be variables (or data inputs) so that diverse parameters can be used for screening your code. 2 . You should annotate the code with appropriate/sufficient feedback so that the code is personal explanatory. three or more. You may work with additional important assumptions and state all of them clearly in your report. some. Section a few provides a lot of useful hints for refuge operation. a few. Test Software: Design a test plan to check the procedure of your code. It needs to account for this variables: PERSONAL COMPUTER address value, range of PC’s for the instruction type (e.. 0-500: ALU_BR type, 504-600: Lots, 604-700: stores), Icache struck flag (1 or 0), Daddr, Dcache hit flag (1 or 0), variety of addresses (dbaddr1 to dbaddr2) for which the dirty tad is set. Your output ought to explicitly suggest which type of instruction can be complete after completion of the operation. 4. Report You have to turn in a written report that identifies the design along with the VHDL code. The survey should be typed, well written, and well organized. The suggested material of the statement are as follows: ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢

An overview of the design Ideal sections to share your survey A discussion on the way you tried to optimize your style A discussion in any improvements or functions made to your design A discussion on exactly what does not job correctly inside your design A review block plan of your style. A sample ruse of your design that is annotated to show it is correct operation. Copying of code will never be acceptable. Any kind of code replicated will immediately result in a zero for your job and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.

Start the project right away Good luck and also have fun a few Hint: Fundamental operations happen to be summarized in the following. You should be aware that you need to improve it correctly to are the cause of placement/replacement, soiled bit position, write approaches, write miss strategies and so forth ICache struck PC IAddr bus ICache miss IR mem shuttle bus cache VENTOSEAR CPU ALU/branches ALU_BR CARRIED OUT Instr Type, (Daddr) Weight (Daddr) MDR Dcache hit (Similar to Icache miss) Dcache miss Dcache strike Dcache Retail store DONE MDR Load CARRIED OUT Store (Daddr) Dcache miss bus Mem

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