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Alison Schiffner Contradictions of war 10/20/12 To most persons war is actually a way we settle disputes with other nations around the world, but they no longer fully understand the intricate information that go with it. It is not just regarding the weapons, gernades and tanks, it brings out different factors of military personalities and I think should be narrower on the challenges that individual and groups of soldiers endure. The horrific situations that soldiers undergo may cause different types of actions that they would take mainly because war is usually contradictory.

Soldiers encounter unimaginable tension that can make them appear fragile or solid. Which is the most important contradiction that war shows, war enables you to strong and war causes you to weak. There are many examples which could easily be seen in the book The things they transported by Bernard O’brien. Two stories that demonstrate it best happen to be “the gentleman I killed and “speaking of bravery.  Seeking back through history likewise farther encourages the idea, like when America created the atomic bomb, and started a draft.

Harry O’brian was a soldier in the **** he was young and did not want to go to war, but he had to. During his term this individual killed a vietnemese enthusiast, even though that’s what having been sent there to do, his kind cardiovascular system couldn’t forgive himself to get doing something so bad. His belly mistrict to throw the grenade gave him strength, because throwing something at an individual with the intent to kill an individual is something which majority of persons will not be in a position to follow through with.

This burst of courage offered him the strength to save his life. Yet after this individual killed him and the adrenaline thinned out in his veins he became weak. This is displayed by the dialogue, which on his portion was totally absent. Kiowa spent half a dozen hours telling him he did the best thing plus they needed to re-locate, but Bernard sat presently there staring at the entire body unresponsive. This shows that the sight of the dead body alone was too much for him to handle. To his platoon he made an appearance inadequit.

Individual soldiers happen to be exceptional demos of the contradiction, looking again at background the army power all together also determines the disparity just as well. America produced the strongest fireplace power that the earth has ever seen when creating the atomic bomb which will its sheer power was enough to wipe out a complete city in a single blow. The strength that America obtained from the bomb had not been seen till after the work with, but also during the development fear of American had been greatly increasing. Even though our Amunition was highly rated.

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