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Alabang you observe the skyscrapers, big malls and active viable centers. In a yard of a tiny house in a high community is a wooden of forest and its heyday plants, this is when the bees are camping and in this kind of place Luke Macababbad lives. He is an urban farmer and a custodian from the colonies in a 50-square-meter yard in Muntinlupa City neighborhood.

Bees sip the nectar in the shrubs and bushes in the wild blooming plants, pampre and woods. January to May is a honey season, flowers full bloom and darling flows. A 50 hives or groupe can make 30 to 50 kilograms of honey in 3 weeks. The 80% is being made into wine beverages and the remaining is honies.

According to Macababbad, the availability is down because of climate change. The flowering time of year is certainly not distinctive because the bees happen to be confused. At the moment, kakawati trees should be blossoming but they are certainly not. Honey is usually not developed after heavy rains. If you are into bee farming, the price of a queen bee is 300 dollar to $500. A single colony, with several frames to accommodate 3, 000 bees, costs about P6, 200. Ongoing labor and maintenance would be the added working costs. In respect to Virgilio Badajos, a staff beekeeper who had been trained in Australia, bee fatality rate must be monitored. Migratory birds can eat up to 500 bees a day. He started the bee farming in your spare time at the School of the Thailand Los Banos. All all of us wanted was to have our own home-made darling for home employ, he said.

He had 5 colonies in his farm which in turn expanded in Batangas, Lipa, Tanauan and Cavite. He harvested 75 kilograms of honey created at Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery Companies. With the increase in demand Macababbad seek the technology the help of the Department of Research and Technology (DOST). And the Small Venture Technology Improving Program (SET UP) presented him P300, 000 to get new stainless tank.

This kind of helped him increased coming from 1, 500 bottles 12 months to a couple of, 000 bottles per month. Additional products were added: mango, bignay and duhat wines, the label styles and product packaging were given by DOST. Product sales raised to 300 percent and on-line orders as well increased. In accordance to Dr . Teresita C. Fortuna, DOST’s Regional Director for Local area Manila, the bee nest is one of the more successful technology intervention of the DOST National Capital Region (NCR). In 2009, P8. 9 , 000, 000 support was provided by DOST-NCR for technology acquisition to 11 microenterprises. This includes consultancies, trainings and workshops executed in 596 firms. In Twinville Neighborhood in Marikina, homeowners affiliation uses hydroponicsor growing plants without ground. The DOST Philippine Authorities for Farming, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) provided the Hydroponic Technology.

The Enriched Potting Prep technology entails nutrient-rich fragment soil draw out and a specialized watering and aeration-efficient container made out of used plastic containers. Senior citizens from the Twinville Homeowner’s Association participated by sowing the 1st crop of vegetables for property consumption. The harvested harvest is sold in the city govt and in nearby supermarkets. Marikina and Muntinlupa are the people of a bioreactor technology which in turn converts the wastes coming from wet markets into organic fertilizer. While in Quezon City and Taguig, DOST NCR and PCARRD supplied technical assistance and teaching to town agriculture systems like consumable landscaping, hydroponics and enriched potting preparation and composting.

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