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Sales and Inventory Approach to Graph Picture Paint Center

string(107) ‘ the transactions will be time consuming and therefore are written within a record book which are unsecured and can be lost. ‘

I. LAUNCH 1 . 1 RATIONALE WITH THE STUDY Products on hand systems will be tracking devices that notify the amount of raw materials, supplies or final items have easily available.

Updated every time you sell a product or make use of raw materials to create and to know very well what you readily available for the following day or week. This type of system allows ordering products in advance, so you have everything you need always. 1 . a couple of STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM How do the proposed system keep an eye on the revenue inventory in the transaction 5. How can the proposed program provide an accurate sales calculation * How do the proposed system produce a better product sales record for every order purchase 1 . a few SYSTEM AIMS * To formulate a Sale and Inventory Program for Graph Image Paint Center that will give methods to the problems came across in their manual business processes. * To stop excess products on hand and inventory outs by using the sales inventory system * To produce appropriate reports from the sales 1 ) 4 SYSTEM SCOPE AND LIMITATION

Range: * data the consumers’ order ventures * create the customers’ order deal report. 5. view the past sales record * can add, edit, search or erase orders to be delivered 2. print a receipt 2. can perspective inventory record in daily basis 5. determines the lead point of reorder Limitations: * limited in cash-based payment * won’t accept credit cards payment 2. cannot carry out the crediting of the custom II. Business Background Chart Image Color Center is found at Salcedo Rosario, Cavite that sells different kinds of color and art work materials.

Your local store is possessed by Mr. Gary Palima and Armie Palima. The business enterprise operates every single Mondays to Saturdays by 8am to 5pm. The organization is doing all their annual inventory manually. installment payments on your 1 Organizational Chart Gary Palima Armie Palima OWNER Alice Saqui CASHIER Draw Villegas Sales person 2 . four ORGANIZATIONAL FEATURES 1 . Administrator * updates the information of the items * responsible for the entire color products and additional painting elements retailing and wholesaling organization * in control of annual products on hand 2 . Cashier * in charge of the budgetary transactions * updates the transaction documents in charge of getting phone call purchases from the buyer 3. Product sales Man * in charge of providing the products for the customers 2. receives repayment from the clients where the items were shipped 2 . a few SUPPLIERS 2. Davies Chemicals Philippines Inc. 1887 Mercedes Ave., San Miguel Pasig City 5. Asian Coatings Philippines Incorporation. 48 Amang Ave., Santolan Pasig Metropolis * Very Globe Incorporation. 08 Luis Street, Barangay San Miguel, Pasig Town III. CURRENT SYSTEM DOCUMENTS 3. you USER OVERVIEW OF THE EXISTING PROGRAM The existing approach to Graph Photo Paint Center is a manual sales and inventory purchase process.

The process has the simple set of transactions and issuing of receipts. Anything is operated by hand. Their products on hand is being checked every end of accounting period or in a Periodic basis. However , the program cannot quickly search for a particular product if perhaps they wish to begin to see the quantity available. Sales report is unprotected and not presentably recorded. Almost all their products are just listed in and compiled within a clear book. If the information are lost, there is no backup storage that may recover their very own transactions. several. 2 EXISTING FLOW METHOD DIAGRAM START

Customer Buy Yes Another Order? No Sell the item? Cancel Order No Certainly Prepare the Product B Payment from client Another Purchase? No Yes Copy Information to Record Book Every Payments Registered? A Simply no Customer Transaction Continuation Deb A Certainly End of the Day? Daily Product sales Report Compute for Daily Total Sales No M Yes End of the Week? Weekly Sales Report Compute for Every week Total Revenue D Simply no Yes End of the Month? Monthly Product sales Report Compute for Regular monthly Total Revenue B M No END The start of the existing flow process deal is through the selling in the product.

There is a decision field that implies the cancel order and preparation of the product. When there is another buy then the deal is back for the customer’s order. If zero, then the consumers pay as well as the information are copied in the information record book. Then another decision box will ask if all the obligations are documented. If not any, then it has returned to copying information to record publication. Then the info is preserved at the client’s transaction. If you do, there are decision boxes which will ask in the event that what mode of statement view will probably be, if it is daily, weekly and monthly. In the event that es, the cashier will certainly compute pertaining to the daily total product sales. Then daily sales record will be made and ends the process. several. 3 EXISTING CONTEXT PICTURE CUSTOMER Malfunctioning Payment Item Product Receipt New Changed Inquiry of Order Product Customer’s Profile SALES AND INVENTORY Delivery

Receipt Manual Sales and Inventory Record Shipment Buy Manager SUPPLIERS Order Repayment The determine shows the current Context Plan of Visual Image Fresh paint Center that focuses on their particular sales and inventory program. The researcher’s chose that aspect due to manual operating and checking out of their sales and products on hand. All of the data and details about their business are ecorded in an surpass sheet and record ebooks. The circumstance diagram shows how their business flows between consumers, suppliers as well as the owner. The transactions are created personally like shipping in the products, payment, reports, and customer requests and request. 3. 4 EXISTING TOP-LEVEL DIAGRAM REVENUE Checking of goods availability PRODUCTS ON HAND MANAGEMENT Purchase Point Repayment Deliver Concern finalproducts invoice & statements Customer Shipment of Products Repayment SUPPLIER Purchase Order The number shows the current Top Level diagram of Graphic Picture Paint Middle that focuses on sales and inventory system.

Payment and ordering of products are done in person. Checking of product availability is done by hand through physical counting that links the sales and inventory management. IV. ANALYSIS AND RESULTS The existing system has shown which the un-automated revenue and products on hand structure slows the fast and easy flow of sales and inventory studies. It also implies that the orders are time-consuming and are drafted in a record book which can be unsecured and can be lost.

You read ‘Sales and Inventory System of Graph Image Fresh paint Center’ in category ‘Essay examples’ A store is currently taking care of their arrays in a regular way in which it is being checked out at the end of every accounting period in a quarterly manner.. 1 SYSTEMS PARTS FOR IMPROVEMENT The analysts have were able to improve the system by setting up an automated revenue and products on hand system which will cater to the needs of the store to get able so they can handle inventory management comfortable. The suggested system is built through Ms Access which is easy to work and user friendly. In the proposed system, the inventory looking at is being completed through perpetual way that updates products on hand accounts following each buy or deal. V. SYSTEM DESIGN a few. 1 REVIEW OF PROPOSED PROGRAM The proposed system provides the requires of Chart Image Color Center.

The machine has first customer account that needs to save the client’s name to save the purchase. The system at this point looks for the product that is getting asked then this item will be shown with unit and price. The device can search and add one more product in the event the customer desires to buy a number of products in the store. Then the total volume is proven with the range of units bought by the buyer. Receipt is definitely issued with the total sum of products purchased. The cashier now should be able to generate sales report based on the order transactions and inventory revisions. 5. RECOMMENDED FLOW METHOD DIAGRAM: RETAIL STORE INVENTORY START PRODUCTS N A SUFFICIENT SHARES ADD PRODUCTTS NO ZERO ADD ITEM TO BUY LIST SEARCH PRODUCT CERTAINLY YES ALL STOCKS CHECKED OUT NO TASKS PRODUCTS A YES PUT AGAIN CERTAINLY CHECK PURCHASE SLIP /LIST NO B PRINT BUY SLIP/LIST MAKE REPORTS END The start of the proposed circulation process picture of shop inventory is definitely from the data of the goods then a decision box intended for adding a product or service. If zero, then search a product then simply search a product or service. again, a decision box to get “sufficient stocks”. if not any, then put product to order list. If yes then a decision package for “all stocks checked”. f zero, then it will go back again in the search product. If yes, then it will show the checked order slip list. Then would go to print purchase slip/list. Then it will make reports. After generating information, that will be the end of the process. PROPOSED FLOW PROCESS PICTURE Sales COMMENCE Z Start off order purchase? Yes A No Make reports? Yes B No Customer Component? C Yes No END A Enter Product Name to find Engine Terminate Transaction Yes No Yes No Yes Customer Order Z Continuation D Another Order? Identified Product? One more Order? Zero Payment for the Purchased Product Estimate the Total Amount

Receipt and Change Revenue Record D CONTINUATION: B Sales Record E Daily Sales Report Daily Sales Report? Yes Create daily sales record Sales Record E No Weekly Sales Report Each week Sales Statement? Yes Produce weekly purchase report No Sales Record E Month to month Sales Record? Monthly Product sales Report Yes Create each week transaction statement No Unces E C Z Not any Yes Put another Buyer? Customer’s Speak to No . Customer’s Address User’s Name EXTENSION: Customer Record 5. 2 PROPOSED CONTEXT DIAGRAM BUYER Product Payment Receipt New Replaced Merchandise Defective ProductInquiry of

Product SALES AND INVENTORY Customer’s Account Delivery Receipt Copy of Automated Transport Purchase Product sales and Products on hand SUPPLIERS Order Reports MANAGER Payment Po The determine shows the proposed context diagram of Graphic Photo Paint Centre. The proponents chose to improve the sales and inventory administration for proper and safe documenting of information and data effortlessly and success. The recommended system includes automated product sales and inventory reports and customer’s profile and transactions recording. five. PROPOSED TOP-LEVEL DIAGRAM SALES Automated examining of products availableness INVENTORY ADMINISTRATION Order Level payment Deliver Issue finalproducts Customer expenses and receipts Shipment of Products Payment SUPPLIER Purchase Order The figure reveals the proposed Top Level Diagram of Graphic Image Paint centre that concentrates on automation of sales and inventory supervision. The looking at of the accessibility to the products are done automatically using a inventory program design software program for easy monitoring of products. five. 4 LAYOUT DESIGN Fig. 5. 4. 1 Sales Transaction

The sales purchase is composed of client’s name, the search engine for product category, merchandise number, merchandise, price, quantity, amount, total price bought and the end result transaction. The machine has the “Add to Cart command for added product buys. The “Add Quantity is a command for adding the device of the item. There is also the “Buy and “Remove collection in which the consumer can easily remove and accept the products that will not be purchased and you will be acquired. There is the “Previous Transactions collection for easy traffic monitoring of user’s transaction.

Fig. 5. 4. 2 Payment The repayment area of the program shows the quantity purchased, amount tendered, plus the change is being calculated with regards to Smaller computation. The “Purchase control serves as the completed button deal. Fig. 5. 4. 3 Daily Statement of Sales The daily report area of the system displays the overnight transaction made. The date is being shown as selected in “Display Report control. The purchase number, item purchased, item price, quantity, total selling price and day purchased are displayed. The total profit Fig. 5. four. 4 Regular Report

The weekly survey part of the strategy is almost similar with the daily report screen, the difference would it be is looked at weekly from your chosen particular date to a specified date with 7 days selection. Fig. a few. 4. a few Monthly Statement The month-to-month report from the system shows the month to month transaction of Graph Picture Paint Center and has the same features with daily and weekly report system. Fig. your five. 4. six Inventory Record The inventory record program serves as the item storage management in which this shows the quantity available in your local store. The critical quantity is roofed in order to screen the purchase point of the store.

The cost of all the products is additionally shown. The “+ command word indicates the adding of another merchandise when there exists a new product being stored. The “X signifies the removal of the item. The “paper and pen box can be described as command that edits the item name and product quantity. Fig. your five. 4. six Customer’s Profile The Client’s Info region indicates the customer’s brand, customer’s addresses, and customer’s ID and contact number. The “X it the change command which manages the customer’s details. 5. a few PROPOSED SYSTEM DATA DICTIONARY: Table five. 5. 1: Sales Data Proposed System Data Dictionary| *Sales Information|

Data Component Name| Type | Length| Valid Entries| Sample Data| | | | | | Customer_Name| Alpha-numeric| 30| any figure (A-Z, 0-9)| Juan dela ut Cruz| | | | | Juana Miller| Category| Alpha-numeric| 16| any persona (A-Z, 0-9)| Gloss Latex| | | | | Enamel| Product_Number| Numeric| 10| any number (0-9)| 1005| | | | | 206| Product_Name| Alpha-numeric| 20| any character (A-Z, 0-9)| Nation-Gallons| | | | | Davies-1/4 Liter| Price_per_Case| Currency| 12| Php| Php2, 045. 00| | | | | Php610. 00| Quantity| Numeric| 10| Php| 12| | | | | 5| Total_Price| Currency| 12| Php| Php1, 128. 00| | | | | Php15, 600. 0| The Table reveals the Proposed System Data Dictionary in the Graph Picture Paint Centre, This includes the Product sales Information with the Retail Store. Info Element, Type, Length, Valid Entries and Sample Info. Data Factor involves what they are called, category, number, quantity and price with the product which the Retail Store features. Table 5. 5. 2: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report (Transactions) Recommended System Info Dictionary| *Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report (Transactions)| Data Aspect Name| Type | Length| Valid Entries| Sample Data| | | | | | Transaction_Date| Alpha-numeric| 13| Valid Dates| 20130101| | | | | 1-Jan-13|

Transaction_Number| Numeric| 5| a variety (0-9)| 32| | | | | 15| Product_Name| Alpha-numeric| 20| any personality (A-Z, 0-9)| Nation-Gallons| | | | | Davies-1/4 Liter| Product_Price| Currency| 12| Php| Php2, 045. 00| | | | | Php610. 00| Quantity| Numeric| 10| a variety (0-9)| 12| | | | | 5| Total_Price| Currency| 12| Php| Php1, 128. 00| | | | | Php15, 600. 00| Total_Sales| Currency| 12| Php| Php18, 900. 00| | | | | Php6, seven hundred. 00| The Daily/Weekly/Monthly Statement Transactions in the Retail Store which is the Graph Image Paint Center is definitely discussed in the table and also the proposed systems dictionary.

The same concept is usually shown inside the table. With Data Component, Type, Size, Valid Items and Sample Data would be the one becoming discussed. This kind of Table gives summarization pertaining to the store to obtain easy and successful results. Desk 5. your five. 3: Payment Information Suggested System Info Dictionary| *Payment Information| Data Element Name| Type | Length| Valid Entries| Sample Data| | | | | | Total_Due| Currency| 12| Php| Php6, five-hundred. 00| | | | | Php15, 250. 00| Amount_Tendered| Currency| 12| Php| Php7, 500. 00| | | | | Php15, 500. 00| Change| Currency| 12| Php| Php500. 00| | | | | Php250. 00|

The Payment Information in the retail store, Chart Image Color Center is given in the stand shown below, this has the same content because this is a Proposed System Info Dictionary, This kind of table discussed the Total Thanks, Amount Tendered and Change with the store. Stand 5. your five. 4: Customer’s Profile Suggested System Info Dictionary| *Customer’s Profile| Info Element Name| Type | Length| Valid Entries| Sample Data| | | | | | Customer’s_ID| Numeric| 12| several (0-9)| 23| | | | | 32| Customer’s_Name| Alpha_Numeric| 12| any figure (A-Z, 0-9)| Ana Gonzales| | | | | Juan dela ut Cruz|

Customer’s_Address| Alpha_Numeric| 12| Php| Lagundi, MorongRizal| | | | | Pandacan, Manila| Contact_Number| Numeric| 15| any number (0-9)| 2345678| | | | | 9108766543| The Desk shows the Customer’s Profile Proposed System Data Book of Chart Image Fresh paint Center. The Data Element Term shows the knowledge about the customer, it mentioned the names, contact numbers, customer’s IDENTITY and addresses. Table a few. 5. 5: Inventory Data Proposed System Data Dictionary| *Inventory Information| Data Factor Name| Type | Length| Valid Entries| Sample Data| | | | | |

Product_Number| Numeric| 10| any number (0-9)| 1005| | | | | 206| Product_Name| Alpha-numeric| 20| any kind of character (A-Z, 0-9)| Nation-Gallons| | | | | Davies-1/4 Liter| Quantity| Numeric| 10| several (0-9)| 12| | | | | 5| Critical_Quantity| Numeric| 10| any number (0-9)| 200| | | | | 150| Product_Price| Currency| 12| Php| Php2, 045. 00| | | | | Php610. 00| The proposed System Data Dictionary of an Inventory information can be shown in the table plus the data factor name reviewed all about the paint items of the retail store, which are the item number, brand and amount.. 6 SUGGESTED SYSTEM SPECS The recommended system is being operated through Microsoft Access. Microsoft Get, also known asMicrosoft Office Get, is adatabase management systemfromMicrosoftthat combines the relationalMicrosoft Aircraft Database Enginewith agraphical customer interfaceand software-development tools. Microsoft Access stores data in its own file format based on the Access Plane Database Engine. It can also transfer or website link directly todatastored in other applications and databases.

The recommended system is a combination of sales and inventory that are linked to one other to easily keep an eye on transactions and manage items. 5. 6th. 1 BARE MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Operating System: Or windows 7 or higher Processor: Pentium IV or higher Recollection: 1 gb MEMORY Video Credit card: 256 mb Application Needed: Microsoft Gain access to VI. CONCLUSION Therefore , the proposed product sales and products on hand system intended for Graph Photo Paint Middle is fast and reliable. They can deal with inventory in automated approach which will lessen the hassle of recording that manually. It may help the consumer to easily research for a particular deal for later browsing of studies.

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