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These things i learned at last lesson: 1)Product and service difference: Quite simply, Products will be tangible and services happen to be intangible. For example , Apple Iphone, Coffe Mocha for Starbucks will be products, yet healthy companies sector, residence repair assistance, wireless connection, trip to someplace, they don’t result ownership of anything at all. 2)Customer or

consumer: Client and customer are not same things. For example , mother acquire napkin for her baby after which baby consume it in this situation baby is a consumer, mother is actually a customer. )Sales dont mean to marketing. Sales cover just offering but marketing process the actual broad approach. Selling and advertising are just part of larger ‘marketing mix’ marketers purpose satisfying customer needs. 4)Consumer Behavior: ‘The behavior that consumers display in trying to find purchasing, applying, evaulating and disposing of products and services that they anticipate will fulfill their needs’. When? decide to buy new product what factors affect on me?

A)External elements: cultural, interpersonal, family roles&status, reference groups B)Internal factors: psychological factors(motivation, perception, learning, belief and attitudes) * Consumer tendencies includes every one of the decisions someone makes when spending their very own time and money. The what, for what reason, when, exactly where, and how of consumer acquisitions are analyzed. 5)Two consumer entities Personal consumer: the who purchases goods &services for his or her individual use intended for household work with. Organizational consumer: Business, authorities Marketing Idea: Production alignment: company desired efficient development lines, not focused merchandise variation.

Revenue Orientation: overproduction, excess item Marketing principle: focus on customer, expectations of customer, internet marketers become more sophisticated in understanding the buyer and providing products that meet their very own need. Societal Marketing Principle: Consider customers long run best interest, in this principle marketers happen to be consciousof bad effect well being, environment. 2. Fair trade: trying to provide support company, especially poor companies just like Africa Endonesia. Segmentation, concentrating on, positioning: Portion: share simialr meet and expectations and enables entrepreneurs to target consumers.

Divide the total market into smaller segments. (segmentation) Types of segmentation: geographic, demographic(age gender, friends and family size, relatives life-cycle Advertising mix: The set of trickery marketing tool. 4P=PRODUCT, PLACE, PROMO, PRICE. G roduct, goods&services combination. Place, includes business activities that make the product available to target customers. for example , employing social networks, net stores. Promotion, activities that malke merchandise availableto target customers, and persuade. (public relation, ad, selling process. Customer benefit: Perceived worth is comparable and subjective.

Developing a worth proposition(unique advertising proposition) is important in obtaining successful placing of a broad Customer trust: Recommendation, word of mouth marketing influence upon customers, paper, websites Customer retention: loyal customer: buy more products, are less selling price sensitive Consumer profitibality-focused promoting: BCG growth-share matrix=each produsct hs different contribution(star, question mark, cash cow, dog) Platinum- heavy end user, not value sensitive Gold-heavy user but not as successful Iron Lead-like dogs in bcg methods SEYMA TEMEL-135710019

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