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Subject matter: Argumentative Activity Research Newspaper Sheltering the youth from birth control would not decrease the percentage of teenager pregnancy nonetheless it fact will help initiate unprotected sex. The rise in teenage pregnancy is due to, inadequate lovemaking education available to adolescents, deficiency of knowledge and resources for birth control, and the environment the individual were raised around. Research Questions Does providing teenagers with birth control increase teenage pregnancy you Is there enough information on the implications of unprotected sex readily available to today’s youth two Is the environment a teen lives in a factor to getting pregnant by a young grow older 3 Will be parents happy to inform their particular child(ren) about the consequences about unprotected love-making 4 Happen to be parents even more excepting of the child making love if they know they are using security 5 How does having condoms at easy access for teenagers result in unprotected sex Resources ttp: //www.

solutionsforamerica. org/healthyfam/teenage-pregnancy. html http://www. escrh. eu/about-esc/news/young-people-report-high-levels-unprotected-sex-and-barriers-affecting-their-right-ob http://healthpsych. psy. vanderbilt. edu/condomConumdrum. htm * Write a brief paragraph right here Three Facilitates for Thesis Statement 2. Teenage motherhood and birth rates the two dropped in the 1990s among all racial and ethnic teams.

Increased use of contraceptives and increased celibacy * Young pregnancy can be linked to many risk factors including: becoming poor, living in a single-parent household, child abuse, and risky actions such as substance abuse and early on or unguaranteed sex 2. On average, simply half of teenagers surveyed throughout Europe (55%) receive sexual education at school compared to 3/4 across Latin America (78%), Asia Pacific (76%) as well as the USA (74%) Arguments and Rebuttals * With the quick access of condoms there is even more risk for young pregnancy 5. Some gains of providing condoms included that providing ondoms could reduce incidence of undesirable, teenage pregnancy and the propagate of STDs. Secondly, an extensive sex education program including condom provision accepts the inevitability of adolescent love-making and stimulates students to make wise, “safe decisions in the event that they do have sexual intercourse. * There may be enough sex education open to the teenagers in our culture * Complete health education or libido education that features information on contraceptive, this may hold off sexual initiation and enhance contraceptive make use of.

Youth creation programs that include sex education along with other actions such as, volunteering, mentoring, and job schooling are connected with delayed first sex and lower teen pregnancy prices * Environmental surroundings that an young is confronted with has nothing to do with the results of teen pregnancy 5. It was found in a study by American Medical Association that “Teens whom live in local communities that have excessive levels of low income, low levels of education, and high residential turnover have reached a higher risk intended for teen pregnancy(AMA, 7).

The same study located that family members factors as well contribute to the growing rate of teen pregnancy. These include the income standard of the family members, as well as the family members structure. Teenagers that were created to teen parents are as well more likely to become teenage father and mother themselves Reference point Page Reising, Michelle. “Condom Conundrum: Will need to Condoms be accessible in Colleges?. ” Health Psychology Homepage. Ed. David Schlundt. Vanderbilt University, and.. Web. 12-15 Nov. 2011. &lt, http://healthpsych. psy. vanderbilt. edu/condomConumdrum. htm&gt,. “Teenage Pregnant state Prevention. ” Solutions To get America. Healthier Families and Children, n. d. Internet. 15 Nov. 2011. &lt, http://www. solutionsforamerica. org/healthyfam/teenage-pregnancy. html&gt,. “Young persons report substantial levels of unshielded, at risk sex and barriers impacting their right to obtain trusted information about sex and

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