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The same Rights for Androids and Humans The concept of equality among all people was, unfortunately, not really “self-evident” before the passengers on the Mayflower proclaimed it in 1620. An area of the Mayflower Compact scans, “…and by simply virtue hereof to sanction, constitute and frame this kind of just and equal laws, ordinances, serves, constitutions and offices…”. (Commanger, 23) Written in 1776, the second passage of the Assertion of Freedom states, “We hold these truths being self-evident, that men are set up equal…” (US Declaration Ind.

This expression echoes similar beliefs because those indicated in the Mayflower Compact. Work to achieve equal rights among all People in america have ongoing to this day. The concept of equality will not be ignored by simply Hollywood, either. The concept of equal rights has been a central theme in various popular films over the years. One particular film is usually Bicentennial Person. The concept of the Bicentennial Man challenges the viewer to question where they think the line of equality ought to be driven. Throughout history, humans have got struggled with this concept.

The natural way, individuals desire to be the best, and they try to length themselves from those who are different, the destitute, the impaired, people via different civilizations, or the ones that look different. The film approaches this idea within a different way because Claire, the google android “star” of the film, is definitely not a person. It takes Toby a period of two hundred years (hence the name of the movie, Bicentennial Man) to convince the earth Government that he do, in fact , have a spirit and should be regarded as an equal. Columbus, Bicentennial Man) The film’s idea of google android equality is definitely not (yet) an issue having to be tackled in American society. The film’s concept of equality will, however , appear like the real issues of human being equality confronted by many People in the usa throughout history. At the start in the movie, it had been established that Andrew only existed to serve and obey his owners, the Martin relatives. His simply purpose was to obey the commands of and deal with the demands of this friends and family. Jeremy Bentham, a politics theorist, is convinced this is a good example of the concept of utilitarianism.

In simple terms, usage is applying an object (or people) “as a tool” to achieve a goal. (Nelson, 205). A word that may be used substituted with utilitarianism is, naturally , slavery. Bicentennial Man analysis of google android equality is a clear expression of the issues of similar rights encountered by many Us citizens throughout the great the nation. In the film, Claire Martin, the android, fought against for two hundred years to become declared corresponding to the humans he once served.

In the real good America, nevertheless , African-Americans struggled for more than 300 years pertaining to equal privileges as People in america. If only truth was a fast as Showmanship! Works Mentioned: Bicentennial Man. Dir. Bob Columbus. Perf. Robin Williams and Embeth Davidtz. Glowing Productions, 99. DVD. Mayflower Compact. November 11, 1620. Documents of American History. Ed. Henry S. Commanger. New york city: Appleton-Century Crofts, 1968. Nelson, Brian. Traditional western Political Thought From Socrates to the Associated with Ideology. subsequent. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Corridor, 1996. Print.

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