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My quest to America is 1 unforgettable experience. I say this not mainly because I was capable of travel to the land of my dreams but for the reason that the quest had improved my prospect in life through the many lessons and observations it had educated.

My country of origins is Kenya, located in Eastern Africa.

Separating these two countries is the Gulf of mexico, a large body of water that seemed to symbolize the impracticality of my coming in this article (Crofton, year 1994, p. 434). But thankfully, this enormous obstacle was overcome, now I was enjoying the enjoyment and opportunities offered by a rustic that had only once recently been a dream. You simply cannot think about the excitement I had felt while i learned that I will travel to America.

For the majority of Africans, America is a area of gold opportunity, a place that one can better himself. It provides a rare knowledge in growth in technology, an essential factor to a person’s twentieth 100 years learning. And above all, America had a large number of fun, thrilling and famous places to visit. Armed with such lofty thoughts in mind, going through the trouble of filing for travel papers in the US Charge meant not me.

Ibade good bye to Kenya last __________. My itinerary was from Nairobi, Kenya to ______, USA. It might take around ______ hours to reach the US. On issues the plane I attempted to contain my excitement although flying over a wide Pacific Ocean was both equally thrilling and nerve-wracking. Looking down below in the window from the plane, I am able to see a extensive expanse of blue normal water, stretching kilometers and miles beyond as if it would hardly ever end. Even though the sight was beautiful to behold, I cannot wait to see land for by then I actually suddenly felt an awesome fear of being in a place fully unknown, as though I was shed in the middle of nowhere. I understood then that uprooting your self from familiar places isn’t that easy, in the end.

As issues the plane made it is way through the earth, my mind was filled with thoughts of the things i will going to do in America, the friends that I can meet, the places Let me visit as well as the things which i will have. The thoughts every came to myself at once, the two thrilling and enchanting myself at the same time. Amidstthese thoughts, my mindraced back to the place I just left behind, the loved ones which i will not seefor at some point andthe places that surprisingly I will miss, and then out of nowhere We felt nostalgic and if I used to be not strongenough cry would have dropped from my own eyes. It was agonizing to realize that for me to encounter something new, I had fashioned to let get of something which I carry dear. Yet I was glad to think that someday I will be back again.

Finally, as time passes I approached the place that for more than a century had attracted all kinds of competitions and ethnicities to its shores like a magnet. I actually expected the view outside the window from above to be so much unlike the high view with the country and continent I simply left behind. Accurate enough it had been way, approach different. Although the place I had fashioned just remaining was dominated by forest and wasteland that was spotted with human dwellings and properties, the view of America through the air was just amazing to me.

An enormous array of buildings endlessly populated themselves beneath, tall skyscrapers and the Sculpture of Liberty seemed to reach out to me in welcome. I was impressed by that the famousAmerica was right in front of me! I felt an incredible sense of self-fulfillment then, perhaps mainly because America acquired this mysterious way of making a person think that finally he had seen the real world.

Normally I could certainly not wait to create my feet in the America soil. For the first time in my life I was encircled with people whom look unlike me. In the airport were white persons, brown skinned people and dark ones like me. I had been fascinated with the presence of different ethnicities that were active talking to the other person in a terminology I do not understand and hurrying earlier me to places The almighty knows wherever. I realized later that I will often find these different types of people within any avenue in America.

We wonder very much about them, the places that they can came from plus the loved ones that they can left behind in a country a long way away. I know that a majority of of them arrive to America to bring in more cash, and I imagine they happy that objective. Settling here for _________ (months or years) now, I am able to say with authority that foreigners below oftentimes knowledgeable physical, mental and mental suffering. Some of them are homesick. There is not a place, after all, that guy will be unblemished by the unfavorable experiences of life. These kinds of realization got developed in me a deeper respect for people who left their homeland to find jobs in other shores.

For the countless successful people that pass my way daily, I can say that indeed America is a area of gold opportunity, yet only for those who work hard. In life no matter where we are we just simply cannot expect a golden egg to show up on each of our lap. Here there are also various poor people. I actually do not understand why they will lived doing this but one thing America educated me is the fact if you want anything good to occur in your life then you should be willing to sacrifice, to let many sweats fall season from your your forehead. A person should not await opportunity, he or she must look for this and when this individual found that opportunity he must grab it with both hands.

The list of beautiful places to visit and exciting activities in America is definitely endless. There are numerous big theme parks decorated with beautiful blossoms and encased different kinds of pets or animals (many of those animals happen to be native to my homeland like tigers and elephants). When I look a these caged animals I cannot help although compare these to their relatives back home who roamed freely in the African wild. America is not just a place of liberty for them although on the contrary, America is a pitfall, a prison.

I actually felt unhappy but these are definitely the prices that must be paid if perhaps people of America should be see a live African wildlife. Furthermore, America had various large shopping malls filled with all kinds of stuff. They can be very appealing to touch, look and if I have the money, to buy. You will discover just many things to choose from, all of them beautiful. It truly is true that America has lots of things to offer especially for a Kenyan with this problem. Being surrounded by all these amazing things cause me to feel look at existence more absolutely.

I do have negative experiences in America nevertheless I would refer to only one i know is experienced by many foreign persons like me and it is the unattractive face of racial discrimination. I know that racial splendour is present if the people of other contests I affiliate with take care of me with distrust without reason. I am aware some of them did not actually desired the feeling to come however it involuntarily jumped up anywhere. Racial elegance is a serious problem here. This only shows that wonderful America, similar to other nation in the world, got its own concerns to solve.

Certainly, there are many distinctions between America and my home country yet there is one difference i would like to talk about here. This seemed to me that the people who live in America are always in a hurry. It looked like that they have everything to do but do not have you a chance to do it. For this reason , most Americans (including those who are not but lived here) are always within a perpetual state of stress.

They are busy chasing “something so that they do not have the time “to smell the flowers. This really is so much as opposed to Kenya. Presently there it appeared we have sufficient time to rest, to reflect. Probably because existence are less difficult, our dreams are less difficult. For most Kenyan families providing daily meals on the table is known as a big success.

My quest to America is a great adventure of a lifetime. I will never forget the various new experiences that came alongand the teachings it had taught me. Certainly I can admit my quest to America had opened doors around me that were once closed.


Crofton, Ian (editor). (1994). The Guinness Compact Encyclopedia. London: Guinness Publishing Limited.

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