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What Has To Get rid of a Mockingbird Taught You about Misjudgment and Rights? After looking over this book I had a great knowledge of prejudice and justice in the Deep South in the thirties. In 1861 – 1865 war was on. Parliament abolished captivity in America in 1865 nevertheless the south required slaves for trade.

And so they continued mistreating blacks, disobeying the law. After the battle (with the North winning) blacks had been still cared for with injustice and inequality. The blacks still experienced bad careers and most of these worked to get the whites for instance a cleaner or perhaps maid. When ever Tom Brown was on trial inside the court there was no black people inside the jury.

The black individuals that wanted to enjoy the trial had to take a seat on the upper tier where there had been limited seats so the majority of them stood. “Your fathers zero better than the niggers and trash this individual works for” Miss Dubose told Jem. This is an incredibly racist and somewhat pointless comment pertaining to Miss Dubose to make. It indicates that Atticus is worse than, in her thoughts and opinions, the blacks and other decrease class of the town. White wines treated blacks like dirt and looked down on them whenever they will pass them in the street. There were a clear cultural hierarchy in Maycomb, the whites viewed themselves significantly above the blacks.

All of Tom Robinson’s data in the court case showed that having been not guilty although because he was black the jury sentenced him to prison. Evaluate Taylor would not want to sentence Ben Robinson nevertheless the majority of the jury decided on him becoming guilty. Each of them thought that even though he was dark he lied and was cruel in people. Aunt Alexandra had a to some degree haughty attitude towards items like this. Atticus and Cousin Alexandra acquired very different thoughts about the way of life and the method people should live. As an example they equally had different perceptions on the word trashy.

Atticus uses the word trashy to describe a stuck-up white-colored man being racist toward a black man nevertheless Aunt Alexandra uses that to describe Walt Cunningham fantastic family. The clear difference between both of these very different uses of the phrase is that Atticus uses this to describe people who find themselves generally uninformed but Alexandra uses this to describe people today belonging to the lower course who will be dirty. This reveals the fact that whole method through the history Alexandra twigs to her landscapes and not even after Jeff Robinson’s the courtroom case truly does she change her brain. In a way Atticus does the same task and through the novel battles to maintain justice.

Atticus is the only white guy apart from Judge Taylor that is not hurtful or prejudice towards the blacks. In the middle of the novel the moment Tom Johnson is in prison, Atticus protections him himself all night then when Mr Cunningham and a group of other males ambush him all Atticus does is try to maintain your peace. Miss Dubose continuously has a moan about Atticus and what he means and Atticus completely neglects it and is also extremely well mannered to her. He’s an extremely kind and gentle gentleman who is loyal to Mary Robinson. At the start of the book Scout is incredibly naive, upset and violent.

She also does not have respect to get other people just like Walter Cunnigham. Scout sees it odd and strange that Walter Cunningham pours viscous, thick treacle all over his meal and she isn’t afraid to express her view vocally. This kind of upsets not only Walter nevertheless Calpurnia too and Look gets a good telling faraway from her. This shows that Scout is not only bluff and irritating but can also be slightly snobby. When the lady first been aware of Boo Radley she pictured him odd looking and was awfully scared of him. Then when Disapprove started giving gifts within a tree for Jem and Scout the girl thought that this individual could probably be okay and not scary like she thought.

After that towards the end when Boo kills Bob Ewell to protect the children, Search realises that he is a kind and not at all freaky. In fact she will take him by hand and talks to him with excessive regard. These kinds of series of incredibly shocking events changes Scouts character through the story. To Kill a Mockingbird provides taught us a great deal about Prejudice and Justice. I’ve especially learned about Justice in the way that Atticus acted, the way that Scout transformed but primarily Tom Johnson and the people involved in the court docket case.

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