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Freedom and equality are not alike while freedom was great news, but equality was just the beginning of a terrible difficulty that all Black people needed to face. In this essay, Let me explain so why freedom was nothing like equality, and the improvements the Black people had to face within this unfair time. After the Dark-colored people were unveiled as prisoners, equality started to be a problem in america.

This was problems for the Whites because they thought that wasn’t right to let the Blacks have their rights, and so a few of the Whites (particularly the woman) started to protest against the Blacks being usual citizens and having their very own rights.

As a result of that, 1000s of other people joined them and realized they may over electrical power the Dark people’s rights. Black kids were not permitted to be in similar school as White kids because the White children’s mothers refused to deliver their children towards the same college as Black children. Though this happened, the cost of keeping two institution systems (one for Whites/one for Blacks) was therefore expensive that neither system could function properly. The Black children also was required to suffer with poor equipment and a poor education, while White-colored children acquired the opposite.

Likewise, the Whites carried off the Black’s rights e. g. the Black persons could not go ahead the same general public facilities including: swimming pools, outlets, and toilets etc . while the Whites. It was something named ‘dehumanising’ these people. The whites offered Blacks their particular freedom to slavery nonetheless they didn’t let them have their privileges and let all of them be regular people the same as the Whites. The White people even started a huge protesting group where only Whites were allowed to join. This kind of group was called the Klu Klux Klan.

The folks in this group would wear very long white cloaks-head to toe-and they would demonstration against the idea of letting Blacks have their rights. The Klu Klux Klan was a incredibly powerful group that made huge protests that would produce differences. Possibly small children joined in with their father and mother, and there were even countries where only Klu Klux Klan users could get into. Because after years of racism, Blacks had a very poor image of themselves. A few desperately planned to be White, so that they used chemical substances to lighten up the skin although this could bring about disfigurement, or maybe death.

But there was nonetheless hope for a few that all this would change: “Racism is still with us. But it is about us to organize our children for what they have to fulfill, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.  ~Rosa Parks. To summarize, freedom was not the same as equality because freedom was a thing good happening, but equal rights was a thing absolutely awful and a massive problem in the ALL OF US. The Whites may not let the Blacks live like they did, because Rosa Leisure areas Explains: “I’m tired of being treated like a second-class resident. 

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