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From this composition I am comparing and contrasting two poems from your love poem selections. The two poems I will be using happen to be “Symptom Recital by Dorothy Parker and “Symptoms of Love simply by Robert Fatal. These are two of the poetry I found many interesting within our selections, because in both “Symptom Recital and “Symptoms of love both authors depict the feelings their audio speakers encounter with love.

In these two poetry the differences away weight the similarities. Right after in these poems are very visible.

In “Symptom recital Dorothy Parker conveys a female’s feelings after having a bad split up. Parker expresses the concern and outrage the woman feels about herself, the hatred and the state of mind she is currently in. Parker then uses metaphors’ to express your ex thoughts of dismay, including in line 12 and twelve (I’m disillusioned, empty-breasted/ so that I think I should be arrested). These lines parker expresses that the woman is thinking horrible thoughts of their self and that these kinds of thought could possibly be so bad that if they were brought to the public she’d most definitely become arrested.

Whilst in the previous poem we observed that Parker was conveying the ill feelings of your breakup, right now in Robert Graves’s poem “Symptoms of Love is expressing the good feelings and feelings someone puts up with while going through love. Fatal depicts the up and down thoughts that take pleasure in gives. The headaches because of how much the speaker cares for the different. How individuals headaches turn to Jealousy and nightmares. Fatal expresses those inside metaphors in-line one and four through 8-10. love is a universal migraine/ Symptoms of accurate love/ are leanness, jealousy/ laggard dawns, / will be omens and nightmares-/ tuning in for a knock). In these lines Graves displays the emotions of relationships and how each of them tie collectively in one big ball. The similarities both these poems reveal is the fact that both loudspeakers are exhibiting emotions that include love. The two emotions the authors display are uncertainty, whether it is while currently in the relationship like “symptom of Love shows or after the relationship which “Symptom Recital expresses.

Both of these poetry both result in a to some extent happy beat, for example in Symptom recital the whole poem is very unsettling but ends on a positive not that you day the speaker will find love once again. While in “Symptoms of love the speaker sculpt is of how hard it is to be in love but also in the end would not do it for anyone other than anybody he stocks his appreciate with. In conclusion both poetry were quite strong, emotion filled poems of the hardships and enjoyments of love and a relationship.

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