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COMPLEJO DIDATTICO REPARTO VAGUADA NUEVO SIMPLE PRESENT AND PAST TENSE Subject: British Students: Andrade Ramos, Nancy Emeli Argueta Moran, Leslie Evelyn Ceron Escobar, Maura Elena Escobar Caceres, Marjorie Naydine Peregrino Regalado, Leticia Yamileth Class: 11th Project due to: Thursday, April 9th, 2013 Basic Present Tight Grammatical Constructions: Subject+Auxiliary verb+main verb (do) (base) There are three important exceptions: * For confident sentences, we do not normally make use of the auxiliary. 5. For the next person singular (he, the lady, it), we all add “s “to the main verb or “es for the auxiliary. For the action-word to be, do not use an additional, even pertaining to questions and negatives.

* Afirmative: Subject matter + Verb(Present) + Enhance. Examples: 1 ) I play tennis. installment payments on your He dances salsa music. 3. They eat lunch break. 4. The boy goes to school. a few. You need support. * Unfavorable: Subject & Auxiliary (Do not/ truly does not) & Verb (Base form) & Complement. Cases: 1 . We don’t play tennis. installment payments on your He won’t dance jugo music. a few. They may eat lunch break. 4. The boy does not go to university. 5. It is not necessary help. 5. Interrogative Queries (yes/no) Additional (Do/does)+ Subject + Verb (Base form) + Complement. Examples:. Will you play tennis games? 2 . Really does he boogie salsa music? 3. Do they consume breakfast? some. Does the boy go to institution? 5. Do you need help? 5. Information Queries WH Problem Word & Auxiliary(Do/does) & Subject + Verb(Base form) + Enhance. Examples: 1 . When do you play golf? 2 . Why does he party salsa music? 3. So what do they take in for breakfast? some. How does the boy head to school? a few. When do you need help? Make use of: We utilize present simple tense once: * the action is general. * the actions happens constantly, or habitually, in the past, present and upcoming. * the action is not only happening at this point. the declaration is always true. Examples: 1 ) The train leaves every morning at 8 WAS. 2 . Felines like milk. 3. The party begins at eight o’clock. 4. He has his passport in his palm. Time Movement We often use some adverbs of frequency while using simple present tense to state how often someone does some thing. Adverbs widely used with the straightforward present anxious are: usually, usually, frequently , sometimes, sometimes, rarely and never. Note that the adverbs of frequency usually go prior to the verb. Structure: Subjetc & Adverb + verb (present) + go with. Examples: 1 ) He typically visits his grandparents. installment payments on your

I usually get out of bed early. 3. She constantly carries a great umbrella. some. He hardly ever gets furious. 5. I sometimes browse foreign periodicals. 6. They will rarely watch TV. 7. She frequently purchases detective stories. Simple Earlier Tense Grammatical Structures: Subject+Auxiliary verb+main verb (did) (base) In general, if we say the time or host to the event, we need to use the earlier simple tight, we simply cannot use the present perfect. 5. Affirmative: Subject matter + Verb(Past) + Go with. Examples: 1 . You swam in the pool area. 2 . The girl got up early. a few. They began to sing. four. Karla researched for her evaluation. 5. My spouse and i understood the class. Negative: Subject + Auxiliary(did not) & Verb (Base form) & Complement. Examples: 1 . You didn’t go swimming in the pool. 2 . She didn’t received up early on. 3. They didn’t start to sing. four. Karla didn’t study on her test. a few. I failed to understand the class. * Interrogative Questions (yes/no) Auxiliary (Did)+ Subject & Verb (Base form) + Complement. Cases: 1 . Performed you swim in the pool area?. 2 . Do she stand up early?. several. Did they start to sing?. some. Did Karla study on her test?. 5. Did you comprehend the class?. 5. Information Queries WH Query Word + Auxiliary (Did) + Subject + Verb(Base form) & Complement.

Cases: 1 . Once did you swim inside the pool?. 2 . Why do she get up early?. 3. What do they begin to sing?. 4. The moment did Karla study on her test?. 5. How did you understand your class?. Uses: We use the past simple tense to talk about an action or a scenario , a celebration , in the past. The event may be short or long. We use the previous simple anxious when: 2. the event with the past. 5. the event is totally finished. 2. we declare (or understand) the time and place of the big event. * to list a number of completed actions in the past. Good examples: 1 . I could see a movie recently. 2 .

I actually finished work, walked for the beach, and found a nice destination to swim. several. I occupied Brazil for 2 years. four. He enjoyed the violin. 5. She was self conscious as a child, great she is extremely outgoing. Expression: Structure: Subject matter + action-word (past) + complement+ period adverbial. Or Subject & adverb & verb (past) + match. Common time expressions (time adverbials) in the Simple previous are: 2. * yesterday * last week * just now * the afternoon before last night * always * just * by no means * ever before * even now * just Examples: 1 ) I cleaned the kitchen sink yesterday. installment payments on your She installed out with her friends the other day. a few. They usually spoke British.

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