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I’ve been asked to write a great essay on the film. Plus asked to select a five minute landscape from my chosen movie, I will be explaining and referring to how camera shots, miss-en-scene, sound and impressive effects the audience, also the particular director wish the audience to feel and understand. The movie which i have chosen to do my own essay upon is the 2007 science fictional works film We AM STORY.

This film is based on RICHARD MATHESON’S 1954 novel underneath the same identity and directed by Francis Lawrence.

I actually AM TALE was written by the WARNER BROS. PICTURES. and introduced on DECEMBER 14TH 2007 in the USA. though the developing with the movie started out way back in year 1994 where a number of actors and directors had been lined up to cast and produce the film, nevertheless due to economic and other challenges the film was placed on hold. Nyc is in which the movie was filmed and also included the BROOKLYN Connection a $5 Million dollar field which was the priciest scene at any time at that time.

Film production company begins with news broadcast where a scientist Dr . Alice Krippin played out by Emma Thompson, who have announce introduced of a fresh drug that could cure cancer saving countless lives although does it most sound too good to be true?, after that fast ahead three years afterwards to the moments of a content apocalyptic world where there seems to be no signal of human being life. all of us hear car engine and from a birds eye view searching down on the city we see a moving car and then a detailed up in the car that’s the first time the primary character DOCTOR

ROBERT NEVILE played by WILL CRUZ, and his dog SAM happen to be introduced to the group, through out film production company it becomes crystal clear to the viewers watching the relation ship between ROBERT NEVILE fantastic dog is definitely a strong romantic relationship and there are a large number of scenes which will showcase the bond between them non more than scene I possess chosen to carry out my article on. As well as the story performs out to the parable that a puppy is a guys best friend. The storyline line of the movie becomes clear within the early on moments of the movie and we see what the task prior to the main personality is. veryday he discharges radio meaning looking for survivors as well as aiming to cure the mutated individuals otherwise known as Darkseekrs. The death of ROBERT Neville’s dog Sam proves to get an psychological and a turning point in the film while ROBERT NEVILE loses his senses and retaliates with angry as he cannot simple the loss of his one and only associate and goes out looking for payback at this point he can attacked simply by hundreds of dark seekers and seems to be struggling with his car flipped over-all of the unexpected a light nears and ROBERT

NEVILE passes out as he is coming back around he is in a6105 car and appears up with a shaky d unclear camera angle as though the audience searching for through his eyes. at this point he has been rescued with a women named ANNA and her boy ETHAN who heard his radio concept and used him, they take him home but his blood trail is kept by the door as he was brought into the home next day the Dark searchers followed the smell from the blood and attacked these people that’s when ever ROBERT NEVILE realises that he needs to sacrifice him self to save humanity and turns into almost like a religious figure reducing his lifestyle for the sake of humanity.

The landscape that I have chosen to carry out my article on is definitely when ROBERT NEVILE great dog MIKE are running after the deer, as they make there way through the roads and autos the deer takes a turn and enters a darker building and Sam employs it, at this time ROBERT NEVILE is also jogging after these people up until the doorway way shouting for MIKE to stop. Through this scene the unstable camera and fast scene and ROBERT Neville’s frightened possible vocal tone makes the market fearful and worried pertaining to SAM.

ROBERT NEVILE then cautiously goes after MIKE into the building with a display light wonderful gun locked and loaded ready to fireplace which adds even more tension for the scene besides making the audience feel as if something awful is going to happen, as he is definitely slowly producing his way inside the building with a anxious tone of voice whispering Sam’s brand, At this point there is absolutely no music, the dark building and deadly silence becomes a perfect recpite for a terrifying scene, the silence and darkens makes this scene extremely intense and suspenseful which gets the target audience on the advantage of their seating waiting for some thing to happen. in the frightening darkness and science any girl here is the appear of his footsteps and water drops dripping down in the background as well as the frightening sculpt of ROBERT Neville’s when he raptly says “I really should not be here” makes the scene extra suspenseful besides making the audience worried to get both him and his dog. uring this scene the camera is very unstable as if the viewer was with him observing him via a corner as well as the other camera angle used is over the shoulder as though we are ROBERT NEVILE and that we see through his eyes, this kind of brings the audience much nearer to the action and takes in the visitors attention to the scene, specifically as ROBERT NEVILE can be making his way more deeply into the darker building we come across more anxiety building around the characters deal with as he is usually making his way circular he appears down and blood on the ground which is a risky sign and gets the audience’s emotions started as we believe it could be SAM. s ROBERT NEVILE is definitely making his way rounded a corner seems like on the ground the top of an dog which the target audience see for a very short period of time and the camera looks up at ROBERT NEVILE while the anxious looks in the face and him a bit whispering “SAM” its makes a very suspenseful moments since ROBERT NEVILE makes his way closer to the animal slowly revealing your head off the deer creates a moments sigh of relief intended for the character plus the veiwer. this kind of plays while using emotions with the audience as being very brightened and afraid to the alleviation and the comforting down.

As he goes further more into the building, over the glenohumeral joint shot is used as we see ROBERT Neville’s view as he point his gun and flash lumination into various areas of the room discovering nothing but aged pipes the actual viewer anxious and bothered to what could be in one of theses edges as the group is looking coming from his viewpoint and alterations in-between to a close up of his face which the audience can see the frightened and fearful seem on the heroes face, throughout it there is not any music employed just the sound of his footsteps, drinking water dripping and him calling his dog the second time he looks up the viewer can see the Dark seekers from the heroes point of view as well as the second shot is from your middle of the darker seekers looking back in him, a great just as this individual raised his gun just before and seen the you might hear a sound almost like a meadow being driven which while using camera angle and view of the darker seekers and hearing these people breathing and growling grabs the attention from the viewers. chicken ROBERT NEVILE quickly appears this demonstrates he is extremely frightened and doesn’t want to be spotted and after this the audience is extremely scared and worried pertaining to him and there focus is within the screen seeing his every single move as he slowly requires a few actions back his foot strikes a piece of real wood on the floor producing sound causing the audience to be within the edge with their seats and incredibly worried this kind of part of The scene is a very suspenseful. As he slowly and gradually escapes for the hall the audience is countenance more calm believing it’s the end of it, As he is definitely making his way although hall, a whimper could be heard in the distance, responsive through the vacant halls in the building. Robert takes a better look following the sound to find Sam the viewer is able to see all this since the above the shoulder a very common shot and used a lot inside the movie maintains the audience drawn to the actions and can find from his point of view, Sam hiding under a desk and appears back in him to get a second and that we can see this kind of through Sam’s punt of view.

The relief in the face is usually short-lived even as we can see from ROBERT Neville’s point of view as he is looking at Sam and from Mike angle ROBERT NEVILE notices that Mike isn’t looking at him, but staring at some thing behind him which provides an impressive very intimidating a moment, He turns around just over time to see a “Dark seeker jumping to attack him. Robert shoots the Dark seeker, killing that, and then he and Sam start operating the camera angle used one is wide shot because ROBERT NEVILE is running the other is perspective (pov) shot as we is able to see from ROBERT Neville’s view and also a extensive shot via behind viewing him work as he is definitely running to a window a core shot and close up prefer see the appearance on his encounter. Also when he is running we see the actual of look at of the darkeners as they are running after him receiving closer and close. he way the finish of this scene has been taken it creates a really exciting climax as the they are operating the camera is volatile in a lots of it as its from a person or a darker seekers prospective the speed in the shots and the scene creates a very intimidating and exciting atmosphere which will builds up the viewers feelings and excitement. Thought out the scene threes not much music used at the end as ROBERT NEVILE can be running you are able to here suprisingly low but quickly music like a clock countdown other sound affects used will be footsteps operating and inhaling heavily also you can hearer the dark searchers growling and screaming at the running area of the scene. Exactly why I selected this film and this landscape to do my own essay upon because it’s a classic film based on a classic novel. This scene especially captures all viewer emotions from staying frightened to being completely happy and afraid.

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