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There are two primary information about New Caledonia that are specifically interesting and unique. The first is it turned out formally colonized by the France in 1864, and for the next four decades following, that served being a Penal Nest. The prison of ‘New Caledonia’, which located thousands of People from france felons, would serve till 1897 if the penal character of the island ended (World Infozone, Fresh Caledonia).

In addition to its work with as a penal colony, Fresh Caledonia is also unique because of its natural resources. To get a stretch during the prominence of Nickel, New Caledonia since the planet’s fourth major exporter of Nickel, knowledgeable great monetary growth (Australian Radio ABC. net, New Caledonia). Nevertheless , as the earth demand for pennie has dropped, the economy provides struggled to regain it is previous degrees of prosperity.

2. The Presidio Colony

Fresh Caledonia was settled by both The uk and England during the first half of the nineteenth century. Eventually, by simply 1853, it was officially colonized by England, and has always been in France’s possession ever since (Virtual New Caledonia). “New Caledonia was founded as being a penal colony, and the initially shiploads of convicts had been shipped coming from France to New Caledonia in 1864 (Logan, Leanna, p. 18, 2001). The conditions from the four-month sail from Portugal to the fresh colony were horrible, plus the few that did survive ended up living in small makeshift huts. They were in charge of all of the colony’s public works, they constructed churches, and carved roads out of the panorama (Logan at p. 16).

The most terrible of the convicts sent over were retained in dungeons, and had been put to extreme hard labor. These people were beaten, and within 20 years of the groupe formalization being a French colony, the supplice made its way towards the colony (Logan at s. 16). The guillotine would be combined with regularity once arriving, and during its 1st 21 years 80 persons felt their blade (Logan at. 16).

New Caledonia, in all, would house much more than 21, 000-22, 000 convicts from Portugal. This number could end, such as 1898, Le Governor Feillet decided to close the movement of “The dirty drinking water spigot, when he termed that. He eventually concluded the delivery of prisoners to the area (Croixdusud. facts, New-Caledonia). Although the stream of prisoners stopped, the actual camps continued until 1922, when 2310 prisoners had been still held in camps (Croixdusud. info, New-Caledonia).

The jail colony produced several problems during it is operation, such as fact that the people was almost exclusively men. In addition , the large increase of various felons meant that eventually, many would be released, and the nation became a dangerous haven of ex-convicts.

III. Pennie as Export

The nutrient industry of recent Caledonia is definitely dominated by Nickel (Lyday, Travis Q., 1999). The French government, who attained 60% from the New Caledonia share, in the beginning dominated pennie production in the area, although Japanese led companies (10%) and Fresh Caledonia (30%) shared the total amount (Lyday, Travis Q., 1999).

Although large for a Pacific cycles Island, New Caledonia’s just true export of tremendous value is Nickel. As such, our economy is highly dependant upon the market economic climate for the mineral. There are several purposes of Nickel, plus the market shows major adjustments since the 1960’s (Cranfield, Peter, 2006, s. 2).

The peaks of usage rates for the us were inside the 1960’s, that were the fantastic age of post war growth. During this time, the world had a growth rate of 7% for Dime use, as well as the economy of recent Caledonia sensed the inflow of this useful demand (Cranfield, Peter, 2006, p. 2). However , in all the decades to follow along with, the demand progress has dwindled to 2%, and it does not appear to be elevating again any time soon.

The products made from Nickel range between: stainless steel (62%), non-ferrous metals (15%), batteries (4%), playing (7%), metal steels and foundry (5% each)(Cranfield, Peter, 06\, p. 3). It is quite likely the creation of new demand for pennie, much like the world has viewed with stainless steel, will be instrumental in maintaining our economy of the isle nation. At the moment, China and tiawan accounts for almost all increases inside the demand for pennie worldwide. Other exports like espresso and travel assist New Caledonia’s overall economy, but pennie will remain their staple.

IV. Facts and Conclusions

New Caledonia, as of 06\, has a human population of 230, 000 people (BBC News, 2006). The major dialects are The french language, Melanesian and Polynesian Dialects. The main religion is usually Christianity, and the monetary product is the Pacific Franc (BBC News, 2006). The head of point out is the French president, although there is a sovereign leader in New Caledonia, which has sparked inconsistent rumblings of an independence movement. (BBC News, 2006)The representatives are openly elected, even though are very polarized along region lines.

The media is regarded as free, and there are various r / c that are non-public in mother nature (BBC News, 2006). The country can be gaining a lot of rights independent of England, as French citizens have already been refused the right to vote in the nation be subject to residency requirements. (BBC Media, 2006)You will discover rumors which the nation can vote for it is independence among 2014 and 2019 in a referendum.

Both the most interesting facts about Fresh Caledonia may be its dime productions amazing level of globe contribution, and the fact that it absolutely was colonized by French to get the sole reason for housing the prisoners. Although most of the impact with the penal camps are now gone, nickel remains the driving force of the overall economy.


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