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Callum Themes TRENCH LIFE

Themes TRENCH LIFE , BATTLE “Coughing Like Hags” , Azucarado Et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen “Guttering, choking, drowning” , Azucarado Et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen “Stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle” – Anthem to get Doomed Children, Wilfred Owen “A wonderful mass of things unclean” – An inactive Boche, Robert Graves “Like several different types of Hell” –Brooke, in a notification on his day time in the warfare “So much muscle and blood inside the Earth” Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks “Beyond the boundaries of human behaviour” -Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks “The turned ground and split flesh of war. , Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks “Meanwhile my self etcetera lay quietly inside the deep mud” , my own sweet old etcetera, at the. e.

cummings “You believe there’s no limit to what a male can endure? “– Stanhope in Journey’s End, Sherriff LOSS “They expected to die” – Birdsong, Faulks “A dust to whom England bore” – The Soldier, Brooke “Gentleness, in hearts in peace, below an English Heaven” – The Soldier, Brooke “As afraid as any frightened child” – The Deserter, Letts “Looking on the face of grief, the eye of dread” – 06 1915, Charlotte now Mew “The soldier perishing dies upon a kiss

The very hug of Christ” , Summer time in England 1914, Alice Meynell ” The holy shine of goodbyes” – Anthem For Doomed Youth, Owen ” Every slow sunset a pulling down of blinds” – Anthem Intended for Doomed Youth, Owen PATRIOTISM “Dulce ou Decorum Se r�v�le �tre Pro Terra Mori” – Dulce Et Decorum Reste, Owen inch Who’ll give his region a hand? ” – [i]Who’s For The Game, Jessie Pope ” my father utilized to become hoarse talking about how it was a privilege” , my lovely old etc, e. e. cummings inch There’s some thing rather passionate about it all” – Osborne in Journey’s End, Sherriff ” He looked marvelous.

It – sort of helped me feel…keen to get out here” , Raleigh in Journeys End, Sherriff ” My hatred of the Kaiser is love true” – This Is No Case Of Petty Right Or Wrong – Jones “As we all love themselves, we hate her foe” – This is certainly No Circumstance Of Petty Right Or Wrong, Jones WOMEN AND THEIR PARTICULAR ROLES “You love all of us when jooxie is heroes” – Glory Of Women, Sassoon inch Come along lads” – Who’s For The sport, Jessie Pope ” Isabel created hundreds (and hundreds) of socks”–my sweet aged etcetera, cummings ” Cannot you see it certainly is not decent, to flout and goad guys into carrying out what is certainly not asked of you? – The Jingo-Woman, Helen Hamilton ” All of us dare certainly not weep who have must be brave in battle” – Of Who Passed away In Silence Far, Iris Woods ” Any individual affected by the war is definitely entitled to comment upon it” – Nasheen Khan GENERAL ” Almost clear…what the fuss was about” – He Went For A Soldier, Ruth Mitchell ” The political errors and insincerities” – A Soldier’s Statement, Sassoon ” A war of out and out aggression and conquest” – A Soldier’s Declaration, Sassoon ” I are acting on part of soldiers” , A Soldier’s Declaration, Sassoon inches An exploration of how far men can be degraded” – Birdsong, Faulks ” You are going to fight and you are likely to win. – Birdsong, Faulks ” They didn’t believe in shellshock by all…it was just cowardice” , Reconstruction, Pat Barker ” The pity and terror the war encounter inevitably evoked” – Regeneration, Pat Barker “It almost all seems alternatively silly, does not it? ” – Raleigh in Journey’s End, Sherriff ” My subject is war and the pity of war. ” – Wilfred Owen CRITICAL COMMENTS AROUND THE WAR RULE ” Passive suffering is definitely not a motif for poetry” – Yeats “War equates with ombat thus restricting the canon” – Wayne Campbell ” The knowledge of combat can be described as prerequisite intended for the production of a literary text that sufficiently deals with war” – Wayne Campbell “Anyone affected by battle is eligible for comment after it” – Nasheen Khan ” The spectator, the contemplator, the opposer of war have their hours while using enemy no less than uniformed combatants” – Rich Eberhart Pre-WWI Literature ‘The Charge from the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson • Catastrophic incident inside the Crimean battle. • “Into the valley of death/ Rode the six hundred” , Celebrates devotion to duty and heroism in the face of certain loss of life.

The romance of valiance. • “Honour the Impose they manufactured! ” “While horse and hero fell” , patriotic, presents conflict positively. • “Someone acquired blunder’d” , blames Generals , interesting as it is just before WWI, regarding the Boer war. So perhaps genuine in this feeling? ‘Vitai Lampada, by Sir Henry Newbolt’ • About the Boer War • “The Gatling’s lamed and the colonel dead” , Reveals the actuality of the war, truth. • “The sand with the desert can be sodden dead” – realism, huge range of death. Alliteration of “s” and “d”. • “But the voice of any schoolboy rallies the rates, , play up! Perform up! And play the game! , Compares war to a game of cricket, euphemism of war. Early Battle Literature , (1914-1915) ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke • “Some corner of a foreign field/that is permanently England” – Idealised. Offender of naivete and becoming a ‘ridiculous pastoral’. • “If I should die, think only this of me” , More than a impresionable patriotic sentirse. The word ‘think’ acts as a concept from Brooke for people to consider him. • A dialogue between the living (survivors and civilians) and the dead (or soon-to-be). ‘The Call’ by Jessie P�re • Jessie Pope (a. k. a Owen’s arch-nemesis! ) was incredibly pro-war. “Who’s for the trench , will you be, my laddie? Who’ll the actual French , will you, my laddie? inches – utilized for propaganda to young troops. ‘Men whom March Away’ by Thomas Hardy • Thomas Robust didn’t battle in conflict. • Crafted in the beginning days of warfare. • Expresses feelings of these enlisting while war was meant to be above by Xmas. • “Braggarts must absolutely bite the dust” – sounds charming , trusting. A notice written by Julien Grenfell • “We are generally awfully well, except all who have stopped something” , ‘Stopped something’ was slang to be shot! ‘As the Team’s Head Brass’ by Edward Thomas Dialogue between an elder ploughman and a speaker unclear whether or not to enlist. • “‘have you been away yet? ‘ ‘No. ‘ ‘And no longer want to, perhaps? ‘” – group of questions. After Literature , (1916-1918) ‘All the Slopes and Bassin Along’ simply by Charles Hamilton Sorely • “And the singers” – optimism, contacting soldiers ‘singers’. This is quickly undercut by simply describing these people as “the chaps/who are likely to die perhaps! ” • “So be glad, if you are sleeping” – ‘sleeping’ undertones of loss of life, implicit suggestion of fatality as most desired end, unavoidable end for a soldier. “Sow your gladness for globe’s reaping” – celebrate possibility of fighting, earth personified, collection future pleasure planted simply by soldiers. • “To the Gates of Death with song” , Almost Tennyson-like enthusiasm, cheerful death. • Offset by final range, “so end up being merry, so be dead” – dry view of death in comparison to Brooke’s. ‘To England – A note’ by Ivor Gurney • In this sonnet each seemingly patriotic expression is undercut. • “The boys of England” – focuses on the important points that the soldiers are no much more than boys, often just out of public university. The troops “do in silence” – the things they should do, war is literally unspeakable. ‘A Useless Boche’ simply by Rupert Fatal • Speaks directly to those who only want to listen to ‘of bloodstream and fame’. • “A certain remedy for lust of blood” – Brusquely ironic sculpt. • Second stanza confronts the horrors of war head-on, this individual describes a German Cadaver. • “Sat” and “Scowled” – unnecessary repetition attaches these types of actions of the living person to the corpse. • “Big-bellied, spectacled, crop-haired” – nonetheless identifiable but the “black blood” turns corpse into a great emblem of death. Simply no mutual reputation or respect from one gift to another (unlike W. O’s statement “I am the enemy you killed, my friend” – strange meeting) • Visitor challenged to disagree with all the claim that it is a “certain cure for the lust of blood”. Post-WWI Literature ‘Journey’s End’ by simply R. C Sherriff • Set in a dug-out in trenches, it explores tension in a band of officers awaiting their harm. • Labels emphasise important Englishness (Stanhope, Osborne, Raleigh, etc). ‘Birdsong’ by Sebastian Faulks • “, and so horrific, beyond a war, dehumanised to the extent that, • “This is not really a war, this really is an hunt for how far males can be degraded” – dehumanising, bitterness of the people who encounter it, no reason behind conflict. Modern. What Sebastian Faulks sets to explore in birdsong. (Stephen Wraysford) Glory of Women- Siegfried Sassoon 1917. Criticises individuals at home, particularly the women. •”You love all of us when jooxie is heroes, home on leave…” •”Trampling the terrible d�pouille, blind with blood” •”O German mother…while you happen to be knitting clothes to send the son His face is usually trodden much deeper in the mud. ” An inactive Boche Robert Graves 1916

Wirtten via an anti war point of view, graphic information show the the case horror of war. •”‘War’s hell'” •”Sat a dead Boche, he scowled and stunk” •”Big-bellied, spectacled, crop haired, Dribbling dark-colored blood from nose and beard” Diasbled- Wilfred Owen 1917 Displays a strong anti-war view, criticises those in the home who cannt see past the , glory’ of battle. Poem displays a young young man who has been disabled by the war. •”Some cheered him home, however, not as throngs cheer a goal” •”The women’s eye passed from him to the good men that were whole” •”Why don’t they come? ” Azucarado et Decorum Est- Wilfred Owen 1917

Again anti-war, satirises the view that conflict is a glorious thing, and this it is an honor to die for kinds country. •”Bent double, just like beggars below sack, knock kneed and coughing just like hags. ” •”As under a green sea, I saw him drowning, gargling from the memory foam corrupted lungs” •”The older lie: Golosina et Decorum est Pro patria mori” The Mail Off- Wilfred Owen 1917 This composition has a melancholic tone, which has a sinister result as the poem is targeted on the fatality and break down caused by conflict. •”lined the train with faced grimly gay” •”Their breasts had been stuck almost all white with wreath and spray, while mens will be, dead. •”like wrongs hushed up that they went” •”A few, too little for plats and yells may slip back, silent… up fifty percent known tracks. ” Beauty of Women- Siegfried Sassoon 1917. Criticises those at your home, particularly the girls. •”You take pleasure in us the moment we’re heroes, home in leave…” inches He viewed splendid. It – sort of made me feel…keen to acquire out here” , Raleigh in Travels End, Sherriff Rupert Brooke – patriotic There is several corner of your foreign field That is permanently England” Sassoon “Does this matter? Dropping your hip and legs? ” “The turned garden soil and torn flesh of war. ” , Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks Charles Sorley – “nor honour. It is easy to be dead”

Edmund Blunden – ‘Vlamertinghe’ – “who are these types of coming to the sacrifice? ” Quiet demonstration: Ivor Gurney ‘Beauty’ “Man’ consolation being sung on the fidgetiness strings” Motivating: Sir Holly Newbolt ‘Vitai Lampada” (the torch of life) “Play up! Play up! And play the overall game! ” Jessie Pope “Who’s for the game? ” Revitalization Sassoon: “A hundred years coming from now they’ll still be ploughing up skulls. ” Owen, Disabled “All of them touch him just like some singular disease. ” ” The holy shine of goodbyes” – Anthem For Condemned Youth, Owen Strange Getting together with 1)Hill says in the Author’s Notes that her new is a “microcosm of the ar” to create a “small world inside the great will of the war”-she focusses on 2 key characters John Hilliard and David Blunden which makes it much easier to communicate the actual war was all about arther than going for a much larger perspective 2)the not enough understanding of the “coward complacence” as Sassoon puts it is another idea present in this novel-Hilliard goes house on keep and says “noone realized, nobody understood” Recruitment , The Call’ By Jessie Pope “Who’d rather hold out a bit” , The Volunteer’ Simply by Herbert Asquith “lifes tournament” , The Call’ By Robert Venede “lad” “man” “dreamer” “brothers” , In Flanders Field’ By Ruben McCrae Take up each of our quarrel” Futility and Give up hope , Dulce et Decorum Est’ By simply Owen “vile incurable sores on harmless tongues” , Lamplight’ By May Wedderburn Cannan “we planned to shake the earth together” , Anthem pertaining to Doomed Youth’ By Owen “each gradual dusk, a drawing down of blinds” , Celebrazione pro Poemate Meo’ By Owen “hopes lay strewn” , Birdsong’ By Faulks “he him self did not believe that there was a purpose to the war” , Almost all Quiet within the Western Front’ By Remarque “weary, busted, burntout minus hope” Patriotism and Glorifying War , The Soldier’ By Brooke “some nook of a foreign field which can be forever England” , The Call’ By Venede ogres” “faeries” “princes” , This really is no circumstance of small right of wrong’ By Edward Jones “She (England) is all we all know and live by” , Channel Firing’ By Hardy “Camelot, and starlit stonehenge” , Peace’ By Brooke “as swimmers into cleanness leaping” , Happy is England Now’ By Steve Freema “destroying Dragon” , Men Who have March Away’ By Sturdy “England’s will need are we” , Trips End’ Simply by Sherriff “There’s something alternatively romantic about it all” (Osbourne) Physical Destruction , Disabled’ By Owen “The womens’ eyes handed from him to the strong males that were whole” , The Ghost Road’ By Pat Barker “damaged brains and drooping mouths” The Conscript’ By Wilfred Gibson “mangled limbs, window blind eyes” , All Peaceful on the Traditional western Front’ By simply Remarque “we see men without jaws, jaws, without faces” , A Dead Boche’ By P�nible “Black blood vessels oozing by his nose area and beard” , In Memoriam’ By simply EA Mackintosh “piteous writhing bodies” Course , Oh yea What a Wonderful War’ By Littlewood and Theatre Workshop “Blunders of boobies” (Mrs Pankhurst) , The Chances’ By Owen “Over the top tomorrer, males we’re intended for it” , Strange Meeting’ By Leslie Hill “not the natural camaraderie available among the officers” , Come back of the Heroes’ By Sassoon “Prussian General” and “Sir Godfrey Stoomer”

Mourning , A Women’s Song’ Simply by Katharine Tynan “My tremendous grief is in the weeping rains” , The Slipping Leaves’ Simply by Margaret Postgate Cole “now all withering lay” , Afterwards’ By Margaret Postgate Cole “shall you and I ever always be young again? ” , August 1914′ By David Masefield “So passionate once, so deep” , Now that you too muct shortly move away’ Simply by Eleanor Farjeon “By underworld love, which has no first of last” , Will not Weep’ By simply Stephen Blessure “A discipline where a thousand corpses lie” , Words From a Lost Generation’ By Vera Brittain Words talking about her fiance’s fatality Cowardice , The Jingo-Woman’ By Helen Hamilton seller in white feathers, insulter, self appointed” , Birdsong’ By Faulks “list of men accomplished for cowardice” , Recruiting’ By Mackintosh “Can’t the thing is them to thank God they’re over forty-one? ” , Regeneration’ By Pat Barker “They don’t believe in shell-shock, it was only cowardice” Post War Thoughts , Blackadder Goes Forth’ By Curtis and Elton “Not actually our generals are made enough to covering their own men” , Oh yea What a Wonderful War’ By Littlewood and Theatre Workshop “it can be slaughter”(soldier) “we need one big attacking to break through” (Haig) , Aftermath’ By Sassoon “Have you ignored yet? “

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