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To extend the effect of our work to suppress the distributed of HIV, we offer to continue and improve on each of our outreach efforts targeted at the Chinese speaking Geylang group, and to initiate a marketing campaign targeted at youths. The main goal of equally efforts should be to encourage condom use and promote HIV testing because means to stop the spread of HIV.

Over having the two campaigns, we wish to suggest making HIV testing far more convenient by assisting with the execution of a Cellular HIV Assessment Van (MTV) service.

Continuing and Improving Current Efforts to Reach Out to the Chinese language Speaking Geylang Crowd

1 ) Printing even more Pamphlets

Having conducted a great outreach celebration at Geylang, we discovered that the majority of each of our target audience read the educational pamphlet, and succeeded with a specific measure of consideration , a sign of their rational riders being influenced by simply facts such as the ability to extend one’s your life if early on treatment for HIV can be sought, the benefits of condom consumption and the place that the HIV test can be taken. Due to the limited number of pamphlets printed so far, we anticipate that more will be needed for foreseeable future outreach occasions. Thus, we all propose to acquire part of the finances allocated for this purpose.

2 . Producing of Taglines Encouraging Condom Usage in Condom Protects. Redesigning this used to have condoms intended for distribution.

Each of our group conceived a series of short, catchy taglines to motivate condom employ. Condom covers with these taglines could be produced and distributed during outreach incidents. The taglines conceived had been meant to immediate our audience’s emotional elephants by evoking positive thoughts about condom use ” by asserting that sex can be evenly pleasurable even if condoms are worn.

To help engage each of our audience’s psychological elephants, we propose that an attempt be made to conceive suitably ‘hard’ messages evoking anxiety and fear simply by highlighting the hazards of doing aside with condoms. Some of these ‘hard’ taglines could put through the message an underestimation from the one’s probability of contracting HIV is a surrounding factor resulting in HIV disease. By centering attention on this ‘black swan’ in HIV being nearer to home than it is often considered to be, our potential audience may be urged to use condoms. These ‘hard’ messages may then always be similarly printed on condom covers and distributed during outreach occasions together with individuals having ‘soft’ taglines, thus producing a carrot and stick effect that could further increase our effort to inspire condom utilization.

Also, the boxes accustomed to store condoms could be converted to make that less obvious that it consists of condoms, as it currently is. The purpose of doing so would be to motivate the trying out of these condoms, as whether or not those acknowledged are seeking paid out sex or not, they might however prevent accepting the condoms altogether because they just do not wish to be observed in public while having succeeded in doing so, as confirmed when getting close to some the public. To get over such reluctance, the condoms (with the taglines published on their covers) could be jam-packed into bigger rectangular leading opening containers such as all those containing desserts (like how a sweet Ricola is packaged), with simple messages this kind of ‘specially pertaining to you’ as that would in order to mask the real contents of the package.

three or more. Associating Condom Use and Regular HIV Testing with Responsible Behaviour

In addition to distributing condoms and educational pamphlets, we recommend to make use of the behavior changing associated with social personality promotion to encourage condom usage and regular HIV testing.

Paper prints juxtaposing photos of Chinese males, which represents all adult age groups, with condom work with messages and them looking for regular HIV testing could possibly be printed and set up for places where the target audience typically congregate ” lanes ultimately causing coffee outlets and cafes along Geylang. These paper prints would portray these guys as being socially responsible. Since many would not desire to get labelled as irresponsible, the consequences of projecting this kind of image may serve to motivate condom work with and frequent HIV tests.

This work to create such a cultural identity could possibly be made more beneficial if a better number of old volunteers (over 40s) take part in such outreach events. These older volunteers could act as leading signals of their age group and probably relate better with our customers, since the two could see each other while peers. Because there is a deficiency of volunteers owned by this age bracket, we suggest that an effort be created to seek this kind of volunteers. One way we could do this would be to search for volunteers via grassroots organisations such as community clubs and public enclosure residents committees (RCs), seeing that these bodies consist of people who have an existing nature of volunteerism and mainly belong to this kind of age group.

Advancing our Effect to another Goal Group ” Youths/Young Adults

Why Youths/Young Adults?

It might be reasonably deduced from record data that youths (below 20) and young adults (20-30) are both becoming more sexually active or perhaps engaging in riskier sexual behavior. The number of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) amongst youths rocketed by 118% between 2000 and 08, while that of young adults improved by 67% during the same period1. Provided these social trends, this group seems increasing susceptible to contracting HIV. Thus, all of us propose to mount a HIV prevention effort directed at this group through similar means like the promotion of condom use, regular HIV testing and creating a sociable identity to market responsible sex behaviour.

1 ) Going to In which Youths/Young Adults Are

Instead of focusing on the Geylang red-light district, we propose developing a presence at places that there’s a larger concentration of youths/young adults who may be sexually active and or engage in regrettable sexual behaviour. Some of these areas would incorporate entertainment nightspots such as clubs and cafes where the flow of alcohol and its undesirable intoxicating effects are more keenly felt.

installment payments on your Distributing Educational Pamphlets and Condoms

This article of the educational pamphlets targeted at the Chinese language speaking Geylang crowd could be translated into English to cater to the younger set. The pamphlets could also include information, that would or else be missing in the Chinese-language version concentrating on the older crowd, leading our target audience to online communities (such since Facebook) in which Action pertaining to Aids has a presence.

We all also recommend modifying the taglines to become printed in condom protects, to charm to the young crowd. These kinds of taglines may include cheeky English vocabulary ones that the young may relate to.

Just like the Oriental speaking Geylang crowd, all of us propose to craft a social identity for the young who are sexually active, that could positively affiliate them with condom use and having frequent HIV assessments, by marketing their ‘clear’ HIV status as a property.

Assisting Action for Helps with the Execution of a Cellular HIV Tests Van (MTV) Service

Actions for Aids (AFA) offers plans to introduce a MTV service, to make HIV testing more convenient. Otherwise, AFA only has one test site by Kelantan Street that may be aside.

As the operational costs of such a vehicle are excessive, and that the services will have to be chargeable, we propose committing part of our $1000 budget to subsidising these types of tests (the ones in AFA’s Private Test Web page cost $30) during the preliminary phase of the van’s procedure, so as to allow the public to first acquaint themselves with the quality and safety from the service supplied.

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