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Having a work had been a premiere matter for the individuals particularly when they may have the good desire to live. Nowadays, money seems to associated with world try. Without the respected piece of paper, we could not buy the basic requirements in life such as food, clothes, shelter, and education.

Given this perspective, a person then would strive to earn the valued paper. As this is the truth, some people in that case would try to look for suitable careers. A person doing so should then consider the information about minimum wages.


Minimum wage is recognized to be “an important foundation of Government strategy aimed at featuring employees with decent minimum standards and fairness at work (“National Minimum Wage, ” 2007).  It is in cases like this that lowest wages could be the basic pay out that an employee would acquire. I believe then simply that the minimum wage rules is a clear indication then simply that the federal government is trying to stick to the concept of proper rights and justness.

I see the main aim of the lowest wage law is to protect the working school from any abusive corporations and the likes. This working people in that case are known to be workers (“The Definition of a Worker, inches 2007) plus the term employee would in that case be loosely used in this paper to pertain to workers. Problem then is whether or certainly not minimum wage is good for those then my answer would definitely lead myself to assert it is good for those.

The concept of benefits or badness is not really the issue here but I really believe that the idea of bad and good would spring from your idea if whether or not bare minimum wage rules is beneficial. After clarifying this point, my disagreement would then simply have to be low fat towards proving the beneficence of lowest wage regulation particularly in the us.

Minimum salary is within the Wage and Hour Split. It was stated that minimum wage is part of the labor regulations that the Usa has. It truly is dully within the Fair Labor Standards Work that staff should receive a minimum wage rate of $5. 85 hourly as of Come july 1st 24, 2007 (“General Information about the Good Labor Requirements Act (FLSA), ” 2007). This kind of provision is used in order to address the growing economic element of the property.

It could be inferred that the increase in the lowest wage would be to address the growing cost of living. Employers after that should be able to treat these adjustments for the main benefit of their workers and for the benefit of a good operating condition and ambiance intended for the employees that would lead to a well established quality with the goods to become products. Minimum wage law then has two useful outcomes.


First is that since it was made to protect the workers, then this could be an assurance that the people who are working would have the fair volume of share from the labor that they have completed for company. Also in connection to this perspective is usually that the workers would be protected against abusive companies. Without the Lowest Wage regulation then the company could only impose about unfair hour rates as well as unfair operating hours. It might be seen after that that a individual who are naïve about the guidelines of the Labor domain would be lost. Realistically speaking, a few employers may become harassing with the labor rights with their employees.

The main reason for this is a twisted impression of justness and a dosage of greed. The Minimum salary law then simply would be an assurance to the personnel that they are protected from these types of employers. The next step then the government has to do is always to ensure that the guidelines would be used and that they must be able to uphold their particular laws. Some countries will be unfortunate when it comes to the implementations of the laws. The rules might be set nevertheless there could be a few employers who would feed on the ignorance with their workers. This could be deceitful but as I have said earlier, this is certainly greed that drives all of them.

Second is that it would end up being beneficial for the employers too. A healthy or perhaps conducive atmosphere for job would mean that the employer may address the needs in the employees. The supposed requirements then would be the monetary aspect of the function. If the companies could fulfill this need then the providers could both be preserved or it can grow significantly. It was stated that a person’s ability in his or her work might be related to the work strain that he/she will feel (Gretchen M. Spreitzer, 1997).

If it is the case then this efficiency of a worker’s task would in that case be afflicted if his or her stressful disposition would not always be improved. This stressful disposition may be due to the strain that he/she could possibly be feeling when it comes to his personal matters. Some people may well frown within this point seeing that work integrity would announce that personal matters should not be mixed with business matters. Nevertheless psychological influences could not be easily dismissed in such a case. A problem would then occur in the place of work.

The objective of the us government then to place up this kind of law is definitely noble. But you may be wondering what should be considered then is definitely the implementation with this law. Persons should then spread the awareness of this law as a way those who are abused by their organisations could quejido for their personal labor legal rights. One of the complications in the labor sector is definitely the wage complications and I believe that the minimum wage legislation could make sure that the legal rights of the staff could be achieved. The question of its beneficence then would be the next recourse.

It could be deduced then which the beneficence of the said law then could possibly be considered good. Since it had been stated before that the many advantages or badness of the subject would be considered through the beneficence that the rules would take then it would be remarked the minimum salary law is a good output. It will eventually safeguard the workers and it may ensure stability and justness in the country. The social pecking order may still be present yet by giving a rule for the salary would help ensure that the indegent who are attempting to make a living would not be exposed further for the harshness or greed by other people.


The Definition of your Worker [Electronic (2007). Version]. The Minimum Income and Healing Work. Recovered August twenty-three, 2004 via

Gretchen M. Spreitzer, M. A. K., Stephen W. Nason. (1997). A dimensional analysis of the romantic relationship between mental empowerment and effectiveness, fulfillment, and pressure (Publication. Retrieved August 3, 2007:

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