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Patricia Gelin I. DoctoleroMarch 6, 2013 E-1R Mater Dolorosa Simply by Simon Dela ut Rosa A (Critique Paper) The art work entitled Mater Dolorosa that is painted applying oil by Simon Dela Rosa Flores on a fabric (104 back button 73. 5 cm).

Simon Flores is famous for his religious paintings that were entrusted by wealthy families and parish church buildings. The date of the piece of art when it was developed was not known. I. PRESENTATION When I first saw the piece of art, I thought of the mother contemplating her son/daughter.

The children at the rear of the mom and gazing at her had been her guardian angels that help, comfort and guide her to hope for her son/daughter. I think which the son/daughter is a problem to his/her mother and has been gone for a long time. As a result, this lady has been expecting him/her to come back to her treatment and she has been grieving, longing for those to be with her. The mom or dad angels are staying by side of mother to be quiet and let her know trust The almighty to do the remaining for her. The painting provides a feeling in my experience that are tranquil and sad, but filled with hope and trust in God that He will probably help her to bring back her child.

In such a way, I can also bear in mind my own mom in the art work that always manages me and is always anxious whenever We am not really by her side. I chose this art work because of most, I value most my family and God. This portrait gives it every to me and reflects the case emotions a mother must feel anytime she is miserable, longing for her child to return to her. Various stories could be associated with this painting. One other story i can also relate with the art work is the mother’s child have been dead but still the mother cannot acknowledge the fact that her child was already removed.

II. ANALYSIS PART (Artwork Interpretation simply by Artist) The interpretation of Simon Dela ut Rosa Flores of his artwork titled Mater Lesión was really the actual painting really wants to tell the viewers. He said that it was his personal version of grieving mother with long curly hair against a dark blue and white robe that signifies the thoughts that the mom feels like unhappy and anxious. The hands of the mom were clasped close to her heart to reflect suffering. Her face expressions had been very passive and troubled.

The children that are behind the mother were cherubs which have been guiding the mother much more he sadness. III. ASPECTS OF ART UTILIZED The portions of art that have been used by Simon dela Rosa Flores had been color and value. The colours that were utilized, symbolized the emotions and feelings that was felt by the mother in the piece of art like the dark blue pertaining to sorrow as well as the white tunic for wish and also to get faith in God. The cherub’s color depicts assistance and also mild from them. Benefit is also used in a way that the painting features its social value particularly for Filipinos.

Also, it is because of the deep meaning lurking behind the art work of the grieving mother. 4. SOCIO-HISTORICAL CONTEXT ON SKILL AND CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY Simon dela ut Rosa A is known in the time in devoting his artwork to faith based views, rich and highly successful people. He likes making images of people and most of his paintings contains use of petrol in a painting. One of his religious art is the Mater Dolorosa which is close to his mother and child and San Roque but instead of the child right now there where cherubs. Mater Lesión means grieving mother in Spanish.

A large number of versions of the painting had been done especially on the Spanish times. Hs painting made its debut in the 19th century the place that the illustrados observed the go up of fine art of portrait. The illustrados contracted artists to make portrait of themselves to doc and for others to see all their new found riches and social status. One of many painters who also are equiped is no besides Simon Flores. He painted jewelry, fashion accessories, minuet information on embroidered clothes and spiritual patrons. From there, he started art work religious characters and even wealthy families started to be his focus.

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