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The Overlooked Group Member Case several: The Case Study for this Week MGMT-591-62034 Management & Org Behavior This summer 28th, 2012 The Overlooked Group Member Group Expansion In the case examine, “The Ignored Group Member” (p. W-112) the components with the team came out of the forming stage to to the Storming stage. At this point, as the book points out, is a period of high stress among the group members and emotionality.

Throughout this stage, hostility and infighting may take place.

This can be found when among the members, Mike, feels beyond the group. From the beginning Robert was grouped as the clown from the team, and he written for have considering the fact that name. During the process, he has not shown much cooperation and effort when it comes to meetings and tasks given as a team. For that reason Christine, Diane, Janet and Steve include shared more and developed teamwork in which each has a function. Misinterpretations plus some incidents occurred during individuals five several weeks that made Mike truly feel rejected by simply his group.

All these situations have created an atmosphere of tension where team has been not able to totally create a team work. Christine as “Team leader” was worried and understood Robert and even empathized with him but on the other hand the group it might be affected by his performance. By simply knowing the different of the levels that team passes, Christine could have eliminated certain scenarios, for example in the formation stage is when the group is well know and identified the goal of them as a team and what is anticipated of them while individuals.

It is important to remember what the “team” is going to produce towards the end of the class (a good grade). Another point is the behavior and attitudes because individuals in the team and establishes guidelines. Problem Recognition Primary, the group on its own was facing a problem of communication that has brought misconceptions with one of many members. From the beginning the communication was not effective with this member, Mike.

He, in humorous mode, expressed that may not get to meetings before the class, and this was not taken into a consideration by the other members. Consequently , this made Mike think outside of the group which not be engaged and/or take part actively in the work and decisions from the team. Supplementary, Christine did not know how to addresses the issue, your woman was even more worried about her qualifications then your team works. She was concerned since depending on the group’s opinion about the significance of the contribution of each affiliate that could raise or lowered their grades.

Christine needs to have known that as a management establish a very clear vision and sharing that with the member of the group was a part of her position and it absolutely was crucial intended for the team to success. Likewise, coordinating and balancing the conflicting pursuits of all people would have helped her with Mike’s condition. Therefore , Christine should have implemented the DURCH SAVVY “Must Have Input by Staff, by she understanding every single of these requirements, would have prevent the situation that her crew is going through. Two Likely Solutions to the Primary Problem

A possible solution to having less communication between Christine, Jeremy, Diane and Steve with Mike has been doing a reunion in which all the above are present. Definitely, they will have to return to the Forming stage to set crystal clear objectives and team goals. Christine need to assume her role of leader identifying and separating the tasks between each of them in equal portion. She should promote they work and let them know what is predicted of each of those as individuals within the crew. This time must establish and defined rules for patterns.

Another possible solution will be to change the innovator. Basically, select another part of the team as innovator. Two people that seem to have attitudes are: Steve and Janet. Every the description in the text message they are both accountable, respectful and committed while using team. As Steve demonstrated more motivation, for example taking notes of what was done on the meeting, he might be a great prospect. Yet , Steve would have to return to the Forming level to establish staff goals, etc . POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS| PROS| CONS|

Returning to the Forming stage| , enables Christine create and determine goals as being a team-will as well give her the opportunity to find out her team and to connect effective | -no a lot of time, the case will be due in a week-there may be resentment via Mike to Christine or perhaps the group| Deciding on a new Leader| -different method of strategies, viewpoint and attitude -no area to think it can easily be the same like with this leader| -no too much time, the situation will be credited in a week-it may make a rough environment between the new leader and Christine|

Unfortunately the group did not include a good basis from the beginning while Christine started to exercise her role of leader very well. Not set up goals intended for the team and never conducive great relationship between them. It seems that the team consisted of some people, not 5. Very quickly she met with Mike to look for alternatives.

It is important to note that Mike did not work hard to find a solution to his situation. He could have attempted to talk to they and let them know how he felt regarding it, but seeing that Christine was the team lead she needs to have approach him and work it out. In case the team have been composed by simply Steve, Janet and Diane, Christine could have been an excellent leader.

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