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Who is the best president as 1950? An effective president has good foreign relations and helps the country through aid, social programs, and more. An efficient president also cares for his people. Lyndon N.

Johnson suits these criteria. He is the most effective leader of the previous 50 years approximately.

Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908 in Texas. He knowledgeable some poverty, as he occupied a country area, and he had to fight to pay his way through college. However , this individual managed to get a qualification from the Southwest Texas Condition Teachers’ College. In 1934, this individual married Claudia “Lady Bird Taylor.

The first workplace Johnson placed was as a Representative in the House, where he was intended for Roosevelt’s New Deal. He put in a total of six conditions as a Representative, and during this time likewise served in the military during World War II, earning a sterling silver star intended for his companies as a lieutenant. After that, Johnson was elected for the Senate in 1948. In 1953, he began the Senate minority leader, the youngest guy to at any time hold the situation. Through this position, he supported and passed a large number of Eisenhower projects, which was uncommon since they are not the major get together at the time.

Johnson’s presidential plan began when he was Kennedy’s running companion and then vp from 1960 ” 1963. After Kennedy’s assassination, he was sworn in because the chief executive. His first movements were to pass a civil rights invoice and a tax lower, which was a part of Kennedy’s plans just before his fatality. Manley was very sensitive to city rights because he had worked with Mexican kids during his adolescence in Texas.

Johnson was also a great speaker, and he urged area to ‘build a great world. ‘This individual won the election of 1964 with all the highest perimeter ever, more than 15 million votes. In his 1st full term as leader, Johnson started to do a large number of public works.

These are the works that made him a truly great president, and so they include “aid to education, attack on disease, Medicare health insurance, urban restoration, beautification, conservation, development of despondent regions, a wide-scale fight against low income, control and prevention of crime and delinquency, [and] removal of obstacles to the right to vote. These were significant steps in fighting the problems in the country, which includes racism, low income, and more. Johnson likewise helped seniors through the 1965 Medicare change to the Interpersonal Security Act.

Besides trying to help those in the country who could not help themselves, Meeks also helped the space software, which efficiently put guys into space, men who have orbited the moon, in 1968. Besides just going to space, the space program also came up with many valuable inventions which can be now common in the homes of all People in the usa, Johnson financed this analysis.

There were simply two awful things that happened during Johnson’s obama administration: blacks rioting in the ghettos over splendour, and the increasing threats coming from Communists in Vietnam and elsewhere. Johnson would his best to try to pay the riots and have peace talks with the Communists. In fact , serenity talks were still going on when Johnson left the White House and perished shortly after.

Meeks was chief executive until 1968, and afterwards he returned to his home in Johnson, Arizona. This individual died presently there in 1973 of a abrupt heart attack.

The least effective director of the previous 50 years, contrary to Johnson, was Carter. His work to create careers and reduce inflation were hit with some failure, as the economy took a downturn and interest rates and inflation remained extremely high. Carter also put in a lot of time considering the environment and foreign affairs, and not a lot of time working to decrease poverty or perhaps racial discrimination.

Johnson was a great gentleman. This individual worked to correct all of the challenges in the country, which include racial concerns, which were big at that time. Desegregation was ordered but was not being accomplished, Johnson wanted to fix that. This individual also offered help to those who were impoverished, giving them a fresh chance to succeed in life, and improving the healthiness of the country on the whole. Manley was the most beneficial president of the last 50 years.


“Lyndon B. Manley. The White Property Biographies. Accessed January 12, 06\.

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