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Venus of Willendorf: The Image of Beauty and Survival The Venus of Willendorf shows the characteristics of the woman in a utopian culture because her figure shows a world in which there is a stable food supply, and her most womanly features, chest, hips and buttocks, are accentuated as a symbol of beauty and survival. Relating to PBS, “It was discovered for the banks in the Danube Riv, in Austria, and it absolutely was most likely made by hunter-gatherers who have lived in the spot.  During ancient occasions, food was scarce.

People will eat whatsoever food they will could get their hands on. The moment there was foodstuff available, dopamine, which is a neurochemical that takes on a mojor role in reward influenced learning, enthusiastic the people to eat as much as they will could. Dopamine triggers the chemical DeltaFosB. This chemical substance is also referred to as binge chemical, “A ‘binge mechanism’ is definitely an evolutionary advantage in case of where survival is furthered by overriding normal satiety. Think of wolves, which ought to stow aside up to 20 or so pounds of a single eliminate at one particular go.

Or perhaps our ancestors and forefathers, who required to store superior quality calories like a few extra pounds for easy transport to survive hard times. Or mating season, the moment there’s a harem to impregnate. In the past, this sort of opportunities had been rare and passed quickly (Yourbrainonporn. com). The Abendstern of Willendorf is a depiction of how being human takes control of the brain inside the presence of any food excess. The Venus of Willendorf is a symbol of vitality, for she’d survive during famine.

Additionally , the artist who came up with the Venus of Willendorf was influenced by simply environment through which he or she occupied. “The folks who made this statue lived in a harsh ice-age environment where features of fatness and fertility would have been highly desirable. In nerve terms, these features amounted to hyper-normal stimuli that activate neuron responses inside the brain. Therefore in Paleolithic people terms, the parts that mattered most had to do with successful reproduction , the breasts and pelvic girdle.

Therefore , these parts were isolated and amplified by artist’s brain (PBS). Thus, the Morgenstern of Willendorf was a stunning sight for this left the possessor dreaming of a more happy civilization in which children survive beyond childbirth and meals is unlimited. The Abendstern of Willendorf was the ideal woman within a successful culture at the time of its creation, on her figure mirrors two extremely important parts of keeping a world: food and offspring. Due to DeltaFosB, the brains are chemically tailored for eat the moment there is meals around.

Wayne Kettlewell details this phenomenon without science in regards to The Venus, “Consider where and when this Abendstern of Willendorf lived, once all meals had to be obtained or killed, and its supply was hardly ever guaranteed. In her era corpulence could have made the most positive kind of statement.  The Venus of Willendorf’s large determine represents foodstuff and the technique of feeding. The overconsumption of food prospects a concentration of DeltaFosB inside the brain, when folks of seeker and gatherer societies ate, DeltaFosB triggered them to eat as much as possible.

If there were a good amount of food, the DeltaFosB response from dopamine would create figures like Venus of Willendorf. Morgenstern of Willendorf’s large figure stimulated the thought of food in 22, 000-24, 000 BC when the lady was constructed. Advances in food safe-keeping and having children techniques has turned The Venus of Willendorf less of idolized physique, for there is certainly social judgment with being fat in western world, but many countries in destitute societies idolize fat. As a rite of passage in Nigeria, women spend time in a fattening space.

At the end from the three-month procedure, the women are believed to be more beautiful. Ann M. Simmons, a media reporter for the Los Angeles Occasions visited Nigeria to write an article about women lifestyle, “The fattening room is at the center of a centuries-old rite of passage via maidenhood to womanhood. The months put in in pursuit of poundage are supplemented by daily visits via elderly matrons who impart tips on how to be considered a successful wife and mom. Nowadays, although, girls who also are not however marriage-bound start a tour in the rooms simply as a coming-of-age ceremony.

And often, nursing mothers return to the rooms to hold more weight (1). The Nigerian Gross Domestic Item per capita in 2011 was $1, 452, while in the U. S. the Gross Domestic Product every capita was $48, 422. It seems that lower income directly influences a societies’ perception of fatness. Cubierta, Samoa, and Micronesia, countries that commemorate fatness, possess GDP every capitas of $4, 168, $3, 532 and $2, 852 and overweight proportions of 80. 8, 91. 1 and 80. 5, respectively. According to toptenz. net, “Excessive fatness is still embraced by many countries as a sign of health, prosperity and happiness. Additionally , this amazing site continued to work with Tonga and Samoa as exemplar countries that recognize this type of splendor. Could it be the fact that development of european civilization has changed the ideal citizen? In America exercise is seen as a necessity for installing into the tradition. Those who have enough money a gym membership and are also able to use it have more affect over the perception of magnificence and fertility, for the fit citizens are often wealthier. The countries that celebrate fatness maintain a semblance of the hunter/gather world that came up with the Venus of Willendorf.

A great archaeologist within a special for PBS declared the Willendorf is, “Indicative of a standard human tendency-wishful thinking. What you are seeing is definitely altered or perhaps modified to be able to give you a heightened experience¦If what’s important to is definitely the breast, hips and buttocks, then you’re stretching them out to get more gratification from the statue than the woman sitting next to you personally.  These types of eloquent words and phrases apply not only to the Abendstern, but also to the young women in the feeding huts in Nigeria. The facets of a woman that are considered beautiful are overstated in order to make them more fabulous.

Besides splendor, The Abendstern of Willendorf is well equipped pertaining to childbearing, to get she has wide hips, and her chest are well stocked for nourishing a child. In times of famine, The Venus could survive. In Nigeria, elders who give advice regarding being a great mother and wife accompany women who spend time in harmful huts. Being fat is part of as being a good mother in Nigeria. The Venus of Willendorf is a symbol of the same traits exhibited in Nigeria, but the image of the Venus was simply a pipe desire for the Paleolithic people.

Their ideal woman is a spitting picture of Venus, nevertheless the citizens in the long gone civilization did not have the technology to live the fantasical lifestyle in the Venus of Willendorf Phrases: 1126 Works Cited Kettlewell, James. “Rethinking Classic Designs in Fine art History. inches James Kettlewell: The Morgenstern of Willendorf. N. l., n. deb. Web. twenty-four Sept. 2012.. Wilson, Gary. “Start In charge of an Overview of Key Principles. ” The human brain On Porno. N. s., 12 May well 2012. World wide web. 24 Sept. 2012.. Simmons, Ann M. “Where Excess fat Is a Tag of Splendor. Editorial. Oregon Times twenty-three Sept. 98: 1-2. MENTOR SCHUTZER’S WEB PAGE. Pierce University. Web. 3 Sept. 2012.. Duvall, Susan. “Top 10 Countries Celebrating Female Unhealthy weight. ” Top 10 Lists. N. p., 18 Nov. 2011. Web. twenty three Sept. 2012.. “GDP every Capita (current US$). ” Data. The World Bank, 2012. Web. twenty three Sept. 2012.. Streib, Lauren. “World’s Most obese per capita Countries. ” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, eight Feb. 2007. Web. 24 Sept. 2012.. “Venus of Willendorf: An Exaggerated Magnificence. ” PBS. PBS, 2006. Web. 24 Sept. 2012..

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