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A definition of a Philosophy is definitely “when someone contemplates, or perhaps wonders, about something that serves as the plans or guides that incorporates each person’s value and belief system. ” (Chitty & Dark, 2007, p. 318) Personal Philosophy of Nursing is a core beliefs and values that a health professional upholds the moment taking care of one more human being.

It’s the belief that each individual whatever disease, competition, or financial status they may have will get treated with the maximum regards to compassion, integrity, and esteem that they ought to have.

I Melissa Fielding believe my personal medical philosophy upon September 13, 2009 will be to treat others as I would want to be treated. I would like to think that each specific patient has earned my own compassion, ethics, and respect that they are worthy of. I choose nursing as my profession, to be able to take my own compassion, know-how, values and beliefs and apply those to the very kinds who are unable to take care of themselves. I believe that the very main of breastfeeding is to keep a good marriage with my personal patient and to be a sufferer advocate and to treat every human being with dignity and respect.

My personal main concentrate for nursing jobs to “practice compassion and respect in every professional human relationships, by valuing the pride, worth, and uniqueness of each and every individual, unrestricted by factors of interpersonal or economical status, personal attributes, and also the nature of the health problems. “(, 2001, g. 1). I will take into consideration each patient who may not be one of the most pleasant individual as a signal that the sufferer is scared of not knowing what is going on with these people and I will maintain a calm, professional and reassuring manner with them.

My eye-sight for me as a doctor is to remember to “promote health and wellness. “(Core of Nursing, 1999) to those in need with no prejudice. I would like to provide the very best care to all or any patients remembering that they originate from all different skills. To live out my philosophy of breastfeeding, every day I have to remember regarding my people that I will continue to treat my sufferers the way that I would want me or a loved one to be cared for with allowing them to be involved inside the decision making regarding their care, respect, proper care, compassion, and dignity.

I will continue to involve the family members in the making decisions by being sympathetic to their very own sensitivities, needs, encouragement and fears. Let me continue to handle my many other colleagues with respect, with the knowledge that they can be a help in my personal values and beliefs once taking care of people. I will still take care of my very own health by staying in shape, eating correct, and getting a good amount of rest that may allow me to end up being the best doctor I can strive for thus becoming the best caregiver my patients can look toward.

In conclusion, I feel that the beliefs of medical is a combination of core beliefs, and beliefs that instructs us to treat each person with the admiration, compassion, pride, and uniqueness, regardless of disease, social or perhaps economic position, or race that they are worthy of. My emphasis with each patient will be to allow them to have the right to be involved in the decision making of their proper care as well as allowing their members of the family to be active in the decision making.

Let me maintain my beliefs and values by treating every patient, or perhaps coworker with respect that they can deserve. I really believe that each person has a phoning in life and it takes an exclusive person becoming a nurse. Nurses have to have a very strong opinion and value system in order to give people the attention and consideration they so deserve. I believe that by simply continuing education and always looking for innovative ways to learn is definitely the very primary and idea of breastfeeding.

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