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[pic] FESTIVAL ON THE VILLAGE T/A “[email, protected] – 2013” A Proposal Document By simply Lentswe Disciplines Projects [LEAP] About Us Lentswe Arts Tasks [LEAP] is a nonprofit business established in March 2011, in terms of Action No 71 0f 97 under the Department of Social Development, S. africa. LEAP, is the brainchild of cultural active supporters and workers, artists and art managers in the North West Region who have for many years combined, been running diverse organizations, yet fundamentally following a same goals. It was from this understanding that Lentswe was formed.

Lentswe” has many connotations in Setswana, one being a large rock and the other a voice. From this context, “Lentswe” is built through the root of the verb “go tswa”, meaning to control out in Setswana. “Lentswe le tswelele proceed tswela mosola” meaning “as you learn or benefit from Lentswe, continue to be great use on to others. ” LEAP continues to be involved in artsy and social development assignments since its creation. In 2010, could being registered., through the Maitiso le Kea’ cultural and artistic performance, LEAP was able to buy school uniforms pertaining to the needy school children in Magokgwane Main School inside the outskirts farrenheit Mafikeng and stationary and uniform another desperate spanish student at Redibone Middle School with the process generated via ticket revenue. The fund-collecting event drew a lot of support by national and international musical technology artists such as Mo Molemi, and Setswana folklore wizard Ntirelang Berman from Makalamabedi, botswana. October 2011, saw LEAP co-producing a great exclusively social night of “Ntirelang Berman live” at Mmabana Mmabatho theatre. The display was hailed as “ground-breaking and conscious” by local press and captivated a mixture of both young and old.

Business Summary “The children who sleep inside the streets, reduced to begging to make a living, are accounts to an unfinished job. ” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela It is with the over quote in the former Southern region African leader and Commendable Prize victor, Dr . In. R. Mandela, which STEP conceptualized and aims to level FESTIVAL IN THE VILLAGE, likewise to be known as “[email, protected]”. The festival aims to become the first of its kind artistry festival to cater for the underprivileged youth adults who can also be known as “homeless children” although currently live at different places of safety in the North West Province.

[email, protected] tries to be a restorative platform wherever these youth adults are competent and built-in back into culture. It is a vehicle to be used to identify, teach and nurture hidden and undiscovered skill while creating possible imaginative careers to get the targeted market. [email, protected] can also be the very first arts event to be staged within a non-urban community, with all the aim of bolstering its neighborhood economy along with making it a tourist vacation spot. Buxton Small town, in the Greater Taung Municipality is the ideal recognized place with its strategic methods, zoning and accessibility for the hosting of [email, protected] Concept

A three several weeks training period starting in April 2013 will culminate into a weekend [3 days] long imaginative therapeutic knowledge, therefore creating the key of [email, protected] – skill and emotional development. Different areas of basic safety in four different parts of the North West Province will be recognized and roped in for engagement at [email, protected] as part of their rehab programmes. Each home will have three [3] teams covering up disciplines of drama, music and move. LEAP would then designate dramaturges/ facilitators to train and develop these types of groups in their respective willpower, with different styles attached to every group/home.

The several groups depending on different styles would in that case create functionality pieces of among 20-30 mins long with all the guidance of their respective facilitators. The facilitators would be accompanied by unemployed sociable workers [either new graduates or retired ones] to aid with handling potential sensitive material that could be borne from the workshoping procedure. It is a well known fact that every kid has a top secret aspiration of climbing onstage to let loose his/her potential performance fantasy.

Lentswe Arts Projects aims to give voice to the oppressed by workplace set ups such new concept intended for expression. Interesting and therapeutic theatre varieties like “Forum theatre” will be used to utilize participation by [email, protected] in 06 2013. Precisely what is Forum Theater? “It is a theatrical game in which a problem is shown in an unsolved kind, to which the audience (as spect-actors), is asked to recommend and sanction solutions. The web always the symptom of oppression, and generally requires visible oppressors and a protagonist who will be oppressed.

In its purest form, both the celebrities and spect-actors will be those who are victims of the oppression under consideration, that is why they could offer alternate solutions, because they themselves are personally knowledgeable about the oppression. ” – Augusto Boal It goes without saying just how this type of movie theater model would go a long way in assisting our targeted children because participants and society at large as audiences to comprehend the type of either psychological or sometimes physical oppression that sustains the increasing number of desolate children about our roads.

[email, protected]:? Being an annual therapeutic and edutaining artistic system. [email, protected] – Goals:? Endorse the Department of Social Development’s mandate of developing and implementing numerous programmes which in turn not only protect South Africans against poverty, but also promote purchase in building and strengthening communities and households.? To become a meaningful car of intergrading our lost children back to society.? To produce jobs to get our social workers and artists.? To work with the arts to cope with the socio-economic challenges and cultural refurbishment in our neighborhoods. To identify and address sociable ills that result in having children desolate.? To create possible careers inside the arts.? With an attracting socially-conscious arts calendar event.? To align with the Section of Disciplines and Culture’s Mzansi’s Golden Economy coverage of creating a “more than you can imagine” experience.? Actualize the Office of Cultural Development’s value of relationship in working together with civil society, business, academia and the worldwide community. [email, protected] – Implementation As soon as the financial and physical resources are available, JUMP will develop reveal implementation prepare and set up a strong team to take the project to its realization. The said project staff will if possible be including representatives via different stakeholders to have a successful and translucent process. The implementation stages shall mainly begin with the identification of willing participatory children’s homes around the province, followed by assigning of different facilitators to the individual teams/homes. Action Plan PERIOD: 07 January , 02 Aug 2013 ACTIVITY |DATE |PLACE |OUTCOME | |Pre-production get started |07 January – 30 March 2013 |Mafikeng and Taung |Festival Logistics Prepare | |Fieldwork/workshops begin |01 April 2013 |Around NW |Unroll the development process | |Fieldwork/workshops commence |30 06 2013 |Around NW |Have groups all set to | | | | |showcase/compete. |Marketing initiatives start off |10 June 2013 |Around NW |Create project awareness around | | | | |the province. | |Travelling working day [Groups] |04 July 2013 |To Buxton |Different homes travel to be able to | | | | |the specified area of | | | | |showcasing. |Technical installation |04 July 2013 |Venues TBC |Have the spots accommodating the| | | | |productions. | |[email, protected] Release |05 September 2013 |Venue TBC |Launch the project to the multimedia | | | | |and community. | |[email, protected] Initially Day |06 July 2013 |Social Hub |Start showcasing the shows. |Last Day/ Prize Offering |07 July 2013 |Social Centre |End short festival of | | | | |performances and give prizes. | |Travelling day |08 July 2013 |From Buxton |Groups and technicians get back | | | | |home. | |Reporting |02 August 2013 |Mahikeng |Narrative and financial reports | | | | |submitted to the funders. | Task Budget You should see attached[pic]

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