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Annotating (Glass Castle) Glass Fort Did you notice anything uncommon about Jeannette Walls characterization of low income, or homelessness? Even though they had bad instances with meals and other needs, they still were cheerful as a family members * Once she was young, she viewed existence as a great adventure then when she acquired older and in West Va she began to see truth of her life and she don’t want to be viewed as the girl who have lives in the rythm up house and the relatives that failed to always have food * The lady doesn’t permit her situation of poverty be a reason or a burden for not being successful and the lady knew the lady was going to drive past that * That shows that the Walls’ way of living was a decision, when her she figures out her mother has had area worth $1,348,290 and she just wanted to have the way the lady was living When do Jeannette find out that her life had not been normal? * When film makers came to Welch and had been making a documentary and she saw films about life in New York, the lady saw there was life outside the way we were holding living 5. When her dad was prostituting her out, her view of her daddy was improved * When she proceeded to go over to a friend’s home they had a thermostat and she acquired never experience one just before and this she realized there was clearly much more like this and the way she was living was not normal Do you consider her father and mother were mentally ill?

Her mom could stay in understructure for days at any given time and she’d not even care for her personal kids and do nothing, she was most likely in depression The dad was a great alcoholic (when he attempted to quit in Arizona he had withdrawal) and this was a mental illness He might have been molested by his mother, Erma-When Erma was molesting Brian and the kids told all their father he denied this and became incredibly angry, likely trying to cover up what happened to him This individual also by no means wanted to head to West Va, he said it was as a result of pride yet he was most likely scared of going back to Erma Being molested by his would clarify his alcohol dependency, his anger Annotating How would you know what is very important enough to consider notes upon when you are browsing? 1 . Uncovers some important detail regarding plot a. Exposition i actually.

Time and Host to Setting, Setting Changes 1 . Setting improvements frequently in Glass Fort 2 . Occasionally time is extremely difficult to discover, in Goblet Castle these were watching Water Gate which was in 70s, they lived in Lyndon N Johnson house building and he was chief executive in late sixties ii. Features us to Main Character types iii. Hints at, or Implies, the Issue 3.

The moment Jeannette visited hospital and her father does the Skedaddle we know 55 going to require her father or father and mother iv. Provides us necessary background details, Anything we must Know what is occurring 4. We must know these items for the story to make perception b. High-Point v. Every single high point is like a mini orgasm in a account vi. The climax is definitely the high stage at the end c. Climax vii. The point where the Main Character, or Protagonist, Can easily win or perhaps lose, live or expire, succeed or perhaps fail. g. Denouement (Resolution) viii. Occurs the second we understand which approach the climax is going to go-win or reduce, live or perhaps die, etc . ix.

The Climax and Denouement happen in nearly the exact same moment e. Turmoil x. Issue is most significant element of storyline xi. Inner 5. Cup Castle a new lot of inner conflict going on in Jeannette’s head xii. External ” Most Movies or reports 6. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Batman and Bane installment payments on your When you come across special literary devices f. Foreshadowing xiii. Something previous in the account that gives a touch to something that happens later in the history g. Symbol xiv. In Glass Fort the Cup Castle symbolizes hope at the start but afterwards it becomes dissatisfaction and failing because they realize their dad was never going to build h. Paradox xv.

The moment something happens that is the exact opposite of what you anticipate i. Flashback xvi. The entire Glass Fortress is a flashback because she’s telling the storyplot of her childhood several. A memoir is one particular long group of flashbacks j. Juxtaposition xvii. Where you set two reverse scenes next to each other eight. Happens a whole lot in catalogs 9. Ex: When Jeannette is residing in a very high end apartment and her mom and dad are living the streets and dumpster diving 3. In order to reveals the importance of the title k. It is sometimes obvious but others it is not necessarily xviii. Former mate: In Goblet Castle the first half of the book it had been literally the home Rex would definitely build and it represented hope as well as the future.

On the end it represents frustration in her father 4. Unfamiliar vocab words d. Circle and appearance up and write definition by it xix. Ex: Hirsute-means harry or shaggy a few. When it discloses something essential about a personality m. Fresh Character-Character List, Do every character and just put a little description with them with something specific the actual said or did twenty. Ex: Brian coming up with the idea of the massively increase instead of saying Jeannette’s brother in. Mark every time a character really does or says something that is definitely out-of-character, or perhaps not normal of them xxi. Ex: The moment Jeannette burglarizes a watch from Mr. Becker (Eventually the lady brings it back) 6th.

Theme um. One of the main tips or lessons that the writer is trying to teach us in a book xxii. Usually several them, even in short stories p. Composed of two parts xxiii. Subject matter xxiv. Author’s opinion 10. Ex: A glass Castle is about poverty and homelessness and Jeannette is intending to show all of us that poverty can be a decision 7. Highlight any key phrases or content that you just like q. For reasons uknown, funny, amazing, just anything you really just like 8. Make a note of anything that shows your own personal encounter, or some idea you’ve had or something you strongly believe Things Mr. Danforth Tests Upon Level you Questions

Literal questions that you may find in the text, tangible details you have to be able to point to in the book. They may be basic information from the tale (Where the lady worked on her first job in Nyc. Level two Questions Inquiries that require all of us to “read between the lines-us making rebates on details or details that are in the story and are deducing a fact that is not written in the story. Means we come up with a fact, which is not written inside the story, primarily based up on 1 of 2 other information in the tale. Never published in the book. Former mate.: Why does not Cinderella’s stepmother love her? Ex: Rex is sexually abused by his mother. He would never go back to West Virginia and also his mother, Erma molested her grandson too.

Ex: Rex is psychologically ill relying on that having been molested simply by his mom and all the days he refused going back to West Virginia. She makes her clean all the time and gets every one of the really disgusting jobs and the other siblings don’t do any chores. Your woman treats her differently mainly because she is not really her true daughter, she is her step daughter. She’s jealous of Cinderella and her magnificence and her daughters will be ugly and fat, or perhaps she’s jealous just for their self because she’s old and never as fairly as Cinderella. Level a few Reasoning Tips that hook up the story to real life in the present. Deep pondering themes. Ex: Mental condition and homelessness in the Glass Castle

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