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Arthur Frederick Boyden presents Carl Jung’s idea that humans often create a persona to be perceived by society in a certain approach through the voyage of the main character inside the novel ‘Three Day Road’. Joseph Boyden illustrates the idea that war might impact anyone to become anything they in the beginning weren’t. Therefore, World Conflict I, Radical sniper Elijah Weesageechak turns into mentally and physically dangerous by the war, which results to his inescapable death.

Additionally, the loss of id, his desire to become a warfare hero, plus the use of morphine to escape actuality caused Elijah Weesageechak to turn into a motionless monster.

Once Elijah joined the Canadian military services, he right away did what ever he may in order to match the other soldiers. Elijah had primarily been able to speak English therefore he can communicate with the white soldiers, for he was raised by nuns in a residential college. To hide that he was a great Aboriginal guy, Elijah decided to adopt a British accent and speaking style when among the list of other soldiers. “Dear Holly, would you be considered a kind chap and cause me to feel a bag?  (144). Elijah’s decision to not speak Cree the moment around his peers was his try to blend in with the rest of his former military.

Ditching his original Cree accent and adopting an english one was Elijah very first step to creating his new persona. After Elijah became even more familiar with the other soldiers, Corporal Thompson had selected Elijah to be apart of a night raid. During the rezzou, Elijah and his best friend Xavier threw mill bombs right into a German trench, thus getting rid of the people inside. When Elijah returned for the Canadian trench, Corporal Thompson asked him if this individual enjoyed evening raid. Elijah responded, “It’s in my blood (75). In so doing, Elijah choose to go against the classic Cree ways he was taught by Xavier and Niska.

Instead he previously modified his persona to embrace conflict and killing, which contradicts his first belief ahead of entering the war. That said, it is quite evident that Elijah had ignored his Cree traditions thus he may become someone who only cared about eradicating and to fulfil his wanted reputation as being a deadly sniper. In order for Elijah to demonstrate his eliminating abilities like a soldier to his colleagues, he starts to collect the scalps of his killings as trophies. In the novel, Elijah asks, “And what is going to collecting these types of trophies perform for me?  “They will certainly buy you honour among us Francis says. “And we are honourable men (204).

Elijah feels as though this individual has to prove his killing abilities simply by gathering scalps so he will probably be accepted and preferred by his fellow soldiers. During Elijah’s quest on becoming a conflict hero, Elijah begins to get pleasure from killing as well as the fame that he receives from it. Elijah seems he must surge at every opportunity in order to win over his colleagues. An event where Elijah’s persona was shown was when the Germans were retreating from a battle, and Elijah chosen a concentrate on far off inside the distance and shot him. The Canadian soldiers around him cheered and stated that they will under no circumstances see nearly anything like that once again.

Elijah arrogantly responded: “Until the next time you are with me at night in a comparable situation (243). Elijah was unable to quit killing pertaining to he had become addicted to the fame having been rewarded with. This is unveiled in the novel when Elijah says, “I’d go upset in a clinic so far from it all (150). Elijah’s desire to turn into a war leading man caused him to partake in countless killers in order to impress others. He was able to do this with no sentiment through his frequent usage of morphine. Elijah used morphine when he participated in raids in order to get a ‘sense’ of his environment.

Xavier information of Elijah on morphine is discussed as: “But when the gold liquid is within his problematic veins! Even during the night the world can be bathed in a soft light¦He can make himself float via his physique at will and show down on the world listed below him (212). Elijah’s organic talent pertaining to hunting along with his harmful use of morphine made him twice as hazardous. Without the morphine in his problematic veins, Elijah became scared of the worlds, which usually lead him to use that more frequently. When he abused morphine, the real world started to be distorted. Without fear and pain, conflict was a video game to Elijah.

A game he enjoyed to become good at. By making use of morphine, Elijah lacked a pair of handcuffs to fact and because of this, killing became mechanical. A good example of this is when Elijah and Xavier are on a sniping mission, that they mistake a woman for a great enemy and Elijah locations her. Xavier angrily inquiries Elijah’s a reaction to kill the lady. Elijah guards himself simply by responding with “I are trained to not hesitate in situations of danger (306). Elijah’s response was robotic and emotionless. Eventually, Elijah starts to kill Canadian soldiers whom get in his way.

Xavier realizes Elijah has been entirely broken by war and has to be put down. Xavier will kill his best friend, pertaining to the warfare changed him into a guy he not anymore knew. Universe War I used to be evidently an excessive amount of for Elijah to handle. In order to fit in with all of those other soldiers he previously to strengthen his Original Cree id and take up a British one which eventually bring about Elijah performing actions that went up against the Cree traditions. That being said, he began to adopt war and killing in order to impress his fellow military, as his ultimate conquest was to get a war hero.

Further more, Elijah’s conscious was too highly effective and stuffed his heart with sense of guilt, which triggered his make use of morphine to conceal his inner emotions. With the aid of medicines, Elijah had become a mechanical killing robotic whose desire for blood vessels was immeasurable. Unfortunately his uncontrollable actions were starting to cause harm to his fellow colleagues, which resulted in the decision to kill Elijah to protect the protection of the Canadian soldiers. Finally, Joseph Boyden illustrates the idea that the destruction of battle may have an effect on a person’s inner home and that popularity and approval is a thing one is willing to die to get.

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